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Inglas Deko Wilder Wein

Looking through architonic, I happened across this glass. It looks amazing- wish there was an up close picture to show the 3d effect…

“An award was made to Inglas Deko Wilder Wein for its special decorative properties. This , laminated safety glass with integrated decorative material consists of two thermally pre-stressed sheets of glass, with processed tendrils of Virginia creeper in the bonding area. In order to create the effect of space (3D effect) the tendrils of creeper are positioned at different levels of the bonding area. Typical applications for Inglas Deko Wilder Wein are shower partitions, partition walls, table tops and furniture sections.”

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Holy. This is supposed to be available from DWR sometime this spring, which for some reason surprises me. I guess I’m impressed that something so seemingly useful will be available so soon (usually when I find stuff like this it’s not available until the next year, if ever). The waterHOG Water Storage tank can be easily installed pretty much anywhere, not to mention un-installed, which means you can take it with you if you move. The Groundhog Thermal Mass (shown on right) is intended for in-wall or in-floor thermal mass.

“The rainwater from your roof represents a valuable commodity: with the waterHOG rainwater tank you can catch and store your rainwater for reuse in your garden and even in your house. Rainwater can be used for drinking, toilet flushing, laundry water and of course for irrigating your garden. Donโ€™t let your rainwater go to waste – the waterHOG is functional, efficient and visually discreet rainwater storage!”

1800mm x 500mm x 220mm for a capacity of 183L


Modern Shed

Modern shed out of Seattle sells these great modern one room studios that can be built in a weekend.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7,800
Availability: Buy Modern Shed here

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Sycamore House by Kovac Architects

Here’s a rather well done site showcasing a home that “will serve as a laboratory for the…ongoing research into sustainable design.” It’s worth a look to see some ideas on integrating sustainable design into a home- there’s an excellent section showing various building materials that are environmentally friendly as well as a plan of how air will circulate, cutting down on air conditioning costs, etc. You can also see a live web-cam chronicling the construction.

“The home’s seamless integration of environmental systems and green materials is expected to make it one of the first in California to garner Platiunum Certification from the USGBC LEED for Homes Program. With construction beginning this summer, Sycamore House is scheduled for completion in 2008.”

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Neoshed- Type 02

I think we’ve all seen the random ‘shed’ offering us extra space without the lengthy time or hefty price that a room addition to the home has, yet this one has some extra styling which does make it seem less like a shed and more like a guest house. Extra points for that.
“Inspired by the mid century moderns by Joseph Eichler. Measuring 14′ x 12′ overall, it’s ideally suited as a home ofice or studio. Price includes delivery and setup. Standard features: SIP’s panel construction, Cementitious board cladding, Flat membrane roof, Interior walls white painted OSB, Cork flooring. Options: Timber deck, 16’x14′ overall size, custom cladding paint color. Notes: Deck shown not included, Electrical and site work not included. *You should check with your local permits office before ordering.”

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Purchase Information:

Price: $12,500
Availability: Buy Neoshed- Type 02 here


“What could a temporary, minimalistic domicile look like, to suit people of a nomadic lifestyle, living for short periods of time in large cities and dense urban areas, offering both sanctuary and social structure, to structure a city to city network for transient living…”

Prefab is not a new word, but these Loftcubes take it to a different level. For urban areas with no blank real estate, these can drop in on the roofs of buildings. Anything that expands choices in the housing market is good news to me; Loftcubes are gearing up to go, and if you’d like to learn more or just sign up for them to send you more info, you can visit

More information:

View Loftcube here