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Opulent Boat Plate Set

I’d categorize these plates as more art than tabletop gear, but I’m sure they’d do either job just as well.

“These heavy porcelain plates are part of the Surface 2 line by a French company called Domestic. Domestic works with well-known designers and graphic artists to produce beautiful designs for the home. Each set includes two different designs by one artist. Opulant Boat features sumptuous linework by artist and musician Dylan Martorell.”

10.5″ diam

Purchase Information:

Price: $88.00
Availability: Buy Opulent Boat Plate Set here

Coe & Waito Porcelain Spoons

These aren’t necessarily something you’d buy to complete your table setting, but I think they would be perfect as gift or to make the tea or coffee ritual a little more special.

Bisque porcelain

Small 4″l, Medium 4.5″l, Long 6.5″l.

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.00-$38.00
Availability: Buy Coe & Waito Porcelain Spoons here

Keyaki Wood Tea Cups

I wonder how well wood conducts heat? I’m tempted to buy these; they look so comfortable to hold, plus, they seem more natural than the ceramic mugs we’re all used to.

“Keyaki wood is a Japanese elm and has been much prized for centuries by Japanese woodworkers for the dramatic and beautiful grain. Each teacup is carved from a single block of wood and has a unique pattern. They are light and wonderful to hold in the hand. Set of 4.”

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy Keyaki Wood Tea Cups here

Delica Trays

Take a look- these might be just the thing to simplify your breakfast, lunch or dinner. It seems like the one shown could easily take the place of a placemat, eliminating the need for laundry as well as multiple trips to the dining table.

“A series of trays by Zoocreative that will add a lot of comfort (not to mention style) to your dining experience. The Table and Small trays are cleverly designed to rest your arms in the grooves as you sit down to dinner in perfect comfort. Use the Coffee tray to carry food or utensils to the table… or use it as a lovely centerpiece, filled with fruit.”

Available in three different finishes and three different models:
Serving tray – right & left cutouts: 18.5″W x 15.5″L, $79.00
Coffee tray – raised side handles: 18.5″W x 15.5″L, $79.00
Small tray – one cutout: 13.75″W x 11.75″L, $67.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $67.00-$79.00
Availability: Buy Delica Trays here

Brooklyn Mugs

Whether you love or hate Brooklyn, these two mugs help take you back (unless you live there already).

Brooklyn Mug (right), $10.95 4.25” H Capacity: 12 oz.
Brooklynese Mug (left), $9.95 4”H Capacity: 7.5oz

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.95-$10.95
Availability: Buy Brooklyn Mugs here

Fruit Trough By Gus* Modern

I ran across this a while back displayed as intended, but never as a planter. Looks great either way, and I think it would be the top contender for ‘best affordable fruit container/basket available online’ if we had such a category.

Stainless steel construction

L30″ x W3.5″ x H3″

Purchase Information:

Price: $97.50
Availability: Buy Fruit Trough By Gus* Modern here

Messy Tablecloth

First of all, you’ll need to know a bit of Polish to navigate through this retail site, but this tablecloth is so noteworthy that I couldn’t pass it up just because of the language difference.

(I tried a translation site, but it didn’t really help too much. You can also visit the designer’s site:

Buy it here.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $150
Availability: Buy Messy Tablecloth here

Carafe w/Teak wood stopper

Carafes are everywhere, but this is one of the few I’ve seen that has a wood stopper that seems to fit perfectly.

Imported from Sweden.

11″ h

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy Carafe w/Teak wood stopper here

Aqua Serving Trays

You can never underestimate how handy trays can be- especially for carting around multiple items that would otherwise be incredibly awkward to carry all at once. And this one is bamboo, so it’s friendly as well as handy.

100% organically-grown bamboo, non-toxic water-based adhesive, natural lacquer (derived from the cashew nut tree), food-safe polyurethane.

16″ long x 6.25″ wide x 1″
20″ long x 12″ wide x 1.325″

Purchase Information:

Price: $23.00-$43.00
Availability: Buy Aqua Serving Trays here

On Off Mug

Even though this is slightly back ordered at the moment, it’s still worthy of a post- you can preorder it to get it early next year, (which isn’t too far away might I add)…

“At plain sight it is a standard black mug as they come a dime a dozen and in big white letters it say OFF. Nothing fancy, but once you add the hot beverage of your choice, the mug changes color and is turning white and in big black letters it states: ON”

[posted by katie]

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Availability: Buy On Off Mug here

My Cuppa

If you’re still in the middle of last minute holiday shopping, this might be a thoughtful gift for someone that’s particular about how they take their tea or coffee…

‘Although the question “how do you take your coffee?” seems simple enough, for the caffeine-connaisseur, a non-descript “two creams, one sugar” does not always acheive the desired results. My Cuppa helps you mix your drink to the perfect consistency, based on the color-coded guide inside. Options include everything from a straightforward “milky” to an extra-strong “builder’s brew”.’

2.75″W x 3.75″L x 4.5″H

(Ground Shipping to US & CAN is included.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $25
Availability: Buy My Cuppa here

Designfenzider Salt & Pepper No. 4

I’m quite happy with my salt and pepper shaker, but this one makes me wish I wasn’t…

Made out of porcelain and cork

2.5″ x 2.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $50
Availability: Buy Designfenzider Salt & Pepper No. 4 here

Swivel Liqueur Glasses

Whether you want or need more play or pleasure when having your drink of choice, these glasses would surely add to rather than detract from the experience. Seems like it could be a good gift as well…

“The shape of the glass enhances the aromatic effects and deep color of the Liqueur, as well as its sensual movement. It makes for a highly playful and pleasurable experience that should not be passed up.”

A set of 2 swiveling Liqueur glasses

Purchase Information:

Price: $45
Availability: Buy Swivel Liqueur Glasses here

Impression Crockery by Benjamin Hubert

I don’t know about you, but I love it when designers showcase and sell their wares directly on their websites. Benjamin Hubert has a great portfolio of interesting items on his site, and this soup bowl/spoon set is no exception.

The Earthenware soup/spoon set is formed from a single surface with a soft impression for the bowl and spoon holder.

Tea Stick

Looking for something thoughtful yet not too personal to give to your office mate or other person you see everyday? This tea stick may be just the thing.

“Clever, spring loaded gadget makes one perfect cup of tea. Simply insert loose tea and steep. Stainless steel and plastic. Modern German design.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Availability: Buy Tea Stick here