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pattern 709 flatware

This is a really respectable set of silverware. Proportioned nicely. Dishwasher-safe. Heavy-gauge, high-quality stainless steel with a satin finish. What more could you want?

20-Piece Set: four each of salad forks, dinner forks, knives, tablespoons and teaspoons.

Purchase Information:

Price: $64.95
Availability: Buy pattern 709 flatware here

Magnusen Flatware

I can’t quite figure out what is so Nordic about these, but it just looks like a guy named Magnussen designed them. Erik Magnussen, to be exact. Maybe it’s the subtle curves and angles. Anyway, they’re stunning.

5-piece place

Erik Magnussen

design year:

Stelton, Denmark

stainless steel, satin finish

Purchase Information:

Price: $112.00
Availability: Buy Magnusen Flatware here

simple flatware

About a year ago I bought some “modern” flatware. It looked great at first but then after a while it started to get rusty. It’s because it was not stainless steel. I learned my lesson. This flatware is mirror-finished 18/8 stainless steel. Dishwasher safe.

Flatware set : Four five-piece settings of salad fork, dinner fork, knife, soupspoon and teaspoon. 6.5″–9″l.

Serving set : 9″l fork and 8.5″l spoon.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49
Availability: Buy simple flatware here

Arne Jacobsen Flatware

Do you want a piece of history? How about a piece of the future?

“A minimalist classic, this flatware represents the essence of the Danish modern style and has been in continuous production since it was first designed. Used as the flatware of the crew in Stanley Kubrick’s film, “2001, A Space Odyssey,” the futuristic-looking set is sleek, with the handles only slightly differentiated, and the knife blade indicated by only a subtle indentation. The five-piece place setting is made of matte-finish 18/8 stainless steel by Georg Jensen.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $115.00
Availability: Buy Arne Jacobsen Flatware here

broad handled flatware

Finding affordable silverwear that’s streamlined and lacking ornamentation is difficult. These fit the bill nicely.
Flat handles and oversize heads in polished 18/8 stainless steel.

$39 for Flatware set: Four five-piece settings with salad fork, dinner fork, knife, soup spoon and teaspoon.

$14 for serving set: 8.75″ fork and 8.25″ spoon.

Purchase Information:

Price: $14-$34
Availability: Buy broad handled flatware here

Citterio 98 Cutlery

Attractive cutlery is hard to come by these days. Try these on for size.

Matte brushed stainless steel.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Availability: Buy Citterio 98 Cutlery here