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Off The Wall Mini Flowerpot

$22 isn’t too expensive for these weird yet cool wall hanging mini flowerpots, but you certainly just can’t have one when they come in various colors just begging to be grouped together.

Materials: Powder-coated steel

Size: 3.2″ t x 2.4″ d x 2.4″ w

Purchase Information:

Price: $22.00
Availability: Buy Off The Wall Mini Flowerpot here

Swan Watering Bucket

If this watering bucket makes you want to glide around like a ballet dancer while taking care of your plants, go for it. I’m not going to say anything.

Available in black and white.
Measures 13in x 9.5in and made of plastic.

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.00
Availability: Buy Swan Watering Bucket here

Plant Nanny Stakes

If you ever run into the who’s-going-to-water-my-plants-while-I’m-gone conundrum, check out these Plant Nanny Stakes. Most plastic bottles will fit (reusable points), ensuring that your plants get just the right amount of water while you’re away. There’s also stakes to fit wine bottles if you have more of those to use/reuse. Or, even better, take a look at the Self-Watering Probes (5 pack for $23.95), which sound strange but would work well for long term holidays since they work with a larger water reservoir.

Put those plastic bottles to use, they should do more than just come from an evil plastic factory, hold water, and get tossed into a landfill. Keep it around, and put it to work. Just connect the Plant Nanny Stake to the bottle, shove the stake deep into the soil of your ever thirsty plant, and watch the water level slowly lessen as the the plant takes only the water it needs to be happy.

$4.95 price quoted is for one stake.

Three 4 packs for $41.95 available through Amazon.

Purchase Information:

Price: $4.25
Availability: Buy Plant Nanny Stakes here

Kikku Planter

Incorporating plants into your home would be easy with this ladder planter, especially if you’re short on space. (I can see it working well for herbs maybe in the kitchen…)

A garden for your living room. The Kikku planter cradles four porcelain square pots that step up a walnut ladder. Architecturally elegant, it leans directly on the wall for support to create a vertical indoor greenhouse.

Made by Tonfisk Design, Finland.
Design by Susanna Hoikkala/Tanja Sipilä 2009

Purchase Information:

Price: $298.00
Availability: Buy Kikku Planter here

Delta 20 All-Inclusive Windowsill Planter by Lechuza

Here’s a cool planter that has plant substrate integrated into the plastic as well as an irrigation system so you can leave your plants unattended for weeks. The level indicator will tell you when it is time to refill the reservoir again.

Dimensions: 16″ x 6″ x 7″
Awards: Red Dot Design

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.95
Availability: Buy Delta 20 All-Inclusive Windowsill Planter by Lechuza here

Orb Terrarium and Supply Kit

Ever think about starting your own terrarium? Indoor greenery always adds life to a space, and a terrarium will provide smart housing for some special plants.

Orb Terrarium, $88.00: This unusual spherical terrarium is made from glass and contains two openings that provide you with easy access to your plants. Imported. 10″H, 12″ diameter

Terrarium Supply Kit, $32.00: Our handy kit includes flat moss in an onion bag, natural river stones, and a 24-ounce bag of Hoffman’s Charcoal Soil Conditioner-everything you need to maintain your own terrarium. The moss, stones and soil conditioner provide enough materials to outfit several small terrariums and one to two larger terrariums.

Purchase Information:

Price: $32.00- 88.00
Availability: Buy Orb Terrarium and Supply Kit here

Pascal Charmolu & Born In Sweden’s Watering Can

Hello, hello. Check out this snazzy watering can by Pascal Charmolu. A flexible hose ensures water goes where you want it while a magnet keeps the hose upright/attached when not in use. Clever.

The challenge with conventional watering cans? Ensuring water hits its target. They’re also generally utterly unsightly. French-born Pascal Charmolu came up with the antidote: This beautifully streamlined, practical design. Made of 18-0 stainless steel, this can features a flexible silicone hose with a built-in magnet that allows it to be attached to the can’s body when not in use… When watering your plants, simply hold the metal cylinder with one hand and the hose in the other. Move the metal cylinder up or down to cease water flow. Voila!

Size: 12.5″ t

Note: Available for Pre-order. Delivery expected mid to end November.

Purchase Information:

Price: $96.00
Availability: Buy Pascal Charmolu & Born In Sweden’s Watering Can here

The Pot For One Flower by Normann Copenhagen

Do my eyes deceive me or is this $6.25 price correct? Seems unlikely, but for anyone who wants one, I guess it’s well worth checking out .

