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taper double old-fashioneds

These have such a nice subtle color and a price that’s hard to beat.

• Handblown glass with cool-cut rim
• Dishwasher-safetaper double old-fashioneds

Purchase Information:

Price: $3.50
Availability: Buy taper double old-fashioneds here

beaker juice glass

Wow, quite a deal.

“Paper-thin, light as a feather drinking cups take us back to lemonade stand days every time we pick them up. But these are handblown, heat-tempered, chem lab beaker glass with a neat retro ring design. Keep ’em stacked by the sink.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $1.95
Availability: Buy beaker juice glass here


Even condensation can be aesthetically pleasing…

“It basically turns the notion of annoying condensation rings on ist head, and make them something to look forward to. Every time you lift your glass a beautiful Cherry Blossom, the Sakura Flower appears and subtely changes its shape…This is an amazing quality glass, the base feels thick and heavy, yet the walls are nice and thin giving off a crisp chime when toasted. The cherry blossom is etched perfectly into the base, so it creates a beautiful and perfect shape each time the glass is lifted…”

Set of two glasses per box
each: 4.3″ (11 cm) x 2.9″ (7,2 cm).

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Availability: Buy Sakurasaku here

Esther Derkx Wine Glass

A non-traditional take on the usual wine glass shape…

“Varying slightly from the Esther Derkx norm, these wine glasses are new, not refurbished, but Derkx has still added her trademark humor in the form of designs screenprinted onto the glass. Each design varies slightly and we cannot guarantee which design you will receive.”

9.5″h x 3.5″w at base.

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00
Availability: Buy Esther Derkx Wine Glass here

Fast Cup by Maxim Velcovsky

Finally, this is available for sale and delivery to the US. The Fast Cup, part of the tongue & cheek series by Maxim Velcovsky, experiments with a disposable form in the context of traditional manufacturing techniques.

Handblown in the Czech Republic.
Dia 6.5 x H.8.5cm.

(Sweater) Espresso Cups

These are definitely growing on me.

“New in Alyssa Ettinger’s knitware line are these petite cups imprinted by the cuffs of knit sweaters, one stockinette and one cable stitch. Super for a hit of espresso, a tealight or maybe a place for your jewelry or loose change. Available in unglazed white, glazed celery or glazed blue (matte glaze on the inside of all cups).”

Set of two.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Availability: Buy (Sweater) Espresso Cups here

Blooming Over Cup

The delicate blue lines of these cups are lovely.

These unusual and delicate porcelain cups feature a thin blue line that creates a flower gliding around the outside. Makes the perfect occasional use tea cup. This piece is stocked in the US for immediate delivery.

designer: B., Jan & Wu, Mina

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.00
Availability: Buy Blooming Over Cup here

Tag Cup

This cup bears resemblance to a cupcake, but I say that meaning it in a good way (for who doesn’t love cupcakes?). This cup is much more handy to have (than a cupcake) when handling hot or cold beverages. Would be a stand-out gift for someone that needs a new beverage-holder.

“Porcelain cup encased in easy to grip silicone sleeve. The silicone insulates the cup, keeping hot hot and cold cold, protects your hands from heat, and looks great too.”

Dimensions: 4.3″Ø x 3.5″H

Available in Mint, Plum or Carrot

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00
Availability: Buy Tag Cup here

Droplet Glass

If you or someone you’re fond of is a connoisseur of wine (or sake), this particular glass would be nice and special. It arrives in its own small wooden crate (which could be displayed on its own) that rounds out the whole ‘special’ package.

“The 8 oz glass is exceptionally thin and has a beautiful inverted droplet shape which, as you gently swirl the glass, helps to aerate the liquid and release the bouquet.”

3 1/2″ high

Purchase Information:

Price: $42.00
Availability: Buy Droplet Glass here

Fern & Frond Glasses

These are quite lovely…

“Three different delicate flora and fauna patterns are carved into glass then hand-painted using colorful translucent paints. The glass is then reheated to set the color. Each piece will vary slightly, due to the nature of the handmade creations. Hand washing is recommended. Set of 6, 2 of each pattern.”

Small Glasses (Set of 6)– 3 ½”dia x 3 ½”h

Large Glasses (Set of 6) – 3”dia x 5 ¾”h

Purchase Information:

Price: $62.00
Availability: Buy Fern & Frond Glasses here

Left or Right?

In light of the upcoming elections, I couldn’t help posting these cute mugs I stumbled upon as I was browsing for a house-warming gift. Though I’m not going to purchase these, as I’m unwilling to encourage any debates at what will otherwise be a fun party. If I owned them, however, I would certainly look forward to Mrs. Roosevelt looking at me from my cupboard everyday…

8.75 Oz.

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.50
Availability: Buy Left or Right? here

Dunkin’ Mug

There is nothing I dislike more than washing dishes, so anything that combines a mug and a plate gets my approval…

White, 4.1″ tall

Purchase Information:

Price: $23.00
Availability: Buy Dunkin’ Mug here

By the Lake Cups Bird

The silhouetted trees that encircle each By the Lake porcelain cup are mirrored in the platinum-plated surface of the matching saucer. What’s more, the miniature images change with the light and point of view: a tiny visual tempest in an exquisite teacup.

Purchase Information:

Price: $22.50
Availability: Buy By the Lake Cups Bird here

Help Mug

Sometimes it’s best to start with a very limited mission statement.

“Studio Verissimo consists of Portugese designers Claudio Cardoso and Telma Verissimo. The core activity of this studio is lighting, furniture and space designs, etc…. Help is a ceremic mug whose objective is to help people make rice.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $13.00
Availability: Buy Help Mug here

Black Sake Set

Do you have a matte black glass sake set from Sugahara? No? Well, get on it then. Would be an excellent gift for anyone with an appreciation of sake, or sushi, or small, nicely made things.

Bottle: 4.5″ h, cup: 2.25″ h

Purchase Information:

Price: $72.00
Availability: Buy Black Sake Set here