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  • Origami Sticky Notes
    December 20th, 2011
    If you have a plethora of sticky notes around your workspace, just think how nice would it be to make a little origami from them instead of chucking them in…
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  • Archie Grand Notebooks
    December 19th, 2011
    Keep track of your friends and foes with these colorful notebooks, or just pretend like you do and use it for notes and sketches instead (which would be my recommendation).…
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  • Zip Pouches by Pamela Barsky
    December 13th, 2011
    Whether you're traveling around the world or just around town, these pouches by Pamela Barsky will keep your stuff organized... with a little bit of commentary thrown in. More below.…
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  • Magnifire Reader or Firestarter
    December 5th, 2011
    This small flat lens (called a Fresnel Lens) magnifies up to 2.5, making it ideal for tiny print. Now, you might not need a magnifier every day, but perhaps you'd…
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  • Magnetic Pencil
    December 1st, 2011
    Now, why has this not popped up on the collective radar before now? It's a magnetic pencil with no varnish (cedar wood, eco friendly), so you can keep it handy…
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  • Montre Post-it Watches
    November 30th, 2011
    Ah, now this is a must have for us forgetful folks. Each note sticks to itself to form a band, making a perfect wrist reminder for important times, notes, etc.…
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  • Bandit Ruler
    November 28th, 2011
    Respond to your work mates' office antics with a well aimed, cross-the-room rubber band shot. The Bandit is a rubber band shooting ruler made that's 100 percent designed to be…
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  • Old Time Sling Shot
    November 22nd, 2011
    What do you get for someone that has everything? An old time slingshot, made from buckthorn branches, latex tubing, and a leather projectile pouch. I like that 'female adult supervision'…
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  • Scrabble Letter Mugs
    November 21st, 2011
    AMAZING. 19, double word score, 38 points. Delight your favorite wordsmith or board games player with these Scrabble-inspired mugs. Game on!
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  • Tie Breakers
    November 18th, 2011
    What a marvelous way to solve a sticky situation. Pick the appropriate wooden coin* and flip to see who has to do whatever needs doing. From Set Editions, who carries…
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  • The Seven Year Pen
    November 17th, 2011
    Say goodbye to throwing away pens. This pen has a jumbo ink cartridge inside, ensuring that you can write about 1.7 meters a day for seven years. Pretty decent timeline,…
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  • MUJI Touchscreen Gloves
    November 15th, 2011
    I'm a bit late in the game in posting these, as you've most likely seen them before, but it is MUJI and they are touchscreen gloves, so it's better late…
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  • Grafika Notebook Set
    November 10th, 2011
    How about a pattern notebook set to brighten up this Thursday morning? Unfortunately for us in the States, this retail shop is over in the UK, but it sure has…
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  • Magic 8 Ball Pen
    November 8th, 2011
    Seeing as you cannot (and should not) carry around a real Magic 8 Ball in your pocket, briefcase, or purse, this pen will get you out of those moments of…
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  • ‘A Guide To Pairing Red Wine with Food’ Tea Towel
    November 3rd, 2011
    If you've looked up what wine goes with what food, only to find that there's a ton of sites to sift through, hold up your hand. Now, use that same…
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