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Desk Tools

The Art of Hand Magnets

At first these looked like Barbie-sized hand magnets, but they’re quite a bit larger than that, thank goodness. Barbie-sized hand magnets probably wouldn’t be very functional (unless they were mighty-magnet strong).

Each set includes 8 hands measuring 7cm x 3.5cm. Hand signals include; Budha hand, pick up the phone, ok, high five, raise your hand, win and good.

Purchase Information:

Price: £35.00
Availability: Buy The Art of Hand Magnets here

On/Off Magnet

On? Off? Either way this magnet will keep things right where you put them.

Like turning on and off the switch, turn the magnet “on” to stick memos on the fridge, or turn it “off” to use a pair as a photo stand. It’s simple, yet versatile and fun to play with during those “off” moments!
Package comes in a set of 4 on/off magnets.

W2.0″ x L1.0″ x H0.4″

$16.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.00
Availability: Buy On/Off Magnet here

I am a Paper Paper Clip

Here’s an excellent idea: a paper paper clip that’s safe to put through a paper shredder.

Made from 100% sustainable wood pulp.
Each clip measures 1 inch long and will hold up to 20 sheets of paper.
50 clips to the pack.

Purchase Information:

Price: $6.00
Availability: Buy I am a Paper Paper Clip here

Get To The Points – Magnetic Slip-Over-the-Page Bookmarks

With that back-to-school feeling in the air, there might as well be some study aids featured. Similar to the Book Darts I posted a while ago, these bookmarks will hold a place without damage to pages. The magnetic closure ensures each mark will stay secure and the colors allow for some coding should you need it. (These sort of look like a hybrid of post-it flags and the Book Darts, don’t you think?)

These colorful, reusable magnetic bookmarks are a super easy way to prominently mark a specific line of text for future reference, a memorable passage in a book, or earmark all your favorite recipes. Simply open the point and slip the bookmark over a page and it will adhere securely. So much more book friendly than resorting to bent corners, paper clips, or high-lighting; and much neater than post-it notes sticking out of a book to note a place. Their glossy coating makes them super durable. Great for students, researchers or anyone who wants to notate something in a book without harming the pages.

25 multi-colored bookmarks to a container.

$8.75, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $8.75
Availability: Buy Get To The Points – Magnetic Slip-Over-the-Page Bookmarks here


Carrying around a pen, flags, and bookmarks? Silliness! This all in one BookMarker™ is thin enough to act as a bookmark but big enough to house a pen and page flags, making your notes a breeze.

BookMarker™ is super thin, so it fits easily in your book to mark your page WITHOUT breaking your book binding. The design includes a nifty strap that wraps around your book to keep the BookMarker™ in place and keep your book closed…

$5.99, Buy it here.

[via holycool]

Purchase Information:

Price: $5.99
Availability: Buy BookMarker™ here

Anything Desk Accessories

Designed by Michael Sodeau, these desk accessories will brighten up your work area and hopefully help mundane tasks seem a bit less mundane.

a collaboration between UK-based designer michael sodeau and the japanese company suikosha, the ANYTHING collection presents an inspired collection for the home or office.

winner of the RED DOT design award.

anything ruler set, $49.00
anything erasers, $4.00
anything scissors, $39.00
anything stapler, $39.00
anything tape dispenser, $39.00
anything alarm clock, $69.00

Buy it here.

P-Hook Bookmarks

These P-hook bookmarks would be incredibly handy for frequently used reference material.

Pack of 12. Three each of four colors.
$7.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $7.00
Availability: Buy P-Hook Bookmarks here

Normal Bookmark

Okay, so I read a lot of books (as in several books a week) and I hate bookmarks. But I love these bookmarks. They’re a perfect size, with perfectly round edges with a perfect paper thickness. No ads, no labels, no cute kitten or frilly tassel or anything. Perfect.

…I feel our simple human lives have become quite suffocated and fatigued under the overwhelming pressure from modern-day media. Good design is design that is invisible and should be free of the designer’s ego. Who designed the plastic bag? the ash tray? the bicycle? the salt shaker? Most of us have never considered these things because they just work, albeit anonymously…normal bookmark is a simple, plain bookmark made from quality paper with a natural texture and color. When you slot a normal bookmark into a book, it begins to do its job quietly. It has just the right thickness and bends a little with the flipping of pages. Its natural shade blends humbly into the book. The slightly textured surface keeps it from falling.the designer Aen Tan

pack of 5, $7.00
pack of 10, $12.00
pack of 20, $18.00
Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Colored Masking Tape

All this talk of gifts but none on how to wrap them…presentation is important, and with this tape it’s super simple and easy to make your gift look festive. Also, keep these tapes in mind for a gift or stocking stuffer as well…I’m sure many creative types would love to have such a variety of colors.

10 Pack of half-inch tape: W .5″ L 15m
20 Pack of quarter-inch tape: W .25″ L 15m

Update: DWR no longer carries the tape shown above, however the retailer link below has similar colored tape.
$2.29 per roll (60 yards), Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $2.29
Availability: Buy Colored Masking Tape here

Rubberband Monuments

I keep finding stuff that would be great gifts for coworkers or stocking stuffers…apologies if you’re not in that frame of mind yet…

Fasten your stuff together with these cool rubber bands shaped like six different famous monuments. 24 pieces in all.

$8.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.99
Availability: Buy Rubberband Monuments here

Scissor (letter opener)

Yes, this does look a little scary, but all letter openers usually do, even if they’re not black and from half of a pair of scissors.

Open your mail.
Paperknife made of scissors branch.
Black plated steel.
Size : 18cm. long

29.00 €, or $37.12, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: &euro37.12
Availability: Buy Scissor (letter opener) here

Craft Scissors

Does anyone else think these look infinitely more comfortable to use than regular two-pronged (for lack of a better term) scissors?

“A great all-purpose scissor to have around the house for precision cutting of paper, fabric and other materials, these Craft Scissors are forged from high-grade carbon steel with tungsten. Called a “grip scissor,” the centuries-old design has been discovered in several ancient cultures, including Greece, Egypt and China. Made in Japan by Kiya, a 200-year-old cutlery specialty shop.”

H 4.25″ W 1″ D .25″
Carbon steel with tungsten

Purchase Information:

Price: $55.00
Available from: DWR

Desk Blotter

Desk blotters always seem like proper things to have in a work area, and while sometimes ‘proper’ looking things tend to have a traditional flair, this one is decidedly modern and affordable.

Hand crafted in Fabriano, Italy, this simple yet elegant Desk Blotter will transform any desktop into a unique and stylish workspace. Made from natural recycled leather — a rugged, environmentally friendly material that is used for furniture and other heavy-duty applications — it is easy to care for and extremely resistant to stains, wear, and tear. Black.

21″ x 14.25″

$29.95, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.95
Availability: Buy Desk Blotter here

Book Darts

These are a great alternative to sticky post-its.

Hold that thought! Now you can draw attention to any line in a book without harming the pages. Book Darts are reusable bronze line-markers that stay put, and are so much more elegant than bent corners, paper clips, post-it notes or highlighting. Ideal for students, researchers, professionals, and avid readers. Darts measure 1″ long and slide on and off pages easily.

Material: Copper
Dimension: 3/8″x1″
Designed by: Bookdarts

$9.95 for 50 Buy it here.

Larger quantities available: Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.95
Availability: Buy Book Darts here

Wax Crayons in a Box (Set of 24)

These make me happy just by looking at them.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.