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Waste Recycle

Recycling Frame from Materriashop

Don’t feel bad about forgetting your grocery tote at home, just remember to ask for paper bags. Materriashop’s Recycling Frame utilizes standard grocery bags to create an incredibly simple and environmentally friendly trash/recycling bin. The frame itself is made from 30% recycled steel and is of course recyclable itself.

Recycling made easy! Here’s an everyday product made functional and stylish. Recycle your paper, plastics and metals using these clever recycling frames. Style your own frame with your favorite bag. Great for the office and at home. Use 2 frames to create a recycling center for 3 collectables and use 3 frames for 5 collectables.

Material: Steel (30% recycled) and is 100% recyclable
Colors: white, red, black, steel gray.

[via Re-Nest]

Purchase Information:

Price: $52.00
Availability: Buy Recycling Frame from Materriashop here

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O’Snap Foldable Waste Basket

Ever expect a waste basket to be described as beautiful? This one certainly is, no doubt about it.

Designer Chris Collicott’s Geometric Waste Bin sets an architectural tone to any space. Ships flat. Folds into shape in minutes. No tools needed. Plastic snap rivets included.

Designer : Chris Collicott
Measurements : 14.15″ X W9.8″ X H 0.2″

$22.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $22.00
Availability: Buy O’Snap Foldable Waste Basket here

Eno Trash Basket, Magazine holder

Yes, this is a pricey, but may I direct your attention towards the handles, one of which is angled for ease of moving/emptying, the other at the bottom for lifting leverage? I might recommend this as a paper recycling basket/holder rather than a trash receptacle, but either way this is an improvement upon the regular (non-ergonomic) bin that you find at any household supply retailer. It’s such a shame it’s not more affordable.

Basket – Lacquered resin (stone powder and compressed wood)
27,3 cm x 27,3 cm x H 34,5 cm

£146.00 (vat inc.), Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: £146.00
Availability: Buy Eno Trash Basket, Magazine holder here

All-In-One Recycling Center

If you do a lot of recycling, at times it can take up quite a bit of space. Enter in the recycling center, with a few bells and whistles to organize your paper and plastic. If you don’t need fanciness and/or have a tight budget, I’d recommend these bags for sorting (I have them and they work out just fine).

Premium All-In-One Recycling Center (left), $229.00-$269.00,
Buy it here.

Deluxe All-In-One Recycling Center (shown middle), $179.00,
Buy it here.

Urbano Trash Can

No matter if you’ve made the switch to reusable totes or not, extraneous plastic bags crop up. The perfect way to handle that situation is with this smart trash can that stores the bags for use as a liner.

Winner of the Pratt Product Design Competition, this clever trash can allows you to store and reuse the plastic bags that you collect from shopping in a neat, organized way. Simply loop trash bags around the cut-out sides and push them all the way down, creating a visual of stacked handles all along the side. When you are ready to use one, just move it up to the handles and hook so that it won’t fall in on itself. Made in the USA.

recycled polypropylene
18″ H x 15″ W x 8″ D (green/pink listed as 18″ H x 16″ L x 6.5″ W)

black: $25.00, Buy it here.
green or pink: $20.00,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Availability: Buy Urbano Trash Can here

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Bag (Shopping Bag Waste Basket)

This is kind of funny. It’s a luxury shopping bag waste basket.

Paper bag.
Size : 31x38x15cm.
$8.40,Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.40
Availability: Buy Bag (Shopping Bag Waste Basket) here

Paper Wastebasket

Similar in theory to the Bin Bin wastebasket, except it actually is crumpled paper.

“Made of synthetic paper, this wastebasket is washable and tear-resistant. Comes crumpled in a spherical ball.”

