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Dining and Side Chairs

the “b” chair

This is a striking chair with a cantilevered seat. It’s a little pricy to buy more than one, (unless you have that kind of budget) but if you were looking for a signature piece for a study or main entry way, this might be your chair.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1800
Availability: Buy the “b” chair here

Chair One

The Chair One looks like something made in the 80’s intended to look like it was made in 2020. Whatever decade it was actually made in, I love this chair. It’s weather-proofed so it would look equally great indoors or outdoors.

an exceptionally versatile indoor/outdoor seating system, the chair is one of the most original and important seating designs to come along in years. chair legs are polished anodized aluminum and seats are die-cast aluminum, cataphoretically-treated and painted in red, white or anthracite polyester powder. a concrete base version is available as well as swivel and public seating variations. the concrete base is painted transparent clear.

Designer: Konstantin Grcic

Purchase Information:

Price: $886.00
Availability: Buy Chair One here

Bale Chair

This has been around the blogger’s block a few times, but I think it’s worth a little bit of talk here on our site. What to do with all those old newspapers? Or that huge stack of magazines? Well, make a chair out of it, of course! It’s not often that you’re involved in the design process of your furniture, so think about it. It’d be fun. And you could change it as often as you like.

“Each Bale Chair consists of a molded plywood seat shell and plywood base made from FSC certified wood veneers, nylon levelers and two recycled polyester webbing straps with steel buckles.”

White or Black straps
d:18″, w:17″, h:15″

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00
Availability: Buy Bale Chair here

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William & Mary Metro Cafe Chair

The past influences the present- as seen here in the William & Mary Metro Cafe Chair and End Table. I tend towards really appreciating products that meld old styles with new; somehow it gives a sense of history to homes without sacrificing a clean aesthetic.

Materials: Layered birch plywood, hardwood accents and veneer on outside profiles.
Available in Maple veneer on birch or walnut veneer on birch

Purchase Information:

Price: $498.00
Availability: Buy William & Mary Metro Cafe Chair here

Heller Selene Chair

I love these stackable functional indoor/outdoor injection molded nylon chairs that are appropriate for commercial, institutional, and residential use. I could try to plug in more adjectives/descriptive phrases in that sentence, but then it might get annoying.

“Heller reissues Vico Magistretti’s stackable classic. The Selene is Included in the MoMA permanent design collection, the Vitra Museum, and leading museums around the world.”

18.5″ w | 19.5″ d | 29.5 h | 18.5″ seat height
Available in White, Black, or Red.

Purchase Information:

Price: $175.00
Availability: Buy Heller Selene Chair here

Koi K3 Low Chair (and K2 Swivel)

This chair (and it’s brothers and sisters) are sure to become the collector’s new itch to scratch (mark my words). Sure, they’re pricy, but what do you expect?

“Each chair or stool is handmade, and the vegetable-dyed, environmentally-sensive, supple, hand-stitched leather will only improve with use and age.”

Stainless steel base.
Available in black or brown leather.
Swivel Chair rotates full 360 degrees.

Low chair: Seat H 7.8″ x W 20.7″
Swivel chair: Seat H 16.4″ x W 18.3″

Purchase Information:

Price: $1195.00
Availability: Buy Koi K3 Low Chair (and K2 Swivel) here

Knock-down/drag-out chair

This just might be the new answer to the folding chair dilemma. It assembles in about 15 seconds and really is such a smart design…take a look.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50
Availability: Buy Knock-down/drag-out chair here