Wall Clocks

Timeless Clock

Does this clock have way too much going on or not enough? Or is it ‘just right’?

This mesmerizing clock is not as timeless as its name implies. Look closely and the numbers 3, 6, 9, and 12 will give you a good idea of the hour. But, based on aesthetics alone, the name may just be appropriate after all.

Designer: Pascal Tarabay
Lacquered metal frame, 19.75″ dia.

$349.00, Buy it here.

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Price: $349.00
Availability: Buy Timeless Clock here

Animal Clock

Man, these clocks are really something. The intricate cut forms and layers make for an altogether interesting time piece.

Part of the Animal Clock series with animals largely representative of those found in North American continent. Can you find the ones that seem out of place?

Material:Wood (Japanese Linden)
Animal Clock Uma (Horse): W15.0 x H15.0 x 0.2” thick, $150.00, Buy it here.

Animal Clock Square Mini: H7.1 x W10.6 x 0.2” thick, $130.00,
Buy it here.

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Price: $130.00-$150.00
Availability: Buy Animal Clock here

Queen Clock

Tell the proper time with Her Majesty’s regal silhouette.

“Very Chic. This contemporary Queen wall clock will look great in any room of your home. The modern clock available in black or orange acrylic. Ready to hang.”

13″ x 9 1/2″

Buy it here.

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Price: $75.00
Availability: Buy Queen Clock here

Village Cuckoo Clock

Some trends come and go, but it’s a pretty sure bet cuckoo clocks are here to stay. This white one has some great detailing that’s sure to add some character to whatever room you put it in.

“This modern cuckoo clock is artfully detailed in white washed wood and comes complete with stag head decoration, pine cone weights, swinging pendulum, and a cucoo bird that emerges on the hour to flap its wings and make its call. This nostalgic remake is quartz battery powered with an on/off option for the electronic cuckoo call. A charming tribute to its European origins. Uses 2 D batteries (not included).”

17 x10 36″h

$253.00 from UMA or Amazon.

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Price: $253.00
Availability: Buy Village Cuckoo Clock here

24-7 clock

If you’re not so fond of telling the time military-style, this clock will do the math for you.

Tell it the way they do on the other side of the pond. Track time 00:00 to 24:00 in concentric black double digits squared on white. Black aluminum hands, white wood composite frame. Glass lens protects. One AA battery (not included).

19.75″ sq.
Buy it here.

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Price: $59.95
Availability: Buy 24-7 clock here

Vibe Clock

I love the super slim red arms on this clock.

Glass wall clock with metal dial. 12″ dia (30 cm dia)

[posted by kris]

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Price: $60.00
Availability: Buy Vibe Clock here

Meisler Imprint Wall Clock

A concrete clock to keep your time…

“Using concrete as the canvas, designer Marit Meisler created this angular, stark wall clock with imprint design. A welcome accent and timekeeper for cool modern interior settings.”

Notes: Requires one AA battery (not included).
Material(s): Cement

H 10″ W 10″ D 1.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $190.00
Availability: Buy Meisler Imprint Wall Clock here

Lost Cuckoo Clock

It’s good to see that nothing is wasted while making these modern cuckoo clocks.

The clock face elegantly floats within the negative space of the traditional cuckoo clock form, and looks gorgeous. Made of mirrored acrylic with a quartz movement (one AA battery included), and hook for easy hanging. Made in New York City.

[posted by kris]

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Price: $95.00-$125.00
Availability: Buy Lost Cuckoo Clock here

Limited Edition White Treasure Clock

Huh? I can’t decide if this is good or bad, but it does leave room for ideas on making your own…

“You can never get back lost time, but with this ultra-creative and modern clock you can reminisce without losing track of time. A square board adorned with vintage toys and a minute and hour hand make this timepiece an interesting sculptural and functional accent to your walls. These found objects, such as tiny stuffed animals, a cassette tape and a plastic horse, will make you smile about the past, but still keep you in the present. Limited Edition. Natural birch and hand-colored in white.”

15.5″ L x 15.5″ W

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Price: $130.00
Availability: Buy Limited Edition White Treasure Clock here

Birdhouse cuckoo clock

This little birdhouse cuckoo clock houses a cuckoo who announces the time every hour, unless it’s dark out–thanks to a light sensor.

Made in Italy.

[posted by kris]

Small Gear Clock

I have to admit I’m a little surprised where I found this, but hey, once in a while some retailers are allowed to catch me off guard.

“Observe the gears turning inside this exposed clock while it steadily keeps time. Rests upon a desk or can be mounted on a wall. Requires two C batteries (not included). Measures 6”D x 2.5” deep.”

[posted by katie]

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Price: $27.95
Availability: Buy Small Gear Clock here

Paint-by-numbers photoart clock

This clock is part of the new design aesthetic that’s come about recently. It’s part DIY (paint by numbers) and part modern with added flourish.

Brush, paint and instruction sheet included.
Overall 15 1/2 x 15 1/2″ (39 x39cm).

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Price: $84.00
Availability: Buy Paint-by-numbers photoart clock here

Giant Flip Clock

This will arrive upon our doorstep any day now, as we were not able to resist purchasing a giant flip clock.

“Our Giant Wall Flip Clock will be the focal point of any room with its quiet flipping numbers and unique design reminiscent of years past. The clock measures a whopping 13″ x 5″ x 4″ and is wall mountable, or it can rest on any flat surface such as a desk, table, or mantle. The clock operates on one d-size battery, not included.”

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $95
Availability: Buy Giant Flip Clock here

Spy Clock by Pieter Woudt

Become an omnipresent time-teller for only $25…

“A convex glass mirror with sleek metal hands, the Spy Clock lets you know what’s going on at all times. One AA-battery (not included).”

Size: 12diam. x 2″d

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Availability: Buy Spy Clock by Pieter Woudt here

Time to fly

“The function of a cuckoo clock and a birdhouse are exchanged. The shape of a cuckoo clock becomes a birdhouse, and a birdhouse becomes a clock. Material: European oak”

Birdhouse: euro 95.00
Clock: euro 65.00

More information:

View Time to fly here

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