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House Beautiful The Home Book

House Beautiful The Home Book

I usually tend to get a bit nauseous whenever I see copious amounts of floral fabric in a room (I call it the ‘cabbage rose’ syndrome), especially if there are table skirts involved. If any of you seem to share these symptoms, don’t worry, you won’t run into that stuff in this book. Sure, there are some interior shots that tend towards the more traditional style, and yes, there are some floral fabrics, but this book is more of an invaluable guide and resource than picture book.

What got me was how the book is so thorough; it walks you through thinking about your space in practical terms for both big renovations and small changes. There are thoughtful questions to ask yourself about your home, helpful tips, rules of clearance (kitchen & bath, which is quite helpful to have it all boiled down into the necessities), insider’s advice, inspiration pages, product selections (though I wish they referenced those items), color selections, design element discussion and so much more. Trust me, it will most likely save you money by providing you the tools to plan your project well so there’s less room for error. It’s an excellent, excellent resource.

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photo credits:
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Pieter Estersohn: Neutrals are Serene – Hallway: altar table w/Buddha head, large vase umbrella holder, Page 209


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