Outdoor Furniture

Low Cut Stool

I suppose this could be considered the I B Pop chair’s side table and/or coordinating stool, and for the price, it’s worth posting.

“This solid stool or side table (it doesn’t matter what you use it for: It works brilliantly as either.) has a secret. low cut can fold flat in a fraction of a second. Ideal as extra seating you can bring out just when you need it or as outdoor furniture that can be stored away neatly until the weather finally lets you sit outside. When low cut is unfolded it takes up almost no space at all.”

Maximum load 150kg.

360 x 345 mm

Available in (outside/inside) Blue/black, black/blue, white/red , white/white ,red/white

Purchase Information:

Price: $87.50
Availability: Buy Low Cut Stool here

Darling Sofa

This outdoor seating is so nice that I’d almost want to bring it indoors.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1950.00
Availability: Buy Darling Sofa here

Jellyfish Chair and Ottoman

This is not a bad price for outdoor furniture, especially to have the chair and ottoman included in one price.

“Architect Wiel Arets calls Jellyfish (2005) a ‘modern reclining lounger’ because of how its gently shaped base gives it a relaxing, subtle movement. The result is a dynamic seating experience in which the sitter, chair and environment all interact. This was the goal of the designer, who wanted a lounge chair that encouraged active use, while also bringing a clean, straightforward aesthetic to its surroundings. A handy sidekick to the chair is the Jellyfish Ottoman that can be used as a footrest or for holding drinks. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, Jellyfish is UV stable and has a weight resistance of 350lbs.”

By Wiel Arets for Quinze & Milan
Also available in light grey, green and white.

Purchase Information:

Price: $545
Availability: Buy Jellyfish Chair and Ottoman here

zanotta veryround seat by louise campbell

Yes, it’s a chair. Kind of hard to absorb at first, but then you get used to it. I think it’s beautiful, and most likely worth every penny (if you’ve got that many pennies to spare).

“an interesting and original piece that is signed by the designer, veryround is a masterpiece in technological construction. it is made of a single .08″ thick steel sheet frame which is cut by a three-dimensional laser, colored white and varnished for outdoor use.”

41.54″w x 27.17″h x 32.68″d

Purchase Information:

Price: $5272.00
Availability: Buy zanotta veryround seat by louise campbell here

Aero Lounge Chair

To find an outdoor lounge chair under $250 is pretty good, but to find one that looks this good is great. Normally I’d prefer wood for the out-of-doors, but this particular design has me sold on aluminum.

“An elegant and classic ladderback aesthetic distinguishes the sleek Aero Collection from ordinary indoor/outdoor furniture. A smooth lacquer finish resists scratches for low-maintenance use indoors and out.”

H 26.5″ W 27″ D 26″

Purchase Information:

Price: $220.00
Availability: Buy Aero Lounge Chair here

Grasshopper Chair and Square Side Table

I kind of like the looks of this outdoor chair and table, and the price makes me like them just a little bit more.

• Powder-coated steel tube frame
• Woven plastic seat and back
• Matte deep brown frame with subtle speckled finish
• Folds for easy storage
• Use indoors/outdoors

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.95
Availability: Buy Grasshopper Chair and Square Side Table here

Source: Via

Love Chair

I know most people are crazy for Mr. Jonathan Adler, but somehow I didn’t get hit with the adoration bat when it comes to most of Mr. Adler’s designs. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s all good stuff, it’s just that nothing has struck me as an ‘i have to have it’ type thing. And then I see this, and somehow I finally got hit in the ‘noggin, if that’s the saying. This chair is so “sweet” it’s cute, and while I appreciate it for the irony (maybe?), I’m sure loads of people love it just ’cause it’s Adler.

