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Friday Links

Friday Links

– The Tambour Credenza is a thing of beauty- just take a look at this video to see it in action. Too bad it costs $27k (understandably, considering those doors- it takes 12 weeks to make just one!).

– Inside a Suit That Makes You Feel 85 Years Old: Aging in Virtual Realty

Panic Rooms Are Going to Outlast the Pyramids

– Hereโ€™s everything we know about how to talk about climate change

– Where’s Wally Warhol? Find Andy Warhol

– Interesting subscription: Designer Box

– Acrobatic male bonding: True Bromance

– Eric Fischer’s “Locals and Tourists”. Locals are blue dots, tourists are red. (via @presentcorrect)

Enjoy your weekend.

Eric Fischer Locals and Tourists


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