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Lunch Carriers

Box Appetit

Still searching for an appropriate lunch container? This box/bowl seems to have everything you’d need, a ‘glass like’ lid, sauce pot and dipping area, and inner dish for splitting food. Maybe perfect for salad and/or heating up food, perhaps. A fork/knife completes the package.

Made from polypropylene and copolyester (BPA free).
Dishwasher safe.

Purchase Information:

Price: $21.99
Available from: Pop Deluxe

Puma Bento Box

I saw this in a store recently, and after a few moments of wondering what it was, I finally picked it up and opened it- much to my surprise, it’s actually a cute little container to hold lunches or snacks. Now, I’m not sure if ‘cute’ is a qualifier for your food containers, but it looks to be well designed and compact enough to fit comfortably within any bag. If anyone knows differently, please let us know.

“Designed to accomodate the working lifestyle, the collection re-addresses and re-organizes the needs and priorities of the working urbanite to provide greater relevance to their lifestyles.”

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

BYO Lunch Bag

This is a handy little “Bring Your Own” Lunch bag which is just large enough to fit a water bottle and little tupperware container. Unzipped, it folds out to make a placemat.

High-density neoprene.
Machine washable and stain resistant.

Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00
Availability: Buy BYO Lunch Bag here

Modern Lunchbox

An all in one: Plate, Bowl, Cup, Utensil set and placemat for the workplace.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.