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Buddy Throw

I want to snuggle up with one of my own this coming winter!!! It’s starting to get colder here in the midwest, and I particularly love this color combination, very modern and sophisticated.

“Designed by La Tete Au Cube and the guys surrounding Jérome Fischbach, this is the ultimate solitude counter measure. It’s so charming and so French, yet it doesn’t take itself too seriously. With 85% wool, it’s nice and cuddly. Polyamide (15%) ensures incredible softness.”

53″ (135 cm) x 73” (185 cm)

Purchase Information:

Price: $119.00
Availability: Buy Buddy Throw here

Fold Throw

This throw blanket would add that certain something to your bedroom. If you need that kind of thing. Also, it’s available in tons of different colors and stitchings and custom made to your specifications.

“Do you want a different blanket? Something unlike anything you’ve seen before?

We have a suggestion: FOLD blankets. They’re different. Bold. Colorful. Rare — you won’t find these at Target and never at Pottery Barn.

FOLD’s fluid geometric designs could only be produced by carefully hand-piecing the fabrics. Linda uses 100% wool flannel, and the blankets are great for year-round use.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $250
Availability: Buy Fold Throw here

Missoni Evita Throw

Classic Missoni striped knit throw made of 100% wool. I’ve often found that it’s difficult to not match Missoni. It’s almost chameleonic.

100% wool
Size: 56″ x 69″
Color: red/fuschia/blue/yellow/brown/orange
Dry clean only

Purchase Information:

Price: $598.00
Availability: Buy Missoni Evita Throw here