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  • Gather Vases
    August 5th, 2016
    The Gather Vases by Sam Anderson invite you to arrange your floral bouquet across a variety of different receptacles. Choose just one for for a singular statement or collect all…
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  • Plantation Porcelain Element
    August 3rd, 2016
    Hello there, little Plantation Porcelain Element. You'd be perfect for growing herbs and other plants, as you would fit inside any existing glass as the ideal home for new cuttings…
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  • The Starving Artist Cookbook
    July 26th, 2016
    Cool illustrations plus easy-to-make recipes? Sure, that sounds like the perfect thing for simple summer meals, doesn't it? Artist Sara Zin has dutifully illustrated all her home-cooked meals in this…
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  • Soundflex Bluetooth Speaker
    July 25th, 2016
    Do you need an inexpensive bluetooth speaker? This one has a flexible arm that lets you hang or clip it practically anywhere, which is oh-so-convenient if you're always on the…
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  • Tangram 3D
    July 21st, 2016
    Okay, do you like tangrams? You know, the traditional puzzle of seven geometric 2D pieces that you rearrange to make bigger shapes? If so, you'll be happy to see that…
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  • Phosphor Bronze Circle Keychain Bottle Opener
    July 19th, 2016
    Another keychain bottle opener... no big deal except for this one is elegant. Surprised? Yeah, me too. The circular design incorporates a bottle opener without visually screaming 'I LOVE TO…
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  • Blanc 44110 Notebook by Metaphys
    June 21st, 2016
    Running low on notebooks? Don't let those ideas float away- jot them down in one of these notebooks by Metaphys. The Blanc Notebook's pages are rounded to avoid snagging and…
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  • To Go Cup
    June 17th, 2016
    How many times have you fumbled around with your travel mug? And has it ever spilled? Or has its lid had a weird smell/taste/defect that made you dislike it immensely,…
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  • EDC Minitool Kit No. 2
    June 15th, 2016
    Another EDC kit on a keychain? Yep, and before you pretend to yawn from seeing so many, have you seen a minitool kit, all in black? No? Well, this one…
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  • Heller Rainbow Mugs
    June 14th, 2016
    A big dose of cheerful, rainbow color in the morning would do everyone some good, don't you think? The Heller Mugs are iconic tableware pieces, first winning the Compasso dโ€™Oro…
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  • Boyce Studio Succulent Planters
    June 13th, 2016
    You won't be able to fit any large plants into these wooden containers by Boyce Studio, so don't even try. However, do plan to place a few small succulents into…
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  • LED Smart Jump Rope
    June 13th, 2016
    Who wants a smart jump rope? I do, I do! And you do too, because it shows your jump count midair with LED lights, which means you'll be more motivated…
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  • Timeless Travel Planner
    June 9th, 2016
    Do your travel plans need a little more organization? That's just what this planner aims to provide, with pages to specifically map out where you're going, track expenses, and plan…
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  • Ora French Press
    June 3rd, 2016
    Another French Press coffee maker? Yawn. But, wait! This one has a double walled glass body to help keep your coffee hot, plus a cork stopper and a pour spout…
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  • Wood Salt & Pepper Shakers by Tomnuk Designs
    June 1st, 2016
    If your current salt & pepper situation is not appropriate for the dinner table, then maybe you need to grow up a teensy bit and buy some nice shakers. These…
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