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Welter Wall

This wall/door solution is perfect for large, open living spaces where you may need to periodically add some soundproofing or privacy.

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Doorbell ‘Bottoms Up’ by Peter van der Jagt

This might be my favorite thing ever in the entire world, or at least close to it.

“What we know as a doorbell is a square box that strangely enough says nothing about what a doorbell really is: an appliance consisting of an electromagnet, a hammer and two sound sources. In this design by Peter van der Jagt, crystal glasses make a crystal clear sound, announcing guests with a musical toast.”

9.8″ x 3.5″ x 9.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $235.00
Availability: Buy Doorbell ‘Bottoms Up’ by Peter van der Jagt here

Cordless Doorbell Jacob Jensen

Danish designer Jacob Jensenโ€™s cordless doorbell features five different polyphonic tunes. It features a LED that indicates both ring and low battery level. Protected from the interference of other cordless products.

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00
Availability: Buy Cordless Doorbell Jacob Jensen here

Glass Garage Doors

It sounds weird to say that glass garage doors are one of my favorite things, but they are. I especially like the idea of a garage door in the place of a large window, allowing for opening/closing at the push of a button, old-school style.

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More information:

View Glass Garage Doors here

Hide-away Door

Have you ever wanted a secret hiding place in your home? Now’s your chance. This door poses as a book-shelf, making it possible to conceal an entire section of your home. If your house is small, maybe you could make your closet into a meth-lab. just kidding.

Available in several different sizes, styles and shelf widths.

Purchase Information:

Price: $700.00
Availability: Buy Hide-away Door here

Fingerprint Door Lock

Remember that one time when you were a kid and you wanted to be a spy? Decoder rings and the like? Step it up a notch with your own Fingerprint Door Lock.

Stores up to 10 fingerprints.

Purchase Information:

Price: $395
Availability: Buy Fingerprint Door Lock here