28 x 45cm.
$45.00 CAD,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Availability: Buy Paper Wastebasket here

Clothespin Waste/Trash Can


“Here is a clever little waste catcher. It comes flat packed and you can even reuse the package it comes in as a garbage bag! Instead of throwing the bag away when full, just dump it in the recycle bin. If you have food waste you can use those plastic bags with handles. It’s a great can for the office or bedroom.”

measures 19″x14″

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.99
Availability: Buy Clothespin Waste/Trash Can here

Artala Wastebaskets by Umbra

Take a look at these fancy wastebaskets (‘fancy’ meaning ornamental). And, look, they’re affordable, unlike other designer items that jack up the price just because they can.

“simply shaped, affordable, and stylish waste baskets from umbra made out of degradable virgin polypropylene with a printed graphic exterior.”

Design: Joshua Davis/David Quan
shown left to right: red, ocean blue, kiwi

14″h x 10″dia. (3 gallon capacity)

Purchase Information:

Price: $18.00
Availability: Buy Artala Wastebaskets by Umbra here

Authentics – TOP waste bins

I think these would be perfect for the work environment or your own kitchen pantry (if you’ve got the room).

“TOP is extremely slender and sophisticated. any number of bins can be placed side-by-side and stabilized by connectors. whether standing on the floor or affixed to the wall – within little more than three feet of space, TOP separates over 100 liters of waste. the lids of the light gray plastic bins not only cover up and hold in place the bags, but also identify the contents with their respective color. also included are adhesive pictograms to further aid in waste separation. easily operated by one hand, the lid automatically opens with a slight lift.”

TOP is made of high quality abs and polypropylene and holds 25 liter trash bags.
measures 9.25″w x 23.8″h (31.3″h with open lid) x 11.2″d.

Purchase Information:

Price: $140.00
Availability: Buy Authentics – TOP waste bins here

Recycled Tire Wastebasket

A completely unoffensive wastebasket…the integrated handles are an excellent feature.

“Jump or stomp over this ThrashCan and watch it bounce back. This clever waste container is accommodates standard grocery bags or 8 gallon liners. Integral handle design makes for easy carrying. Made from reclaimed automobile tire rubber.”
Available in 2 trim options: recycled black plastic, or recycled brushed aluminum.

12″Diameter x 17″H.

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00
Availability: Buy Recycled Tire Wastebasket here

ecopod e1 Home Recycling Center

Remember when all of the “nicer” homes had garbage compactors? Maybe it’s time to use the old idea to reduce your trips to the curb or recycling center.

“Designed by BMW Designworks, the ecopod cleans up the way you recycle with its eco-chic design and functionality. Simply drop an aluminum can or plastic bottle in the top opening and press the ecostep to hear the sweet sound of compaction. As the ecostep releases, the redeemable container automatically falls into the enclosed collection bin. Open the door and remove the bin for collection or redemption. Glass bottles, paper, plastic bags and other recyclable items can be stored in the removeable bins inside the top lid.

* Dimensions: 21″ deep x 16″ wide x 31” tall
* Weight: Approx. 50 lbs.
* Available in: Black or White

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $328
Availability: Buy ecopod e1 Home Recycling Center here

In Atessa Wastebasket

This wastebasket was originally produced by Danese in the early 1970s and is available in white or black.

notes: measures 10.25″ diameter (at the top) x 16″ height (tallest point)

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Availability: Buy In Atessa Wastebasket here

Recycling Bags

This set of four sturdy bags can be used for recycling containers or for reusable shopping bags.

“The bags are made of industrial-strength tarpaulin-a heavy double-warp fabric that is plastic-coated- the bags are waterproof and can be quickly washed out in the sink or outside with a garden hose. Each bag is color coded to provide easy visual cues when separating cans from bottles from papers. A fourth bag can function as a compost holder. Velcro tabs enable the bags to be ganged together in a row; handles make for easy carrying. Four interchangeable printed labels are included for use in the plastic window on the front of each bag.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $22
Availability: Buy Recycling Bags here

Blow Up basket

Is it wrong to lust after a trash can?

materials: 18/10 stainless steel.
dimensions: 14″ wide 12.25″ high

Purchase Information:

Price: $142.00
Availability: Buy Blow Up basket here