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Table Linens

Modern-Twist Placemats

Modern-Twist has a great collection of modern placemats which you should definitely take a gander at if you haven’t already. My favorite, oddly enough, is the kid’s versions which are able to be drawn upon with washable markers. Brilliant idea.

Stream Placemat, $17.00, Buy it here.
Doileez, pack of 2: $25.00, Buy it here.
Hide and Seek: $17.00, Buy it here.
Day At The Pond Placemat: $17.00, Buy it here.

Graph Paper Napkins

Now you can be super precise when you jot down your ideas over dinner.

12 in a pack.

$7.00 CAD for 12, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7.00
Availability: Buy Graph Paper Napkins here

Selina Rose Textiles

The wool felt cut-out patterns of Selina Rose are simply lovely.

Selina [Rose] uses innovative cutting-edge technology with 100% wool felt to create unique interior products. The product range includes rugs, window panels, room dividers, screens, table runners, cushions, lighting, and wallcoverings. Her innovative felt surfaces are suitable for a broad range of applications and are available to commission for private, residential and commercial interiors.

Bloom table runner, 40 x 145 cm, £99.00
Bloom rug, 120cm x 120cm, £450.00

Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: £99.00
Availability: Buy Selina Rose Textiles here

Plastic Lace Placemats

I recently purchased some of these and I have to say I’m quite pleased; it’s an old fashioned look modernized into a super flat thin design (it almost looks like a tattoo on the table)…plus, cleanup is super easy- a damp sponge or a quick rinse beats the heck out of laundering/ironing.

Available in black or white.

set of six: $12.99, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.99
Availability: Buy Plastic Lace Placemats here

Die Cut Placemats

The perforations of this felt placemat add the tiniest bit of decoration, allowing for you to set off your place setting without any major clashes of pattern.

Beautiful and useful, These colorful placemats are the perfect accessory for your dinner table, whether you are dining “in” or entertaining guests. Designed by DHS Studio, they are made of perforated polyester felt, making them perfect for repeated washings. Machine wash warm. Line dry.

Black, Graphite, Red, Olive Green
13.8″ x 19.7″

Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7.00
Availability: Buy Die Cut Placemats here

Dress For Dinner Napkins


20 paper napkins to a package. Cello wrapped.
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.95
Availability: Buy Dress For Dinner Napkins here

Pressed Vinyl Dots Placemat & Runner

These table linens by Chilewich have such a nice pattern; they almost have the look of a modernized lace (maybe).

“They look delicate, but have the strength and durability of all Chilewich’s products. Beautiful, durable and washable.”

Available in Black, White, Citron, Grass, Smoke.

Pressed Vinyl Dots Placemat, $15.00,
Dimensions: Rectangle: W 14″ x L 19″
Sold in packs of 2

Pressed Vinyl Dots Table Runner, $24.00,
Dimensions: W 14″ x L 72″

Purchase Information:

Price: $17.00
Available from: Chilewich

Red Chalk Placemat

Not a bad way to fill those minutes waiting for food, but if you’re over the age of 12 I’d suggest you check with any dinner companions before you pull out your chalk.

“Draw while waiting for your meal. Perfect for at home and restaurants. This single mat comes with 2 pieces of chalk and a sponge for easy cleaning. Washable.”

Also available in Blue, Yellow, and Green.

12″ x 18″

Purchase Information:

Price: $18.00
Availability: Buy Red Chalk Placemat here

Napkin Catch Placemats- Set of 2

Cut down on tabletop clutter with placemats that feature built-in napkin rings.

“With this clever placemat designed by Josh Jakus, you will never lose those napkin rings again because each mat features a built-in holder. Pop the attached ring out of the mat and interlock around the napkin, then tuck safely back in for easy storage. Sold as a set of two in gray or black. Gray rubber is 30% post-industrial waste rubber. Black rubber is 100% recycled tires. Handmade in the USA.”

Sold as a set of two mats in gray or black.

18″ L x 12″ W

Purchase Information:

Price: $38.00
Availability: Buy Napkin Catch Placemats- Set of 2 here

World Dinner Maps

Introduce some practical visual aids to your daily meal or dinner party with these paper placemats.

Pad of 50 paper placemats featuring detailed maps of four cities; Paris, London, Toyko, and New York.

16.5″ W x 11.5″ D

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Availability: Buy World Dinner Maps here


These placemats look too intricate to be disposable, but surprise, they are. Choose from three pop-up graphics to make your next dinner party a little more proper.

Made of 100% recycled paper (30% postconsumer fiber and 70% preconsumer wastepaper).
Set of 10 PopMats; Size 19″x13″.

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.75
Availability: Buy PopMats here

Messy Tablecloth

First of all, you’ll need to know a bit of Polish to navigate through this retail site, but this tablecloth is so noteworthy that I couldn’t pass it up just because of the language difference.

(I tried a translation site, but it didn’t really help too much. You can also visit the designer’s site:

Buy it here.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $150
Availability: Buy Messy Tablecloth here

“Take Your Time” Table Runner

Such a clever way to keep the conversation going, this table runner has questions and answers that can be read from both ends of the table. It looks like the questions are more riddle-like than the getting-to-know-you variety, but hey, when you’re in a conversation rut, anything helps.

Made of 80% cotton, 20% Polyester, it is machine washable. Imported from The Netherlands.

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $62.50
Availability: Buy “Take Your Time” Table Runner here

Table cloth : ‘Tableau’ by Maurice Scheltens

It’s apparently not cheap to have what must be the coolest tablecloth ever.

“using photogram technique, this tablecloth is decorated with the silhouettes of the aftermath of a dinner party. the shadows tell the story.”

6 setting size (212 x 140 cm), $585.00
8 person size (278 x 142 cm), $635

Purchase Information:

Price: $585.00
Availability: Buy Table cloth : ‘Tableau’ by Maurice Scheltens here

Wood Grain Placemat

I believe I’ve seen a much more expensive version somewhere else…I like it much better at this price.

“Fool the eye wood grain flips from faux leather to solid brown PVC.”


Purchase Information:

Price: $8.95
Availability: Buy Wood Grain Placemat here