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Coatracks Hooks

Quote Hook coat hook

Need a bit of inspiration when heading out the door? These coat hooks from Blend Design will do the trick. Choose between ‘Keep Moving Forward’, ‘You Make It Happen’, and ‘Live Your Life’. I can think of a few others that I’d like to see (‘stop your whining’ ‘get over it’ etc.) but they wouldn’t necessarily be labeled as inspirational.


Purchase Information:

Price: $55.00
Available from: Blend Design

Nua Nest Set

These colorful little pod-like pieces would be perfect for putting by the door for small things like keys, sunglasses, phone, etc. They’re small enough you can hang a jacket or coat on top, which is a definite plus. Made out of rolled bamboo using traditional Vietnamese skills.

Comes in a set of five: One large red, one large turquoise, one small yellow, one small purple and one small blue.


Purchase Information:

Price: $285.00 set
Available from: Sleek Identity

Thru-Block coat rack

This modular coat rack could be perfect for an entryway where you might need a little customization in order to fit the space. Since it can get expensive for the larger patterns (like the 23 piece one below), you might want to start out with the 7 piece ‘freeform’ to see how it works first.

Shown above: Thru-Block coat rack with nine wooden blocks with 5 evenly spaced holes drilled through them. $600.00


Purchase Information:

Price: $600.00
Available from: wuda's Etsy shop

Hookless Hanger

Okay, so be prepared for a little bit of an infommercial when visiting the site of, (there’s a video with sound that starts automatically, fyi)… now that I’ve warned you about that, these hookless hangers are actually pretty smart, as they save quite a bit of space in the closet. By eliminating the closet rod in favor of a magnetic strip system, there’s about a 20% gain in space with the added aesthetic benefit of a streamlined look. While it would cost a pretty penny to overhaul your whole closet, it could be a smart solution for a small coat closet where every inch is needed.

5 Natural Shirt Hangers start at $19.99 with a 4″-12″ Closet Strip costs $4.99.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.99
Available from:

20 Hangers Wardrobe

This wardrobe by Alice Rosignoli is made from 20 wood hangers and black ropes, which, let’s face it, is pretty ho-hum as far as materials. Surprisingly though, the simple design makes the most of a rather small area. If you’ve got a serious shortage of closet space, you might just consider a solution as uncomplicated as this.

Purchase Information:

Price: โ‚ฌ120
Available from: Alice Rosignoli

Eamesยฎ Hang-It-All, Limited Edition

Huh? At first glance I thought this walnut version was very, very wrong, but then it struck me as a brilliant move from Herman Miller, as some of us would perhaps prefer a more subtle take on the normally colorful Hang-It-All. As it will only be in production for a few months (ending early 2011), I’d suggest getting one sooner rather than later.

Update: DWR sold out, but I found one other retailer that has a few (it seems):

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.00
Available from: Stardust

Spike Wall Hooks

With the look of sturdy railway spikes, these cast iron wall hooks will hold your extra layers and whatnot securely while giving you just a touch of industrial edge.

Set of three
Each measures 2.5″ x 1.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Available from: Uma

Hang Out Hooks by David Zachary

I love the simplicity of these.

They would be perfect right by the front door for keys and such, or in the kitchen or bath for hand towels.

Dimensions: 6.5″ H x 1″ W x .75″ D
Materials: Mahogany and Maple

Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00 for set of two
Availability: Buy Hang Out Hooks by David Zachary here

Here Hook

Katie and I met the charming Richard Shed a few years ago at ICFF and I picked up his “Here Hook” and it’s one of my favorite pieces.

The Here Hook is a great design piece and at only $10 you can grab a few. Would be great in a kitchen as a dish towel holder, in the bath as a towel hook, or in an entry as a coat rack.

Purchase Information:

Price: $10.00
Availability: Buy Here Hook here

Matt Black Big Clips

This limited edition of the Big Clip might be more to your taste than the chrome version (which I could have sworn we posted before, but I guess not).

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Big Clip this Halloween, We’ve made some stunning limited edition MATT BLACK Big Clips…The classic and universal POP object, the Big Clip is made from solid 10mm steel rod, powder coated matt black in the U.K. It measures 28cm, attaches to the wall or links to form a chain making a fantastic coat hook or magazine rack.

Purchase Information:

Price: £30.00
Availability: Buy Matt Black Big Clips here

Limpet Hooks

I recently saw these at 100% Design and I’m quite pleased to announce they are available for sale through Kirsty Whyte’s site, Purewhyte.

Each mollusc shaped hook is hand crafted in the UK. As well as being fun, useful and easy to put up, they provide a sustainable product everyone can enjoy. Available in BRIMSTONE YELLOW, STRAWBERRY RED, NATURAL OFFCUT WOOD and PETROL BLUE.

W6.5cm x H10cm x D4.5cm

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.00
Availability: Buy Limpet Hooks here

Jax Coat Rack

Get ready for coat season with a new coat rack. This one is on sale/clearance from $150 to $100… not so bad, huh?

Twelve ball-accented coat hooks, the top set of six hooks spins
67″ Height. Weighted base: 12″ Diameter
Glossy black painted finish

Purchase Information:

Price: $100.00
Availability: Buy Jax Coat Rack here

Cameo Coat Hanger (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart)

It’s rather unfortunate that there’s not better picture quality of each individual coat hanger/peg, but it’s not like the silhouettes of these famous composers are kept under wraps, so no big deal really.

For more info on designer(s): Big-Game, Atelier A1

€17.95 each, Buy it here.

[via thingsofrandomcoolness]

Purchase Information:

Price: &euro17.95
Availability: Buy Cameo Coat Hanger (Beethoven, Bach, Mozart) here

Toggle and Rocker Key Switch

This is the perfect example of a product that needs some TLC in terms of room setting photography. Sure, I can picture mail and keys hanging from it, imagine how incredibly handy it could be near my front door, etc., but maybe some other people just see a plain metal cover with a couple of knobs and a strange top and have no time to read descriptions. An image is worth a thousand words. (I’m tempted to photoshop a keyring in, is that nuts?)

Install the Key Switch atop an existing light switch cover for added functionality. The knobs at bottom hold your keys, and the top protrusion holds your mail. Ideal near a front door.

Designer: Paul Koh
Material: Powder coated Aluminum
Dimensions: 7.2 x 2.25 x 1 inches
Available for pre-order. Approximate ship date: 8/10/2009

Toggle Key Switch, $30.00, Buy it here.
Rocker Key Switch, $30.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Available from: Areaware

Ribbon Coat Rack

I’d give a ‘tip of the hat’ to this Ribbon coat rack for being relatively affordable.

Inspired by a Ribbon blowing in the wind, Ribbon is a wall-mounted coat rack. Successfully merging function and art, when in use it holds up to 5 coats and scarves, but by itself is wall art.

Colours: White, black, red, bronze, yellow
Dimensions: ~L900.H150.D150mm
Materials: Powder coated mild steel

£55.00- £60.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: £55.00
Availability: Buy Ribbon Coat Rack here