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Studio 1 Oak

These wooden studios by Ferm Living are perfect for a bedside reading rest. I’ve meant to post them before now (see Vertigo Bedding pic), but as usual, it was buried under other bookmarks that I just sorted through last week. They are available in a few different colors, as you can see above, but keep in mind that it’d be easy to change the color to anything you’d want by
covering a cardboard template in fabric or paint.


Purchase Information:

Price: $146.00
Available from: 2modern

Tactile Cabinet

Every time I go into The Conran Shop, I admire this cabinet. With such clean lines and simple white (or black) doors, it’s pretty much the perfect sideboard. It also has a subtle push-click closing that’s a nice touch. We originally posted this back in 2008, but I think it looks just as good as when it first hit the scene.

W81 x D20 x H29 in.
Also available in oak with glossy black doors.
10-12 week lead time.

$3,495.00, Buy it here.

Originally posted Oct 3, 2008.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,495.00
Available from: Conran Shop

Lap Shelving System

I do believe I’m enamored with Marina Bautier’s Lap shelving. One of your fellow readers commented on the Muir Coat Rack the other day (thank you fourthandnorth) stating preference for Bautier’s Portemanteau Coat Rack, which is incredibly similar to the Muir, yet hides the mail slot and features off center pegs.

So, naturally after checking out the Portemanteau, I saw the Lap shelving and fell in love a little bit. The solid oak frame provides support for a variety of sheet metal components, including a regular bookshelf, a tray shelf, and a deep and shallow box. Now, it’s really the tray and boxes that catch the eye as they offer a distinct advantage to corral various items, giving organization options without the need for additional storage pieces.


Purchase Information:

Price: ยฃ356.00 and up
Available from: Case Furniture

Railcar Bookcase

Reclaimed pine and steel give this bookcase its industrial charm. At 84″ wide (7 feet!), you’ll be sure to have plenty of space for stacks of books and miscellany… lots of room for those of you with big collections.

Shipping is about $185 give or take, fyi.

Purchase Information:

Price: $875.00
Available from: Croft House

Honeycomb Flexible Shelves

How’s a bit of bright yellow to cheer up your January blues? These Honeycomb units are by Quinze and Milan, who you might know for their Primary Poufs. Honeycomb geometry aside, they look to be quite the versatile shelving option. Made from thin walled polyethylene, the units are held together with a riveting system which allows for stacking up to 7 meters in two directions. You also have the option to remove a few units within the wall if you should so wish.

Keep in mind the $297 price is for one unit only, so it could get expensive if you went bonkers with them… maybe start with just a few and see if you need more?

Available in Honey, Black, White, Mint, Cherry, or Light Grey.
(Cherry, Mint, and Light Grey are a bit higher in price at $318.00)

Also, these are available from My Urban Child, whose website is the spitting image of home furniture + patio, so I’m guessing they are two heads on the same body of business.

Purchase Information:

Price: $297.00
Available from: home furniture + patio

Bookshelf & Bookmark

If you’re a book lover, you might appreciate this simple bookshelf. A slight lean provides a sturdy surface to stack your current favorites, while an angled top gives you a perfect bookmark.

Purchase Information:

Price: โ‚ฌ39.90
Available from: PureNature

Source: Svpply

Oblique and Check Shelf

Whoa, this Oblique Shelf by BuiltIN studio qualifies as a top notch eye catcher for any room. The angles are impressive to be sure (see the side view) and it’ll hold your various possessions with some serious style. Each shelf is hand-made of solid American hardwoods and are finished with a low VOC polyurethane.

BuiltIN studio is a design studio based in Brooklyn, New York.


Purchase Information:

Price: $630.00
Available from: BuiltIN studio

Delta Triple Bookcase

This tilted bookcase is just strange enough to be interesting, yet, thankfully, despite that allure its price tag remains well under the $1G mark. Whether you use it as a room divider or as a normal bookcase against a wall, it’ll display your treasures in a minimal (and interesting) way.

Other sizes available:
Double Delta Bookshelf (H76 x W38 x D12 in), $592.00
Delta Extended Bookshelf I (H76 x W75 x D12 in), $1,100.00

Also found the Delta Extended Bookshelf II (H76 x W103 x D12 in.) for $1265 at

Purchase Information:

Price: $852.00
Available from: Bobby Berk Home

Cherner Credenza

From the same company that produces the Cherner Chair comes this plywood construction credenza. Plywood construction doesn’t sound so fancy, but who needs fanciness when you get sturdy, good looking storage that’s built to last? It’s got mitered joinery and molded plywood pulls and legs that speak of quality with a nice midcentury vibe that we all (or most of us) know and love.


Purchase Information:

Price: $3799.00
Available from:

SR Bookcase

Do you remember Scout Regalia of garden box fame? Well, now they’ve introduced the first piece in their indoor furniture collection and it doesn’t disappoint. The SR Bookcase is available as a 1, 2, or 3 bay system, which means you can customize it to fit whatever space you need and there’s a whopping 210 paint colors and sealed wood options to choose from. Standing at 7′-8′ high with 5 shelves and 2 adjustable shelves within the base cabinets, I’d say it’s sure to fit a fair share of books and such.


Purchase Information:

Price: $2,300.00
Available from: Scout Regalia

Cubo by LOT61

Movable storage units are handy to have, especially if you get bored with the way your furniture is arranged or if you move around a lot. Just recently I ran across these Cubo storage units by LOT61, a small furniture workshop founded by Datumzero Design Office. Doesn’t mean much to you unless you’re in the biz, I guess, but they specialize in contemporary storage pieces, all of which are particularly nice and worth checking out if you’re in the market for consoles or credenzas. We’ll most likely do other posts on more of their collection soon.


Purchase Information:

Price: $255.00
Available from: Design Public

Holly Shelf Bracket

While $175 for two shelf brackets seems a little steep in terms of price, there is something to be said for brackets that also double as super thin bookends. Two functions in one slim package sounds pretty good, especially if you think of the occasional avalanche of books due to an inappropriately placed bookend and how nice it would be to not worry about that sort of thing (ever) again… the price seems a tad bit more reasonable.


Purchase Information:

Price: $175.00
Available from: PLASTICA

Oblique Shelving (Big & Small) by Marcel Wanders

Interesting display shelving by Marcel Wanders for Moooi would be perfect for displaying records, books, or photos.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2,120.00-$2,550.00
Available from: Matter

Scaffold Shelving

Jonah Takagi is a Japanese/American RISD graduate who I discovered through the Matter Made line sold at Matter. His work is simple and beautiful. This piece is made of birch and can be used as a storage system or room divider and it packs flat and uses no fasteners.


More information:

View Scaffold Shelving here

Hold on Tight bookshelf by Colleen and Eric

Great book end and bookshelf which comes in Beech, Walnut and Oak. The book end is a powdercoated aluminum cube. Sizes and colors can be customized.

Water based stain and all natural Shellac finish.


Purchase Information:

Price: $Available upon request
Availability: Buy Hold on Tight bookshelf by Colleen and Eric here

Source: Texturism's Tumblr