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Room Dividers

Twig by the Bouroullec Brothers

It’s a little hard to tell what’s exactly happening in the picture so here’s a description from the website:

“In the case of Twig, the Bouroullec brothers have again emphasized user creativity and left much scope for personal configuration. The small component means room dividers or curtains can be created in different color compositions and patterns. To this end, the elements are lined up on wires and work like a double hook. 175 pieces create approximately one square yard. Each box contains 50 pieces.”

Twig is something that is well suited for larger budgets as it requires 3.5 boxes to get just one square yard.

Purchase Information:

Price: $200
Availability: Buy Twig by the Bouroullec Brothers here

Bouroullec Algue Plastic Elements

What you see here are these things called Algues. Each algue is a plastic “branch” that can easily clip on to other algues to form wall hangings, room dividers, sculptures, etc…They’re really pretty neat and would add a different sort of texture to an interior. So think about it. 50 elements make up an approximate 8′ x 11′ single screen.

(Each plastic algue’s dimensions are about 9″w · 1.5″d · 12″h)

available in white, black, green, or red

Purchase Information:

Price: $105.00
Availability: Buy Bouroullec Algue Plastic Elements here

Paper Softwall

This lightweight freestanding wall can be arranged any way you like it and can easily be compressed and stored. The felt ends also have velcro fasteners that allow you to link walls together.

Available in two heights, 78″ or 45″

Purchase Information:

Price: $890
Availability: Buy Paper Softwall here