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Stainless Steel Counter/Mirror Wall

What a great use of light and space. The stainless steel counter is stunning and also notable is the clever use of a mirror on a wall to create the illusion of more space. I usually find mirrored walls to be sort of repulsive, but in this case it gives the illusion of a much larger space.

More project information at Paritzki & Liani Architects.

Erosion Sink by Gore Design Co.

Whoa. This sink is a show stopper. Each one is 100% custom made, so expect to pay around $3500. Sinks can be shipped internationally.

[via New York Ecospaces]

Purchase Information:

Price: $3500.00
Availability: Buy Erosion Sink by Gore Design Co. here

DURAT Countertops and Basins

These pictures have me thinking about expanding my horizons when it comes to kitchen and bath surfaces.

“DURAT is a solid polyester based material used for custom made surfaces in public and private interiors. It contains recycled plastics and is itself 100% recyclable.

The sophistication of the DURAT material lies in its silky warm feeling and the interesting impression of depth in its finish.

DURAT is extremely durable and can be renewed by slight sanding. The material is very resistant to wear, humidity, and various kinds of chemicals.”

Heath 2×12 Tiles

This smattering of 2×12 shiny tiles with the matte green is lovely.

Photo: Clear Creek Spa by Merideth Boswell in Meadow Green, Jade Green and Seafoam using 2×12 tiles.

More information:

View Heath 2×12 Tiles here

Stained Glass 2″ Luminous Tiles

I recently added some glass mosaic tiles to my kitchen back splash, and the slight reflection of the small squares add such a nice touch. Something to keep in mind if you’re itching to update your own kitchen or bath…

Shown on right: Diamond Tech Glass Tiles – Stained Glass 2″ Glass Tiles in Bright Green Luminous Non-Mesh Mounted Sheets
“These Glass tiles give a luminescent quality to any bathroom or kitchen installation. These tiles are great for walls, backsplashes and pools.”

– Sheet backing: Clear Plastic Front mount
– Sheet size: 12″ x 12″
– Tile size: 2″ x 2″

[photo on left via]

Purchase Information:

Price: $26.48
Availability: Buy Stained Glass 2″ Luminous Tiles here

PAON Bath Collection by Kazuhiko Tomita

The Paon Bath Collection is designed based on “the influence of a herd of elephants.”

A statement from the designer: “it is quite friendly and spiritual to hold these smoothly curved noses of elephants in porcelain. the low level of vital force could be activated by drinking divine water from the [mug]. any moment in any bathroom becomes more ritual by contacting with them directly.”

The entire herd is made up by the following:

* mug
* toothbrush holder
* soap dish
* containers with lids (3 sizes)
* wall hooks (2 sizes)

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $10.00
Availability: Buy PAON Bath Collection by Kazuhiko Tomita here

Inglas Deko Wilder Wein

Looking through architonic, I happened across this glass. It looks amazing- wish there was an up close picture to show the 3d effect…

“An award was made to Inglas Deko Wilder Wein for its special decorative properties. This , laminated safety glass with integrated decorative material consists of two thermally pre-stressed sheets of glass, with processed tendrils of Virginia creeper in the bonding area. In order to create the effect of space (3D effect) the tendrils of creeper are positioned at different levels of the bonding area. Typical applications for Inglas Deko Wilder Wein are shower partitions, partition walls, table tops and furniture sections.”

Source: Via

Moab 80 AIS All Inclusive Sink

Bathroom fixtures continue to amaze as more designers thoughtfully minimize even the most standard elements.

“The new Moab sink takes its source from the technology patented in 2004, anticipating
the future coming trends, of the hidden water sheet supplying, in a vision of
decontextualization of the object. AIS gives the chance to place the sink even out the
bathroom eliminating the tap as main feature of the bathroom area.”

100x54xh18 cm

[via mocoloco]

Izola’s shower curtains

Check out Izola’s Shower Curtains- they’ve got some different versions of NYC’s subway system and a few other patterns as well. My absolute favorite is the Faile Series one on the right.

(PEVA is polyethylene vinyl acetate, a biodegradable plastic shower curtain.)

PEVA NYC Subway Map Shower Curtain Vers. 3 (left), 100% PEVA, $32.00
PEVA World Map Shower Curtain (middle), 100% PEVA, $25.00
Artist Series: Faile Shower Curtain (right), 100% Vinyl, $100.00

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00-$100.00
Availability: Buy Izola’s shower curtains here

Kohler WaterTile Ambient Rain

Decadence, anyone? In the light of all the take-a-short-shower-and-save-water messages, it seems wrong to post this, but I’m going to anyways because I’ve wondered how much these were and now I know I can’t afford ‘luxurious water delivery’.

“With their 54-nozzle sprayheads, WaterTile Ambient Rain overhead showering panels provide luxurious water delivery. Additionally, integrated chromatherapy offers mood-enhancing colored light sequences to offer a truly customized shower experience.”

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,995.00
Availability: Buy Kohler WaterTile Ambient Rain here

Stone Forest 36″ Floating Vanity

You’d be dropping a grand into the sink portion of your bath remodel, but isn’t there something about bathrooms and kitchens selling a house? Hopefully it would pay for itself in the long run…

“…floating wall hung vanity available in Black Granite (shown),Travertino Romano, Carrara Marble…Includes mounting wall bracket. Faucet and p-trap not included. 4-6 week lead time required. Free Shipping.”

36″W x 19.75″D x 3″H

Purchase Information:

Price: $1550.00
Availability: Buy Stone Forest 36″ Floating Vanity here

Contura Acrylic Tub

This bathtub is absolutely lovely. A bit higher in the price category, but understandably so…

“Its strong acrylic construction and large soaking area allow for total relaxation. Available with optional airbath upgrade for those who want a total spa-like experience.”

72″ L x 32″ W x 28″ H.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,980.00
Availability: Buy Contura Acrylic Tub here

Large Black Zen Granite Sink

I love the rough edge next to the super polished surface of the basin. Definitely has a meditative feel about it…

“The polished granite interior will hold its luster — and the rough hewn cut edges are perfect for any modern zen look.”

Hewn-cut Shanxi black granite
L: 21″, W: 17″, H: 4″

Purchase Information:

Price: $649
Availability: Buy Large Black Zen Granite Sink here

Spoon Bathtub with tap pillar

This is not cheap. But sometimes it’s nice to see how much things cost without having to call an interior designer.

Exmar material, composite of resin and quartz powder

The Spoon is available with or without the hardware tower and also in a “sand” color. Contact the store for more information, pricing and shipping details. 1-866-888-6677. Allow 16 weeks for delivery. Please note pricing below does not include tap or faucet.

72.75″ long 39.75″ wide 53 gallon capacity 352 lbs.

Purchase Information:

Price: $11,305.00
Availability: Buy Spoon Bathtub with tap pillar here

Haiku Platter

Since this platter is hand wash only, I think it would be best suited in the bath for corralling countertop items so they look like one cohesive unit instead of a mish-mash of bottles and ointments. gross.

โ€ข Underpainted design
โ€ข Beveled rims
โ€ข Glass
โ€ข Hand wash

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.95
Availability: Buy Haiku Platter here