Thousand Bike Helmet

Hey, did you know that bicycle helmets protect your brain and could save your life? Just checking, because it seems like an awful lot of people think they exist only to decrease their cool factor. Case in point, last Friday I witnessed hundreds of cyclists in Houston on a night ride and maybe 30% were wearing helmets, which might be a generous estimate. A night ride in a busy city, what ...Read more

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Price: $75.00
Available from: Kickstarter

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Herb Pots by Anderssen Voll for Mjolk

You might have the greenest thumb in the entire world and you could still use a better herb pot. This container by Anderssen Voll has a small side opening that allows watering from the bottom instead of the top, which promotes healthy root growth by minimizing soil displacement. Did you water your herbs a bit too much? Pour away any excess easily by tipping the pot to the side. Let's ...Read more

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Price: $185.00 +
Available from: Mjolk

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Bushel Brush by Fredericks & Mae

Let's feast our eyes on the Bushel Brushes by Fredericks & Mae. Are they weird and wonderful? Yes. May you use them for practical things like cleaning? Indeed, you may. How about fun things like painting? Yes, though do be sure to clean the brushes very thoroughly afterwards. You could also just keep one or two on your desk for sweeping away dust and crumbs, and that way you'd be justified ...Read more

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Price: $90.00 +
Available from: Fredericks & Mae

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Pixi Tie by Bluelounge

What's that red tie around that stack of notebooks? It's the Pixi Tie, and it'll do all sorts of securing for big and small jobs around the house. Simply pull the cord tight and through the button's locking channel to keep it in place; pull up and outwards to release. Use the small size for cables or bread bags, the medium for organizing laptop cords and wire management, and the ...Read more

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Price: $9.95
Available from: Bluelounge

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Jug + Cup by Aldo Bakker for Particles

Prepare yourself for some oddity in the drinkware department, for the Porcelain Jug from the collection by Aldo Bakker for Particles is one strange beast of a receptacle. When full, the jug balances on its backside for easy pouring; when empty, it prefers to be flipped downwards, so that its opening may cover a cup. As you were warned, it's a little strange, but also sort of wonderful in its ...Read more

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Price: €325.00
Available from: Wannekes

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Baxter iPhone 6 Dock & Storage

I know, I know, you probably already have a place to put your iPhone for charging, but this little dock has a small storage pocket for all those other little things that need a home. Pocket change or smaller jewelry pieces won't get lost when they have a snug cork/rubber lid to keep them safe. Use the the lid as a soft resting spot for larger items that you'd ...Read more

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Price: $65.00
Available from: Most Modest

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D’Hauteville Concrete Chair

Nope, it's not the ubiquitous shell chair you think it is. This one is made of humble concrete and steel. Talk about an industrial edge- you can't get much more industrial than ribar steel and plain ol' concrete. It would be an interesting mix to have a set of these chairs around your dining table, don't you think? Designed by Julie Legros and Henri Lavallard Boget Material: Steel, Concrete Size:18.5" ...Read more

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Price: $369.00
Available from: Gessato

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Friday Links

Tham & Videgård Designs Sweden’s “Most Sought After Home” It's not a bread knife, it's the Sandwich Knife Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator Synths (£49.99) Brandon Lattu's Selected Compositions Create a personalized, large format art print: Life & Type Growth Table by Tim Durfee & Iris Anna Regn Snap clip-on supports create furniture from found objects (this will most likely be a post next week) This is so cool: Dive Into ‘Infinity’ With ...Read more

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Zuzunaga’s Beach Towel Collection

An old, fraying beach towel doesn't help you look any better, so why not upgrade to one of these smack-you-in-the-face-with-pattern towels by Cristian Zuzunaga? The upside is if you don't have a spectacular (according to the media) body, the towel will grab people's attention first (as in, 'Ooo, who's that fascinating person with that beach towel?') and, if you do have a spectacular (according to the media) body, you'll ...Read more

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Price: $120.00
Available from: A+R Store

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Cap Table Lamp

It's cute, right? Available in white, blush, misty blue, or midnight blue, the Cap Table Lamp has an adjustable shade on a small, cylindrical base. That means it won't take up too much room on a side table or worktop, yet you'll be able to direct the light right where you want it. Is it the perfect reading lamp for your favorite reading spot? Could be. Take a look at ...Read more

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Price: $~382.00
Available from: Normann Copenhagen

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Lift Trivet

If you're going to save your table from scorch marks, you might as well do so with something pretty. The Lift Trivet is made from solid brass bent in a graceful 's' shape to keep those hot pots and pans off those delicate wood surfaces. It's simple and shiny: just what your table didn't know it needed. Made in the USA Dimensions: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.375 in Designer: fruitsuper design Manufacturer: fruitsuper design ...Read more

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Price: $48.00
Available from: DESU DESIGN

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Portiko Extension Cord

You know the problem. All those charging cords and not enough outlets. It leads to a genuine mess, if not full-on fighting over who gets to power their device first. That's where the Portiko comes in, and it'll at least help a little if it doesn't solve the whole issue outright. It's a 6-foot extension cord with two outlets and two USB ports, so you can pretty much think of ...Read more

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Price: $24.95
Available from: Blue Lounge

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Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener

Those pesky boxes and bottles. You always need something to help open them, unless you possess extremely strong teeth. Here's a combination knife and bottle opener that's ideal for your keychain, and it's made from 3Cr13 stainless steel. The bottle opener portion is dual-layered at the axis point, making it easy to pry off bottle caps. The locking blade folds out for a sharp cut, so you'll be ready to ...Read more

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Price: $15.00
Available from: Everyman

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Sale: Loll Adirondack Chair

DWR's outdoor sale might encourage you to refresh your outdoor seating/dining options, especially once you realize that Loll's Adirondack Chair is 15% off its regular price. Made from 100% recycled and recyclable plastic (mostly post-consumer milk jugs), each chair is waterproof, fade-resistant and maintenance-free. That's exactly the kind of thing you want from an outdoor lounge chair, and the clean, modern interpretation of the classic Adirondack style certainly works with all ...Read more

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Price: $382.50
Available from: DWR

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Simple Bed by Kalon Studios

You know, if you're looking for something in particular, you can email us and we'll keep our eyes out for whatever particular thing you're searching for, right? As in, if you were looking for a Simple Bed, which is the name of this simple bed from Kalon Studios, I would happen to come across it while planning to post their Caravan Divan Twin, and immediately post this bed instead so ...Read more

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Price: $1,600.00 - 2,800.00
Available from: Kalon Studios

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