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Nooka V2 Watches

I swoon. The Nooka Zoo V2 (shown on right) and the Nooka Zot V2 (on left) gives me heart palpatations and sweaty palms. It’s too big for my dainty wrist, but goodness, if you’ve got an arm hefty enough to hold such a fine design why not buy it? Watches as nice as this are worth the investment.

“The Nooka Zoo V2 sports a full-face mineral crystal lens. Smudged? Just wipe clean on your designer t-shirt. New features include a chronograph for timing poker games, and an alarm for morning wakeup. Patented design, stainless steel, measures 35mm x 35mm x 9mm. Waterproof.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $250.00
Availability: Buy Nooka V2 Watches here

Urquiola Alessi 9002 Watch

Mm-hmm. Nice watch, ain’t it?

“Part of Alessi’s 2005 Fall/Winter collection, the buckle series by Patricia Urquiola may be worn on the wrist or with an optional leather necklace… Shown here is the black version which features stainless steel case, leather strap, 5ATM water resistant, and mineral crystal.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $130.00
Availability: Buy Urquiola Alessi 9002 Watch here

Dual Time Watch

Do you live in one time zone and have a loved one in another? Or maybe you like to operate on Greenich Mean Time wherever you are. Whatever the case, the dual time zone watch by husband-and-wife design team Massimo and Lella Vignelli use put a new technology to allow the scratch-proof crystal to be set flush to the edge of the case without bevel or rim.

  • Steel-backed metal case with a calfskin leather strap.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Two batteries included.
  • Purchase Information:

    Price: $439.95
    Availability: Buy Dual Time Watch here

    KAJ watches by Karim Rashid

    Lately, I’ve been enchanted by this cranberry/fuchsia color and it seems that almost everything I buy lately is this color. It’s like those birds that are attracted to shiny objects. I’m not proud of it, but I had to acknowledge this certain weakness I’m having for it lately.

    It’s designed by Karim Rashid for Alessi, and the collection, in his words “is symbolic of technology, the cosmos, and the passage and cyclical nature of time”

    Also available in brown, black, and silver-grey.
    polyurethane case & strap, acrylic crystal and 3ATM water resistant.

    It will be available in October but you can order today.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $80.00
    Availability: Buy KAJ watches by Karim Rashid here

    Ballistic Rose Pin

    Mark my words, black is back. It went away for awhile, but it’s coming back for Fall. Especially for accessories. You know, the basics: shiny bracelets, big chunky necklaces, bulletproof rose pins, etc.

    “The young New York artist/designer turns a delicate accent into a modern metaphor on love and safety. Made of black heavy-duty ballistic nylon, Wong’s “bulletproof” bloom is both a high-tech talisman for the tender-hearted and wry fashion statement.”

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $175.00
    Availability: Buy Ballistic Rose Pin here

    Street Sign Cuff Bracelets

    Lookit. They’re made out of real street signs so they shimmer and shine in their recycled glory. Each one is one of a kind and will feature “naturally acquired marks and distinctive imperfections”. Available as red stop sign or green street sign bracelets. Handmade in Texas.

    SIZE: 6″ L X .75″ W

    (This item’s link and price was updated 05/05/10.)

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $25.00
    Availability: Buy Street Sign Cuff Bracelets here

    Rolex replica bracelet

    Look at this beauty. It’s a replica Rolex watch which is vacuum sealed in leather and then plated in gold.

    “The hidden watch transcends typical associations of wealth or at least the accepted appearance of such by silencing the “bling” and isolating the emerging form. By stripping the user of this visible mechanical aid, one is forced to rely on a sense of personal time or the help of others to determine the hour.”

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $275.00
    Availability: Buy Rolex replica bracelet here

    Digital watch light numbers

    Now I’m torn…I thought perhaps I had found the perfect watch (see previous posts), but look at this one! What to do?! It doesn’t have all the bells a whistles that some other watches have, but I think it completely makes up for all that in it’s simplicity.

    designer: Flemming Bo Hansen
    materials: Polypropylene, stainless steel
    Displays date and time.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $159.00
    Availability: Buy Digital watch light numbers here

    Nose Necklace

    Oh, what the hell (or heck, if you prefer). It’s a gold-plated comedy nose necklace! It’s designed by Marcel Wanders, and I personally think he’s got to be one of the best designers out there simply based on this product here (I like his other stuff quite a bit, but I’m just saying, this takes the cake). Funniness. There’s some bad news though- I couldn’t find a U.S. retailer, so if you want it, you’re gonna have to deal with the whole overseas shipping thing.

    Material: Silver gold plated
    Dimensions: 4.5 cm

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $873.39
    Availability: Buy Nose Necklace here

    Starck Digital Watch (Women’s)

    I’ve been looking for a watch and I think I’ve found quite possibly the perfect one. The large numbers show the current time while the small ones indicate a second time zone, alarm, date, chronograph (!), and countdown timer. And the face lights up. (Philippe Starck, 2000-2001)

    Size: Case .75w x 1.25″l

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $95.00
    Availability: Buy Starck Digital Watch (Women’s) here

    Hell-1st ring

    Wow, this ring is pretty cool (and I think it knows it). The text is from The Divine Comedy of Dante Alighieri, Canto XVI of Purgatorio.

    approx. size 9

    (This item’s link and price was updated 05/05/10.)

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $800.00
    Availability: Buy Hell-1st ring here

    Nooka Zoo Watch

    Designed by Matthew Waldman in 1997, yet looks like it was designed today (or, I suppose, tomorrow). Made of stainless steel with mineral crystal, quartz movement, LCD, and leather strap. Blue backlight, date, water-resistant.

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $250
    Availability: Buy Nooka Zoo Watch here

    Compass Ring

    Have you ever been lost in a new city and tried to read a map? And then when it came time for you to figure out which way north was, did you look for the sun and try to remember if the sun sets in the east or west? Well, I have. And it’s confusing. Avoid the trouble with this compass ring.

    Sterling Silver

    Purchase Information:

    Price: $75.00
    Availability: Buy Compass Ring here