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Chaises Daybeds

Hammock Chaise

This replica of Poul Kjaerholm’s 1965 design features a stainless steel frame, woven natural cane upholstery and a full grain black leather headrest.

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Purchase Information:

Price: $999
Availability: Buy Hammock Chaise here


The day bed folds out into a generously sized bed (66″w by 80″l), essentially increasing sleeping surface area by 100%. Multi-function greatness, brought to you by Denmark. Thanks, Denmark.

“LUBI is in a decorative, timeless design. Simple, elegant design, which can fit in anywhere, from the teenagerโ€™s room to the summer house. A practical day bed, which can be used for
many purposes, as an ordinary sofa, a day bed or as a bed for 1 or 2 people. The head rest can be placed anywhere you like, to give the best comfort.”

Made in Denmark

More information:

View Lubi here

BDB604 Chaise

Maybe it’s not the most imaginative name for a chaise, but I think it’s a steal for the price.

Purchase Information:

Price: $599.00
Availability: Buy BDB604 Chaise here

Sumo Bean Bags

It’s pretty amazing that bean-bag chairs have been elevated to this level of chic since they were first introduced in the 70’s. Unlike their predecessor, these futuristic bean-bags are made of stain-resistant, rip-proof nylon and filled with foam beads which result in a furniture piece that can be shaped and configured in multiple ways to meet your comfort needs. I like how it’s a simple, minimal looking piece of furniture that has versatile capabilities: the large size (5.5 x 4.5 feet) allows it to be laid flat for lounging or folded to make a chair.

Purchase Information:

Price: $149.00
Availability: Buy Sumo Bean Bags here

Mebel Furniture : Lublin Day Bed

This is a really nice design that looks timeless and will surely last long enough to pass on to your children’s children.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,775.00
Availability: Buy Mebel Furniture : Lublin Day Bed here

Panton Living Tower

Verner Panton created many innovative furniture pieces in the sixties and seventies, and the Living Tower is the most innovative of them all. A forerunner of the “micro-environments” trend which encouraged social interraction, the Living Tower was constructed of a wood frame upholstered with wool over foam padding.

Purchase Information:

Price: $13,920.00
Availability: Buy Panton Living Tower here

Linea Chaise

This chaise can be adjusted to four different positions and comes with a fully removable cover.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2800
Availability: Buy Linea Chaise here