Dimensions: dia 3.2″ h 3.2″

$6.25, Buy it here.
or $23.00,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $6.25
Availability: Buy The Pot For One Flower by Normann Copenhagen here

Recycled Glass Bubble Terrariums

These recycled terrariums are a great size and shape, giving you plenty of room to add your favorite greenery.
(And, hello, terrarium tools? As if I needed any more encouragement to buy indoor gardening supplies.)

Indoor gardening takes on a grand scale in these over-sized rustic glass terrariums. Each piece is free-blown without a mold, creating giant glass bubbles that are then flattened and curved into shape. The opening is then cut and its edges polished. Plants not included. Each vessel’s shape may vary from the image shown.

Small: 16” L x 9” W x 9” H, $99.00
Medium: 14” Dia x 11 1/2” H, $121.00
Large: 14 3/4” dia x 15 1/2” H, $143.00
Extra Large: 15 1/4” dia x 19 1/4” H, $165.00
Buy it here.

Also shown: Terraium Tools, Set includes a mini rake and two different shovels.
$32.00, Buy it here.

Woolly Pocket Garden Company

Goodness gracious, these pockets are just about the best idea in gardening indoors and out. The gigantic installations shown on larger walls (not shown) are pretty amazing, but I think I’d be happy with one of the smaller Woolly Wallies (lower left) just to get some greenery indoors in a novel (and leak-proof) way. All Woolly Pockets are modular, so get one and add to it as your garden grows.

Woolly Pockets are handmade in the U.S.A. from recycled plastic bottles.

prices range from $39.00-$247.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.00-$247.00
Availability: Buy Woolly Pocket Garden Company here

Danish Terrariums

The wood base and top add some warmth to this glass terrarium.

These Danish terrariums are crafted from mouth-blown glass, a solid paulowina wood base & spherical wooden top. A lovely modern shape.

Large Danish Terrarium, 10.25″ Dia x 20.5″ H, $169.00, Buy it here.
Small Danish Terrarium, 11″ Dia x 12.5″H, $129.00,
Buy it here.

More information:

View Danish Terrariums here

Boskke Sky Planter

If you’re short on space, this planter is the perfect solution to keeping your greenery happy. An internal reservoir system feeds water directly to the roots, meaning you’ll only have to water once a month. The soil is all locked in by the system too, so no mess. I like how it takes the hanging basket idea once step further to make a surprising alternative to showing and caring for plants.

The Sky Planter has received rave reviews and awards from the design world in London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt and at home in New Zealand. It’s renowned as both a gardening innovation and a stunning interior design feature.

$40.00-$130.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00-$130.00
Availability: Buy Boskke Sky Planter here

Folding Watering Can

After some sleuthing (and pdf downloading), I found out this foldable watering can is actually a topical re-design from the 1970s. Does that matter? Not really, but it’s floral and foldable, which makes it oddly intriguing. Go figure.

winner of the design plus award, this watering can is foldable for easy storage or colorful enough to hang on the wall when not in use.

measurements: 14″ 11 x 3 when open.

$18.50, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $18.50
Availability: Buy Folding Watering Can here

Self-Watering Flowerpot, Eva Solo

If you’ve ever forgotten to water a plant, and therefore joined the ranks of accidental-plant-killers, this pot is for you.

The Eva Solo Flowerpot has been made to extend and improve the life of your house plants and indoor herbs. Just glance at the water level in the vase, and you’ll know immediately if the plant is thirsty. The vase reservoir can hold enough water for the plant to only need watering once a week, and possibly less frequently.

Available in Gray or White.
approximately 5″ tall.

$56.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $56.00
Availability: Buy Self-Watering Flowerpot, Eva Solo here

Obleeek Concrete Planters

These concrete planters will add a sleek modern look to whatever plant you choose. I love the offset opening; funny how a rather simple design alteration can make all the difference.

Introducing the 2008 concrete planter collection. Designed by Leo Estevez and individually poured using our custom concrete blend which is 40% lighter than standard concrete. A smoother more polished finish is what sets our objects apart.

Planters are individually poured using a custom blend of volcanic ash and powder fine quality portland cement.

$45.00-$225.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00-$225.00
Availability: Buy Obleeek Concrete Planters here