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Garcon Trolley

Whether you might make use of one for groceries or miscellany, goodness knows a trolley is more efficient than making multiple trips back and forth, or up and down, if stairs are involved…this one is not only foldable (as all trolleys should be) but also exceedingly presentable (which should not be surprising, considering the price).

“The Garรงon is a stylish and modern folding shopping trolley constructed of sturdy anodized aluminum with a waterproof nylon bag to store your goods. Rain or shine, shop or launder your clothes in style with your Garรงon!”

Material: Frame is made of anodized aluminum, Bag is made of black waterproof nylon fabric

Dimensions unfolded: 38.6″ H x 15.4″ W x 14.6″ L
Dimensions folded: 22.8″ H x 15.4″ W x 9.1″ L

Purchase Information:

Price: $400.00
Availability: Buy Garcon Trolley here

Ply Design Wristlet

I have the wallet version of this little zippered bag and it’s quite handy. I’ve had it for a few years and get quite a few compliments on it, but it’s been sold out for a long time and it’s nice to see it’s back.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $75.00
Availability: Buy Ply Design Wristlet here

“Stop Staring At My Tote” Canvas Tote

Man, this is my favorite tote yet.

totes are made from 10oz, 100% cotton canvas.
10.5″x14″x5″ with 24″ handles


Purchase Information:

Price: $7.50
Availability: Buy “Stop Staring At My Tote” Canvas Tote here

Furoshiki Bag

This would be quite a handy bag to have around; three different shapes are possible for all sorts of things…

“The simplicity of the Furoshiki Bag is pure genius. Thanks to its origami-like folds, three different-shaped bags can be arranged, each one held securely together by magnetic handles. Incredible versatile, it is fully reversable so that you can even adapt the color to your mood!”

28.25″W x 28.25″L x 0.25″H

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Availability: Buy Furoshiki Bag here

Onme Belt

For those days when you need your cell phone, keys and wallet but don’t feel like carrying a purse, the onme bag is a perfect companion. I have one of these and I can’t tell you how many people stop me to ask where I got it or just to say “cool belt”.

These were being carried in Fred Segal for a while but the designer has them made by hand and couldn’t keep up with orders, so I’m thrilled to see them available again.

It’s made in downtown LA of sweatshop free labor from a super soft leather.

Purchase Information:

Price: $220
Availability: Buy Onme Belt here

Nord Bag by Ecsotype

Ecsotype has a new satchel out that fits laptops, and best of all, it can be ordered in a variety of color combinations just like the rest of their collection.

“Our most versatile and multi-function bag to date, ‘Nord’ is a mixed material satchel offered in two generous sizes with accessories to fit. Constructed from two joined panels and fitted with a woven webbing strap, ‘Nord’ combines Nappa leather with sturdy 1000-Denier coated nylon. Currently available in Medium and Large sizes, it will transport laptops, A4 documents and folios, even 12″ vinyls effortlessly thanks to its square proportions.”

Available in Medium (approximately 35 cm x 35 cm / 14″ x 14″) and Large (approximately 40 cm x 40 cm / 16″ x 16″).

Purchase Information:

Price: $310.00
Availability: Buy Nord Bag by Ecsotype here

Exposed Bag

Cheeky shopping bag.
“Reveal your inner deviance with an X-ray look into your bag – featuring your usual cellphone, ipod and keys, alongside your not-so-usual Jack Daniels, brass knuckles and snub-nose revolver. Made of durable non-woven plastic fiber and available in a shoulder bag or grocery tote, it makes for an intriguing accessory for everyday use… unless, of course, you’re planning on any airline travel!”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00
Availability: Buy Exposed Bag here

Bull Denim Woven Cotton Cities Bag

I’m sort of addicted to cotton totes. I like the Helvetica city list, and more importantly, you can be one less person contributing to the large number of bags (somewhere between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide each year according to National Geographic) going into landfills.

100% Cotton Canvas construction
Reinforced tacks at double handle
Print of major cities on both sides
Approximately 16-1/2โ€ย x 15-1/2โ€ย (41.9cm x 39.37cm)

By the way, today is the first of a series devoted to green topics, thanks to Blog Action Day.

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.00
Availability: Buy Bull Denim Woven Cotton Cities Bag here

Source: Via

Bilbao Striped Bag

Issey Miyake can always be counted on for something interesting. This time he has created a bag with panels attached to a mesh background. Has an interior pocket and leather straps.

Purchase Information:

Price: $345
Availability: Buy Bilbao Striped Bag here

Leather Shopping Bag

For those of you that would appreciate a finer material than plastic to carry your purchases, this leather shopping bag would do so with ease. Plus, you’d cut down on all those plastic bags, so you’d be making a tiny difference in environmental impact (right?).

“Fluo’s elegantly simple leather bag is based on the shape of a classic plastic shopping bag. Fluo appropriates this very utilitarian design, allowing one to hold much with great ease, and unexpectedly renders it in supple, luxurious leather.”

14w x 16.75″l

Purchase Information:

Price: $395.00
Availability: Buy Leather Shopping Bag here

Josh Jakus Um Hold

I liked the concept in the larger bags, and I like it in the coin purse too.

“Josh Jakus Um Hold is about the size of a softball, but much more useful. Made from gray pressed felt (approx. 85% wool and 15% mixed fibers). And available in blue, gray, green, or orange self-locking zipper. 5.5โ€ยx4.5โ€ยx2.25โ€ย”

Purchase Information:

Price: $38.00
Availability: Buy Josh Jakus Um Hold here

Nava Soft Long Leather Messenger Bag

This messenger bag features a turning latch, a secret inside pocket with zipper and an adjustable shoulder.

Purchase Information:

Price: $294
Availability: Buy Nava Soft Long Leather Messenger Bag here

Logstoff Bags

Now that there is a bigger effort to create and market bags and totes without all the unnecessary accoutremont it’s fairly easy to find something unoffending, but rarely do I find something that I think is actually designed. I mean that in the sense that the designer is redesigning from square one, reconsidering all the standards of the past in favor of ergonomics, proportions and new materials. I think this is a fine specimin. A bonus (?) is that I don’t think there are any retailers in the states so if you decide to order one it will be the only one on your block.

More information:

View Logstoff Bags here


This is a great little bag for carrying documents or possibly even a small laptop.

Available in red or charcoal felt.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Handbag-Hook Keychain

We featured another one of these about a year ago, but the key-chain part will guarantee you won’t forget to bring it with you when you leave the house. It’s purpose is to hold your handbag when you go to a restaurant to prevent you from having to put it on the floor or in the chair next to you.

Purchase Information:

Price: $20
Availability: Buy Handbag-Hook Keychain here