White powder-coated metal

H 33.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $395.00
Availability: Buy Love Chair here

Stainless Steel Bench and Stool

For outdoors or in, this bench and stool are something to consider. The prices aren’t so bad, and the style fits into the modern/minimal look quite easily…you could also use them as a coffee/side table if you wanted to…

Stool, 16w x 16d x 16h

Bench, 55w x 16d x 16h

Purchase Information:

Price: $599.00
Availability: Buy Stainless Steel Bench and Stool here

Ikea Summer pieces

I have been pretty impressed with the summer furniture that Ikea produced for 2006. The lounge chairs and deck chairs resemble some higher-end designs without the scary price tag. Just to be on the safe side, I would put a good sealer on the wood to ensure it will last year after year.

Purchase Information:

Price: $129.99
Availability: Buy Ikea Summer pieces here

Pankotto Bench

For anyone looking to furnish their outdoor space with some sturdy, weather-friendly seating (or tables), this collection is sure to please.

“A smooth texture and rounded edges make it especially comfortable for casual seating or table use in the garden, beach house, entryway or children’s room. Blocky and low to the ground, it has a solid presence while being light enough to move when needed. Can be filled with sand for added weight. UV protected.”

Batch-dyed, roto-molded polypropylene.
Available in blue, dark grey or orange
H 17.5″ L 66.5″ D 15.5″
Buy it here.

(Blue currently on sale as of 11/24/08 for $385.00)

Purchase Information:

Price: $550.00
Availability: Buy Pankotto Bench here

Concrete Cubes

If you’ve been hankerin’ to get your outdoor living space set up and ready for the spring/summer, here’s a couple of concrete cubes to consider. I think they’d also be fine indoors as well.

Large Concrete Cube
20w x 25d x 23.5h

Small Concrete Cube
20w x 19.5d x 19.5h

Purchase Information:

Price: $109-$139
Availability: Buy Concrete Cubes here

grass armchair

I’ve always wanted to make one of these but I haven’t gotten around to it. Now there’s a kit and it will make it so much easier. You just fit the cardboard pieces together and then fill the gaps with dirt and sprinkle with grass seeds (not included).

Purchase Information:

Price: $115.00
Availability: Buy grass armchair here

Capital Collection Dining Set

I know this is not exactly “outdoor” weather right now, but spring is just around the corner. And this is on sale and too cheap not to show it to you. Okay, this is intended as indoor furniture, but I think visually it is probably much more suited to the outdoors. The only thing is that it will probably need a coat of rust proof paint, but since it’s “assembly required” I bet it’d be pretty easy to do before assembly. It will require a little DIY but if you’re looking for a cheap outdoor dining solution then I recommend it.

Easy to assemble
Table Size: 20i D x 46in W x 29.25in H
Chair Size: 20.5in D x 16.5in W x 32.75in H

One Table and 4 chairs

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.99
Availability: Buy Capital Collection Dining Set here

Hoop Happy Hour Table/Bench Set

I know it doesn’t seem like table and bench weather yet, but if you order today, it will be delivered just in time for a picnic. It’s made of sustainable Brazilian hardwood w/ powdercoated, cold-rolled steel hoop leg supports and steel accent detailing.

Your choice of soft blue, orange, mint green, red and for a limited time, pearl white. Custom colors are available for an additional cost.

The set is available in 78″, 96″, and 120″ lengths. The table is 30″w x 29″h. Ships flat w/ some assembly required. Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping.

Thanks Kristen!

Purchase Information:

Price: $2,100.00
Availability: Buy Hoop Happy Hour Table/Bench Set here

Sway Stool

I swoon. Made of 100% pure cork, which is reclaimed waste material from the bottle stopper industry, this little stool is something to take a look at.

“The central column of the stool, located directly under the spine of the user, is flexible, solid cork while the rest is perforated. The result is a seat that flexes and pivots under the weight of the user, responding to the slightest body movement. The user’s muscles remain slightly engaged to maintain balance, improving posture and circulation. Many have reported this to be a perfect seat for working at a desk or computer, enabling the user to move and rock while working and thinking. Because cork is 100% waterproof and impervious to rot and mold growth, this piece functions as well outdoors as it does in. Perfect for a bit of meditation in the garden…”

Designed by Daniel Michalik.

Approx. 18″ tall x 15″ wide x 15″ deep

Purchase Information:

Price: $348.00
Availability: Buy Sway Stool here