Outdoor Furniture

Chair One

The Chair One looks like something made in the 80′s intended to look like it was made in 2020. Whatever decade it was actually made in, I love this chair. It’s weather-proofed so it would look equally great indoors or outdoors.

an exceptionally versatile indoor/outdoor seating system, the chair is one of the most original and important seating designs to come along in years. chair legs are polished anodized aluminum and seats are die-cast aluminum, cataphoretically-treated and painted in red, white or anthracite polyester powder. a concrete base version is available as well as swivel and public seating variations. the concrete base is painted transparent clear.

Designer: Konstantin Grcic

Purchase Information:

Price: $886.00
Availability: Buy Chair One here

Heller Selene Chair

I love these stackable functional indoor/outdoor injection molded nylon chairs that are appropriate for commercial, institutional, and residential use. I could try to plug in more adjectives/descriptive phrases in that sentence, but then it might get annoying.

“Heller reissues Vico Magistretti’s stackable classic. The Selene is Included in the MoMA permanent design collection, the Vitra Museum, and leading museums around the world.”

18.5″ w | 19.5″ d | 29.5 h | 18.5″ seat height
Available in White, Black, or Red.

Purchase Information:

Price: $175.00
Availability: Buy Heller Selene Chair here

Soft Pill

This is somethin’ that you might have to save for, but holy cow, it’d be a show-stopper.

Designer: Filippo Dell’Orto
Seat in polyurethane reinforced by steel bar frame. Shimmering coated surface. For indoor and outdoor use.

Dimensions: 39.3″L x 47.25″W x 19.7″H
Availability: 10-14 weeks

Colors available: White, Black, Orange, Red, or Green.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2299.00
Availability: Buy Soft Pill here

Romance Collection by Contraforma

I saw these on design*sponge a while back and hesitated posting them because the shop’s overseas and I thought that wouldn’t be too convenient…BUT I kept thinking about them and suddenly realized that I might just have to post them anyways, regardless of the shipping costs/time.

It’s laser-cut, powder-coated steel with an oh-so-ever romantic preforated floral design…I especially love the contrasting color inside. And, it’s suitable for both indoor or outdoor use. Available in white with pink interior, graphite black with pink interior, or graphite black with white interior (on some of the pieces, but not all). Delivery outside Lithuania usually takes up to 4 weeks; Ona (that’s the store) ships everywhere. I guess I should mention there are other dimensions/designs-I encourage you to investigate further if you’re interested.

Purchase Information:

Price: $280.00-$485.00
Availability: Buy Romance Collection by Contraforma here

Bubble Club Side Table

So, Philippe Starck is everywhere nowadays, so if you aren’t particularly fond of him or of his designs, you’re just going to have to get used to it. Sorry. I thought this little table, an addition to the Bubble Club collection, is something to think about for your outdoor space (or even indoors if you want). It’s cute and not so ‘spensive.

Design Philippe Starck, polyethylene
Made in Italy by Kartell

Available in White, Pale Grey, Lemon Yellow, Pale Green, and Terracotta.

20″w x 20″d x 16.5″h

Purchase Information:

Price: $153.00
Availability: Buy Bubble Club Side Table here

Indoor/Outdoor Furniture

This table/chair combo set is sturdy enough for outdoor use, yet attractive enough for use indoors. Each table and chair is molded out of a self cushioning polymer. Designed by award winning italian architect and designer mario bellini and heller.

Colors available:
greige (Pantone #452C)
dark gray (Pantone #412C)

Purchase Information:

Price: $400.00
Availability: Buy Indoor/Outdoor Furniture here

Mystic River Chaise

Brookbend is the brain-child of former Ethan Allen designer, Irving Sabo. His background in boat building, architecture and art is evident in this simple, yet well-designed collection of fine crafted outdoor furniture. This chaise is just one example of his work.

Purchase Information:

Price: $249
Availability: Buy Mystic River Chaise here

Jacob chair & footrest

This chair and “footrest” can be used indoors and out. Also, it’s extremely durable which is a very good thing.

Purchase Information:

Price: $399.00
Availability: Buy Jacob chair & footrest here

Bartoli Chair

Consider a classic. This chair has removable legs (compact storage) and is made of scratch resistant polypropylene- so it’s appropriate for indoor or outdoor use. It’s been around since 1974, so it’s sure to please the collector side of you too.

Available in white or black.
Sold in sets.

Purchase Information:

Price: $136.00
Availability: Buy Bartoli Chair here

Moooi Lovenet Outdoor

I like this so much I can’t think straight. Galvanized and Powder coated steel with PE webbing and stainless steel frame.

Available in bronze, silver(!), or white.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1980.00
Availability: Buy Moooi Lovenet Outdoor here

Hollow ottoman

Look at the colors! Quite fun. Indoor use or covered outdoor spaces. Think of the possibilities (and money saved).

Made from polycarbonate plastic strings.

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00
Availability: Buy Hollow ottoman here