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Humidifier Version III

I have Version II of this Naoto Fukasawa humidifier and I love it.

“The goal of the Japanese design house Plusminuszero is to turn everyday objects into art… and, as anyone who lives in a dry climate knows, humidifiers aren’t exactly the most aesthetic object in your house. That’s all about to change with the Humidifier Version III. With its compact frame and beautifully smooth surfaces, it not only works perfectly to control the climate but actually looks great while doing its job.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $207.00
Availability: Buy Humidifier Version III here

C2- Climate Control

Herman Miller has a new space aged heating and cooling solution which uses a patented, energy-efficient thermal technology to deliver both heating and cooling from a single, compact unit which consumes 90% less energy than a typical space heater.

“The C2 not only improves your comfort level, it filters the air around you by intercepting particles of dust, pollen and dander as small as five microns.

And, because the C2 is not a space heater, it doesn’t contain any exposed heating coils, chemicals or harmful emissions. No filling with water or recharging is necessary, and the filter is removable for cleaning. The unit will shut itself off after four hours, as an added energy saver. UL listed and plugs into a standard 110v AC. The C2 Climate Control is a fully licensed product of Herman Miller®, Inc.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $280.00
Availability: Buy C2- Climate Control here

Aromatic Humidifier by Plus Minus Zero–now on sale

Naoto Fukusawa is one of the few people I would call a design genius. His Aromatic Humidifier by Plus Minus Zero is a prime example of his work and is now on sale.

“Comes with an aroma pot for you to add your favorite essential oil, so that the air in the room can not only be moisturized, but also scented with soothing aroma.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $198.00
Availability: Buy Aromatic Humidifier by Plus Minus Zero–now on sale here

Dynamism Humidifier

A friend of mine was telling me that I should get a humidifier because it really improves your skin condition, especially in the winter months. Having never owned one, I can’t testify to this, but I thought I should at least find one that doesn’t look like a server. And here it is!

Available in five great colors: white, green, light blue, orange, blue gray

“This humidifier is from Japanese design house ±0; their intent is to turn everyday objects into art. This humidifier comes in five colors, operates for 8 hours between refills. When the humidity reaches 60%, it automatically stops. It measures 12.0 inches in diameter and 6.1 inches high.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $229.00
Availability: Buy Dynamism Humidifier here

IonFlow 50F Air Purifier

No matter what you’ve thought of air purifiers before, you’re sure to admit this one is relatively nice-looking. It seems to have excellent marks in doing the job, and plus, aren’t you curious to see what’s in the air of your home (causing allergies, health issues, etc.)?

“Removing all aspects of nerd-factor, the IonFlow 50F Air Purifier is an energy-efficient and quiet machine that’s been proven to remove more than 99% of airborne pollutants in fewer than five hours and without producing any ozone…As a room is cleared of dust, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, mold and other allergens, these pollutants will collect on the outside of the unit’s aluminum ring. When you see it needs to be cleaned, turn off the unit and quickly wipe the ring clean.”

Aluminum; handmade acrylic stand.

H 26″ Diameter 7.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $495
Availability: Buy IonFlow 50F Air Purifier here

Artemis Ceiling Fan

It’s quite hard to find an unobtrusive ceiling fan, so that’s why it’s so nice to see this particular one. Ceiling fans are key in saving money on energy bills, so if you’re not utilizing fans in your main living areas, you might want to look into the idea. Several different finishes are available.

Downrods available in several different lengths to accomodate ceiling heights.

(Thanks Mark for the link…)

Purchase Information:

Price: $369.95
Availability: Buy Artemis Ceiling Fan here