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The Library, Koh Samui, Thailand

Lazing around here with nothing but books to read on the beach looks like it would be the perfect vacation.

“Divided into 26 suite/studio cabins, the complex avoids the monolithic hotel-complex look, scattering discreet buildings in lush vegetation. Each cabin consists of a suite space on the ground floor and a studio upstairs, complete with ocean view…”


Rooms starting at 10,800.00 THB (= $342.019)

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Verana Hotel- Yelapa, Mexico

Our travel section was mainly created as a place to put travel gear, yet we also thought that maybe it could be a good space to feature certain places we’ve been to. Now I haven’t been to this place (yet), but
I’m completely smitten with the images of this hotel located in Yelapa, Mexico. While perusing many travel sites* in order to find a vacation spot later on this year, I happened upon this one and found quite a bit of photographs that seem to categorize this one as a viable candidate. If anyone’s been here, please pass on your thoughts- I’d like to know what you thought of it.

* has a rather thorough review on the hotel- take a look.

There’s also an interesting travel site that was born from the Verana experience:
Been/Seen “approaches travel from a creative and visually artistic point of view. We roam the world in search of places remote and beautiful, created with imagination and vision, and that reflect simple luxury.”

8 Rooms & Suites, prices range from $380 – $610 USD

Activities available: Jungle Treks, Bird Walks, Mule Back Riding, Day Trips & Whales, Kayaking & Fishing, Beaches, Spa Treatments, Cooking Classes, etc.

Hotel Rival- Stockholm, Sweden

We recently went to Stockholm for a friend’s wedding and I do have to say everything was absolutely lovely. We stayed at Hotel Rival, which is known not only for being Stockholm’s first boutique hotel, but also for one of its owners: Benny Andersson of Abba.

The rooms were excellent- the beds were superb, flat screen TVs (you can check out movies from the front desk) in each room, minimalist bathrooms… it just felt like a luxury hotel. There are tons of shops and sightseeing to be had within walking distance around the Sรถdermalm district (Stockholm’s got good design coming out of its ears) and you can’t miss the sense of history with all the cobblestone streets and buildings that have survived hundreds of years. I recommend a visit if you ever get a chance.

Purchase Information:

Price: $200
Availability: Buy Hotel Rival- Stockholm, Sweden here