About Time Clock

This is perhaps one of the more ingenious designs of time-telling, allowing for (or reminding us to have) some flexibility in our schedules.

Poetry in motion, this innovative clock reveals the passing of time by rolling around your desk and telling time in one long continuous sentence.Designed in reaction to our stressed lives, where we tend to plan our daily activities to the minute, this clock simply tells you ‘It’s about six o’clock’ or ‘it’s almost seven now’.

Operates on AA batteries.
Anodized Aluminum
9″ dia, 3.5″D


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Price: $179.00
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Round LED Clock

This clock has an easy-to-read blue LED, an alarm with snooze feature, and an AC adapter. Made of plastic casing with metal components. Three AA batteries included.

2d x 4″diam

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Price: $35
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Time to fly

“The function of a cuckoo clock and a birdhouse are exchanged. The shape of a cuckoo clock becomes a birdhouse, and a birdhouse becomes a clock. Material: European oak”

Birdhouse: euro 95.00
Clock: euro 65.00

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Time Flies Clocks – Set of Three

White metal faces with red metal hands. Individual clocks with individual mechanisms, shows the times in different cities around the world : London, New York, Hong Kong. Each clock is in the shape of the appropriate continent. Second hand has a little red plane on the end….cute.

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Price: $80.00
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Design Competition Alert!

The guys over at Furni are having a design competition –and the winner could see their design included in Furni’s next line!

Here’s the scoop: You design a clock using their DIY kit and they pick the winner. (You can also just draw one if your funds are tight).

DIY Kit: $24.00

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Price: $24.00
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Chic Chalet Clock

A well scaled cuckoo clock without all the scary flourish of years before.

Dimensions: 15″W x 27″H (including pendulum).

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Price: $59.00
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Grandpa Clock

A new take on the traditional clock, this timepiece does the job just as easy except it’d be much easier to move around.

“The antique grandfather clock moves into the 21st century. The image of
an antique clock is printed onto canvas fabric and hung on the wall.
Behind the fabric is a wooden frame and modern clock movement, complete
with antique-style hands.”

65″ x 17.25″


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Price: $79.00
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Fantome Clock

A nice new take on the original.

Available in a large size that is 21″ high, 14″ wide and 5″ deep, or a smaller model that is 14″ high, 10″ wide and 3″ deep.

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Price: $136
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Font Clock by Sebastian Wrong

I’d have no money if shipping was less expensive.

“The Font Clock is a 21st century take on the British 24 hour clock design icon. Twelve different fonts are printed within the mechanism of the clock providing a random, mixed display of graphic language within a single time piece. Font clock is offered in three sizes.”

Gold Digi Clock by Maxim Velcovsky

Another witty piece from the delightful Maxim Velcovsky.

Beware, it comes with a UK plug.

Verbarius electronic clock

The verbarius clock gives you the time in your chosen language written in different ‘verbal’ forms everytime you ask it. it’s either forty-five minutes past four, or fifteen minutes to five, or four forty-five, or a quarter to five.

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Price: $158.25
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knowhereclock by peter stathis for artecnica

No math required to figure out what time loved ones are on in distant lands with these clocks.

“designed by peter stathis and with graphics from susanna dulkynis (cosmos and one world clocks), knowhere wall clock are definitely a different concept on wall clocks. knowhere clocks are among the most customizable clocks that we offer, with a wide array of hands, including like extra hands, blank hands that can be written on and international landmarks.”

dimensions:12”dia x 2.05”d
made from clear acrylic frame, printed acrylic dial, metal hands, AA battery included.

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Price: $74.00
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classique alarm clock

I like this simple little alarm clock. Small, zinc alloy and perfect for travel.

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Price: $19.95
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Vinyl + Clock

It’s not often that you are able to design your own clock this easily, so take advantage of it…

“These colorful wall graphics are part of the Vynil line by a French publishing house called Domestic. Domestic works with well-known designers to produce products that allow the consumer to contribute to the design. In this case, an assortment of numerals and clock parts cut out of removable adhesive vinyl plus a set of real clock hands let you design your own clock face, based on your whim.”

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Price: $80.00
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Ornate Clock

Of course it’s necessary to post this particular clock. It’s a nice pairing of two different styles, pulled off remarkably well.

15.25″ dia.

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Price: $49.95
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