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Table Lighting

Venus Flatlight

So pretty…and quite affordable.

“This light transforms 2D materials into innovative 3D lighting. Shipped flat, it assembles in minutes, offering flexible options for a variety of interiors. Made of PVC and steel.”

Venus: 14h x 8.75w x 7″ diam.

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.95
Availability: Buy Venus Flatlight here

Table Lamp – Yellow

Why, oh why is this lamp so darned expensive? Maybe ’cause it’s a lot larger than this photograph suggests? Or maybe because it’s hand made in Holland? Whatever the reason, I wish it wasn’t so much because I want it.


Purchase Information:

Price: $665.00
Availability: Buy Table Lamp – Yellow here

Lexon Dolmen LED Light

This little light is the perfect little size for a perfect little space.

LED light on wood base.

approx 5 x 5 x 3.15″

Purchase Information:

Price: $60.00
Availability: Buy Lexon Dolmen LED Light here

Smart Candle Light

Here’s an alternative for those of you that have that nagging worry about fire. Sure, this looks like it’s a flickering candle, except it’s not. Powered by triple-A’s, you can now enjoy that lovely glow without the worry.

Glass shell, plastic insert. Two AAA batteries included.


(Link and price updated June 23, 2011.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.50
Available from: Smart Candle

Moonstruck Table Lamp

I’m a big fan of the Jasper Morrison Globall Lamp, but a $500 lamp is not currently in my price range, so I bought this lamp instead. It bears a remarkable similarity to the JMG lamp except for a few key things:
1. there is no dimmer switch*
2. the stand sticks out slightly
3. the cord is transparent plastic instead of a grey fabric cord.

*To get the same dimming effect, you can have the lamp re-corded and have your electrician add a dimmer. Or you can just buy a lamp dimmer. If you want the cords to match, get the grey model (TT-300NLH-GR) from Lutron (which I was unable to find online but I did find at my local Home Depot for $9.00).

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.00
Availability: Buy Moonstruck Table Lamp here

Lampadina Lamp

Sometimes I wonder if I use the word ‘simple’ too much. But this particular lamp is quite free from unnecessary additions and has minimal embellishment (if you look ‘simple’ up in Merriam-Webster, you’ll find a similar description). So, though I do use the word a lot, you get to hear it again. It’s apt. Oh! It was also designed in 1971 (mw=”never goes out of fashion”).

materials: steel film reel for cord; electrical fixture

Purchase Information:

Price: $94.00
Availability: Buy Lampadina Lamp here

iO Lamp

“Made from 100% hot glue, the lampshade has the luminescence and reflective quality of glass, but the flexibility of rubber. Each piece is handmade in a process similar to working with hot glass: large batches of clear glue are melted down, then colors are blended in, forming long ribbons as the glue is poured. The shade, which sits atop a chromed steel frame, may vary slightly from the picture as each is handmade and unique. Two 40-watt bulbs are included.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $495.00
Availability: Buy iO Lamp here

Plexo Light

Pretty lights are one of my favorite things…and I like the fact that it kind of does an optical illusion as you move around it:

“Think of the Plexo as a futuristic take on a traditional Japanese lantern. Plexoโ€™s shell is made from one flat die cut film that has been folded origami-style. The form looks solid but feels flexible when you touch it. Lights inside the Plexo refract on the shell to create an optical illusion that wraps and changes as you walk around it.

You can easily attach Plexo to the wall using the included wall mount pin. Alternately, Plexo can sit flat on a tabletop or dresser.”

11″l x 11″w x 4.50″d (6 foot cord)

Purchase Information:

Price: $70.00
Availability: Buy Plexo Light here

Alchemy Table Lamp

“Arik Levy is involved in everything from industrial design, lighting, and corporate identity to exhibition and stage design. His aptly named Alchemy Lamp transforms familiar-looking materials into a luminous design object resembling a chemistry experiment or moment of discovery. Made of a clear Duran glass beaker, glass beads, and stainless steel wand and stand, a 12V/20W halogen bulb is included.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $225.00
Availability: Buy Alchemy Table Lamp here

‘Leave the Light On’ Oil Lamp

It’s a trick. Sure, it looks like it’s a match burning, but it’s really an oil lamp made of porcelain and brass. Clever, huh?

3.5″ square

made in germany.

Purchase Information:

Price: $123.00
Availability: Buy ‘Leave the Light On’ Oil Lamp here

Design Emulation Kit #1

Does this look somewhat familiar?

“The first in a series, this battery powered light pays homage to Ingo Maurer’s Lucellino, one of the most celebrated lighting products in history…The kit is made of three parts, which are snapped off, fitted together, and plugged into a nine-volt battery (not included), resulting in a miniature classic.”

Designer: Mark McKenna

Materials: LED, plastic

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.00
Availability: Buy Design Emulation Kit #1 here

Antler Lamps: Jason Miller

Another couple of additions to the “antler” category… these lamps by Jason Miller are really quite spectacular.

Glazed ceramic.

Purchase Information:

Price: $270.00
Availability: Buy Antler Lamps: Jason Miller here

Studio Line Table Lamp

Quite stunning, isn’t it? And, you can position the glass vertically or horizontally, which is a very nice option.

“The lamp base is solid precision machined aircraft aluminum. The sides are polished, with brushed top finish. Halogen bulb is integrated into the base with a thermal protective glass lens (colored lens sets coming soon!). Lamps are UL listed and made in Canada.”

Frosted glass with polished edges and a coated surface.
(Table lamps include a MR16 20w halogen bulb with shield, in-line on/off switch, and 12V electronic transformer.)

16″ Measures: H 16″ x W 8″ x D 4.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $300.00
Availability: Buy Studio Line Table Lamp here

Black Gloss Vase Base

Great lamp, great price. You need to find a nice drum lamp shade to go with it.

* Ceramic
* 13 1/2″L, 7 1/2″W
* Dust
* Imported

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.00
Availability: Buy Black Gloss Vase Base here

Kari Ceramic Table Lamp

Kinda cute and kinda not so expensive as to give anybody a heart attack.

“Handy for desktop or nightstand use, the table lamp adds a lipped base that serves as a way station for clips, change and other small items. Each lamp comes with an 11W energy-efficient bulb, which provides light equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb.”

Available in Black, Dark Brown, Pink, Red, or White

6″ diam. x 20″ H

Purchase Information:

Price: $74.00
Availability: Buy Kari Ceramic Table Lamp here