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Elly Nelly Wall Graphics

Here are a couple of great wall graphics by Elly Nelly.

Walk This Way wall graphic, $26.00,
Buy it here.

Safari wall graphic, $33.00,
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $26.00-$33.00
Availability: Buy Elly Nelly Wall Graphics here

SLÄTTHULT wall stickers

The purveyor of meatballs just made the wall sticker trend a LOT cheaper.

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.99
Availability: Buy SLÄTTHULT wall stickers here

No Soliciting, Welcome

Depending upon which message you’d like to send, either of these can communicate your feelings efficiently to all that approach your front door.

‘No Soliciting’: Available colors (in matte vinyl): black, white, khaki and chocolate
Other colors available upon request.
Approx. size: 1″h x 6″w
$1.50, Buy it here.

‘Welcome’: Available colors (low gloss vinyl): white, black, brown, burgundy, red, green, or gold.
Measures 21″ x 4.5″.
$10.00, Buy it here.

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $1.50
Availability: Buy No Soliciting, Welcome here

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Blik Prose

Yesterday, several people at work were looking for some Blik wall decals for their offices, and I re-discovered these cool custom quotes or phrases available in a variety of fonts.

[posted by kris]

More information:

View Blik Prose here

touche du bois / cubes

Domestic, a French company is teaming up with a bunch of cool designers (Jeremy Scott, Marcel Wanders, Kaws, Ich&Kar, etc.) to make some really cool wall appliquès. I like these floating cubes a lot.

“Ich&Kar, a tandem of graphic designers who cast an outlandish but qualified gaze on a range of subjects as varied as fashion, gastronomy, music, design and arcchitecture from luxury to consumer goods. Creators of messages and imaginative images turned into visual identity, their aim is to inspire sense with lightness and humour.”

[posted by kris]

Dreamgate Headboard/Wall Art

This light, modernist wall application reinterprets the headboard, a traditionally heavy furniture piece. The surface of reinforced cork is screenprinted by hand, graphically inspired by star formations and vintage tufted leather furniture. As a headboard or art object, the long proportion encourages creative placement in any environment. Dreamgate is reusable and can be trimmed easily to fit beds ranging from children’s to king size. Self-adhesive, non-marring backing makes installation simple.

Materials: Reclaimed cork from the bottle-stopper industry and water based ink

Dimensions: 2’h x 10’w x 1/8″d, Weight: 4lbs

Purchase Information:

Price: $160.00
Availability: Buy Dreamgate Headboard/Wall Art here

Tord Boontje Wall Graphic

If you like Boontje, you might love covering your walls in his well-known pattern. It’s up to you to decide if you love it enough to pay $7000 though…

‘The Wall Graphic is composed of 7 individual panels of vinyl “stickers”.
Graphic vinyl panels are sold individually.
Available in White.’

Dimensions for each panel: 118″ H x 47 1/4″ W

Purchase Information:

Price: $1080
Availability: Buy Tord Boontje Wall Graphic here

Blik Wall Graphics (and Threadless)

I’m a big fan of, so it’s no surprise that I’d like the designs translated into wall art. I also really like the idea of taking a favorite excerpt from a book and putting it on the wall, which is completely possible…take a look- you might find something delightful.

26 decals/pkg: 26, 4″-11″ animals
Alphabet Zoo (right), $45.00

Custom Prose, price available upon request

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Availability: Buy Blik Wall Graphics (and Threadless) here

Wall Stickers by Tonky

Here’s a few more wall stickers for your abode…They also offer custom decals if you’ve got some creative ideas brewing…

$25-$125 (depending on size of each design shown)

Purchase Information:

Price: $25-$125
Availability: Buy Wall Stickers by Tonky here

Home Sweet Home

Like Katie, I’m surprised I haven’t reached total annoyance level with vinyl wall decor. (What’s wrong with us???)

Anyway, this “Home Sweet Home” vinyl decor is something I’d actually put on my walls. It’s nice and large in scale (34″ x 4″) and would look quite nice on a sparse wall.

“Decorate any wall you wish with pressure sensitive application. Wall Words are not reusable. Made in the USA.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.00
Availability: Buy Home Sweet Home here

Pantheon Vinyl Wall Art

Sure, we’ve posted wall graphics aplenty. But, when have we posted wall graphics that lend themselves quite nicely to marching around a ceiling light fixture? If you’re not that fond of your ceiling, you can certainly use your wall just as well.

Available in black or pale grey.
Designer: Studio Job, France

20 x 20″

Purchase Information:

Price: $58.00
Availability: Buy Pantheon Vinyl Wall Art here

Domestic Wall Vinyls- Horse & Cat

Just when you thought the wall vinyl category couldn’t get any fatter, here comes along a couple of playful characters…(I think you could get away with tucking the cat into a corner somewhere, but you’d sure have to be committed to buy the whole horse).

“The objective of Domestic is to create collections of articles devised by designers, graphic artists or artists whose common denominator is to offer a means for the end user to freely participate. With Vynil, an alternative to wallpaper, the principle of the collection is simple: literally hand over to users who are invited to transform their interior into an area for expression and design their own decor. Thanks to Vynil, the wall space becomes the playing field for composition and into which one can put a lot of effort and invention. Beyond the practical interest it represents (no longer any need for glue or a pasting table); the Vynil collection enables new thought to be given to the place and role of the ornamental pattern in our interiors.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $220.00
Availability: Buy Domestic Wall Vinyls- Horse & Cat here

Source: Via

Potato Queen II Wall Art

In light of things funny/fantastical…(and, think outside the box, why not add some whimsy to areas other than those delegated to kids?)

“These colorful wall graphics are part of the Vynil line by a French publishing house called Domestic. Domestic works with well-known designers to produce products that allow the consumer to contribute to the design. In this case, giant fantastical figures cut out of removable adhesive vinyl can be grouped or scattered around a room, based on your whim. The stickers come on 20 x 20″ sheets.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $88.00
Availability: Buy Potato Queen II Wall Art here


The new trend of vinyl wall adhesives may be a testament to the fickle nature of design or possibly just the desire to see an immediate change in your surroundings. The Flora and Fauna wall graphic uses the saccharine-sweet designs of Tado.

3 sheets 20” x 20”

Purchase Information:

Price: $90
Availability: Buy FLORA AND FAUNA wall graphic by DOMESTIC here

rococo wall decals

“Classic rococo-inspired designs become modern art with our glossy black decals. Dramatic scrolls and plumes adhere (and remove) easily for instant, custom elegance. A fabulous way to add interest and flair to any room in the house. Each set includes four of two styles. We show one set here. Self-adhesive vinyl. When adhering to your wall, use a squeegie or flat edge to flatten.”

Update: This item is no longer available through original retailer. (08/4/09)

Purchase Information:

Price: $58.00
Availability: Buy rococo wall decals here