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Redo-me is a system of pieces that you can reconfigure to make an endless array of furniture. Sounds a little far-fetched, but it looks pretty easy to assemble and the end result has a modern erector-set-feel that actually looks nice. You’ll have to do a little translating on the site to figure out which set combinations you need to make what you want, and for those of you that go for it (despite the overseas shipping) you get a high five. It’s also worth taking a look at Redo-me’s blog for customer pics and such.


Purchase Information:

Price: €240.00 and up
Availability: Buy Redo-me here

2nd Shift Studio

2nd Shift Studio has a couple of seating options worth checking out, and while you’re perusing their site, you’d do well to take a look at their collection of boxes made from reclaimed lumber. The stool (pictured below) has an interchangeable seat top (wood/cushion top) and is priced at $295. The bench features no hardware, instead acrylic rods secure the legs, and can be stacked to create shelving. Contact 2nd Shift Studio for more pricing and info.


Purchase Information:

Price: $295.00 and up
Available from: 2nd Shift Studio

Trine Bench-Valet

Update: Does 50% off sweeten the deal? This is on sale for $149 from $299 (I’m assuming until quantities last).

The whole bench/valet idea has seen a few iterations in the last few years, but this version is perhaps the most affordable. A solid ash frame and white lacquer gives a light look while the vertical post provides a spot for hats, bags, jackets or clothes. Might be perfect for an entryway perhaps?

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.00
Available from: CB2

Vollen Bench

Remember this bench? It’s definitely time for an update as Chadhaus now has its own online store. The Vollen bench is hand built in Seattle from sustainably harvested local hard wood. Modern and simple, they’ll fit into many a room easily, especially as there are several sizes and finishes to choose from. Also, use the code STORE LAUNCH for 20% off, effective now through 12/31/11.

Purchase Information:

Price: $350.00 - 1700.00
Available from: Chadhaus

Trunk and Stump by Kalon Studios

How in the world has this bench and stool not been featured on our site before? Color me surprised. The price point seems rather reasonable, not to mention the smaller Stump Stool is an absolute steal at $85. Both pieces are raw and unfinished and are cut from the green wood of a tree trunk, so you’ll see the surface split as it ages and dries. Made from FSC Certified domestic Maple or Ash, sanded to a smooth finish.

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00
Available from: Kalon Studios

Shigeru Ban Modular Furniture System

There is more to this bench than meets the eye. Did you know it’s made primarily from recycled paper and plastic? Did you know it is a modular design based on on L-shaped units, which allow for building individual chairs, tables, and multi-seat configurations? One pack of ten makes a chair, table base or stool, while two packs will get you a bench, settee or coffee table. Three or more packs means longer bench seating (and possibly more interesting combinations). A simple system of connecting rods allows for quick assembly; one pack shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes to set up. Noted Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is the brains behind this system (there’s lots of images of his architecture on google if you want a quick look).


Purchase Information:

Price: $390.00 per pack
Available from: MODULE R


Similar, of course, to Molo’s softseating, this FlexibleLove bench folds up to less than a foot in length while providing seating for 8 to 20 people when fully extended. Impressive, no? I’d say it’d be extremely handy for parties.

Purchase Information:

Price: $$200-$800
Available from: Industry Gallery

Semigood Design Rian Cantilever Bench

Although we’ve posted designs by Semigood before I thought they could use a revisiting. The Semigood Designs are built to order in heirloom quality, so you can pretty much expect to have this for the rest of your adult life. This piece would be great in an entry hall.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1995.00
Available from: Design Public

Silhouette Bench

Okay, if you just glance at this bench quickly, it might appear a tad overly antique-ish, yet it has some modern touches, such as the high gloss lacquer and the super flat seat. Now, at £525, it’s not really at a bargain-basement price, but if you put it side by side with the New Antiques Arm Chair for £1,495.00 by Marcel Wanders (see below), it seems like one hell of a deal. There’s also a Silhouette Chair (£250) if you are interested, though it seems to be out of stock at the moment.


Purchase Information:

Price: £525.00
Availability: Buy Silhouette Bench here

Another Country

Another Country has a lovely collection of handcrafted wood furniture. What you see is exactly what you get; there’s honest construction along with a pared back traditional style that’s refreshing to see. Each piece is produced by hand in a small workshop in Dorset, England.

Purchase Information:

Price: £130 and up
Available from: Another Country

Ercol Loveseat

I’ve had my eye on this loveseat for a while now, and though I’ve no room for it, I keep imagining just where it would go. Especially after seeing it with what looks to be the Original Windsor Dining Table (shown below), there seems no better choice for a smaller eating area.


Purchase Information:

Price: £595.00
Availability: Buy Ercol Loveseat here

Embrace Tables

This smart piece of furniture is made of two low tables that ’embrace’ each other to form a storage unit and/or bench. Originally designed as a modern take on the Isokon Penguin Donkey (which dates back to 1939, as a bookcase for Penguin books).

Designed by John Green.
Available in Oak or Walnut.

Purchase Information:

Price: £269.00
Available from: johngreen

Table Bench Chair Series

It’s three in one. Sam Hecht got the idea of combining several seating options while he was traveling on the Tokyo subway. A communal bench was the starting point, and lucky for us, this Table Bench Chair series is where he ended up. Traditional bent birch frames and solid oak slabs makes each piece seem worlds away from the commercial plastic benches we’re all familiar with, yet both might share the experience of slight discomfort if sat upon for long periods of time.

Chair: $1,760.00
Bench (shown above): $3,020.00
Loveseat: $3,430.00


Purchase Information:

Price: $3,020.00
Availability: Buy Table Bench Chair Series here

Lucky Beam Bench

For those of you that are fans of New York City, you’ll appreciate that the Lucky Beam Bench was inspired by the I-beams on NYC subway platforms. For all you other non-fans, forget that bit and take a look at the colors available. Even if you’re not fond of the industrial look, the colors will hook you. The outdoor versions run a bit higher, but considering the benches will pretty much last forever, it could be a good investment.

Materials: powder-coated solid aluminum plate, reclaimed or sustainable wood slab tops.
Mini Bench: 15″ w x 23″ l x 17″ h
Large Bench: 13″ wide x 48″ long x 17″ high

Mini Bench, $1,200.00
Large Bench, $2,600.00
Outdoor Mini Bench, $1,500.00
Outdoor Large Bench, $3,200.00

More pics to follow: (more…)

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,200.00
Available from: Katch Design Company

Wilma Bench

Donna Wilson love. Some of her furniture with SCP is pretty exciting, not to mention this little Wilma bench you see before you. First of all, let’s just get ‘rubberized coconut hair’ out of the way. It’s a sustainable material that “gives the seat a crisp and firm feel.” Okay. Next, the Mabel linen fabric is both playful and quaint, yet the color won’t clash with any of your other exuberant pieces. Splayed legs complete the picture. Yep, it’s a great option for a bench-slash-table.

Donna Wilson for SCP
linen upholstery and beech, rubberized coconut hair
w 33.5 x d 18 x h 15 ”

Purchase Information:

Price: $875.00
Available from: The Future Perfect