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Steel Bookends

These steel bookends are completely devoid of any frills and are made to do one task, and one task only. A perfect fit for the Jasper Morrison Shop, a curated selection of utilitarian, well-made, functional goods. Comes in a powder-coated finish and available in black, yellow, and white.

Purchase Information:

Price: £3.50
Available from: Jasper Morrison Shop

Cork Planter Bookend Set

Like anyone else, I’m completely charmed by a full and well-organized bookcase. However, having a second stash of go-to or display books has an equally important role in a well decorated home. Finding just-the-right bookends may be a daunting task, but I can’t see too many rooms where these won’t fit it perfectly. The Cork Planter Bookends are made to accommodate small houseplants such as succulents and miniature cacti. The high-density natural cork also serves as a place to pin up notes, making it a perfect desk companion.

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00
Available from: Canoe


These became unavailable last year, much to my disappointment and several of yours, if my memory serves correct. Happily, they are available again through A+R.

Love how the bases of these bookends (or bookstops) are concave to allow for desktop storage (paperclips, rubberbands etc.)…

Purchase Information:

Price: $120.00
Availability: Buy Bookstops here

Bird’s Foot Bookend

These Nambu Cast Iron bookends initially confused the heck out of me when trying to figure out who they were designed by… Here they say Tadahiro Baba, here it says Tetsutaro Nakabayashi, with the other cast iron items being T. Baba, here Tetsutaro Nakabayashi, while at DUDYE it definitely shows the bookends in the interview with Tetsutaro Nakabayashi (with a chrome version shown, very nice)… So, that’s what I’m going with. I’m guessing there’s an obvious connection that I just can’t find at the moment.

by Tetsutaro Nakabayashi, Tetsutaro Design

Nambu Cast Iron
4″ tall: 10 cm

(image, top right: everbrite mercantile co.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.50
Available from: Emmo Home

Halve Bookends

If you’re sympathetic to the goldfish and their usually small accommodations, picture these bookends holding flowers or corks or keys… there’s all sorts of things that could be put on display while serving the very worthy purpose of keeping your books in place.

Stands about 8″ tall x 5″ wide at base.

[via pointclickhome]

Purchase Information:

Price: $58.95
Availability: Buy Halve Bookends here

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Magmax Bookends

Whoa, these stainless steel bookends weigh nearly 4 lbs. a piece, which makes them absolutely perfect for your big art and design books. Simple hefty bookends are rather hard to find for some reason, so it’s lovely to find this perfect pair.

Design: Stefan Long, USA
Dimensions: 8″L x 7.75″W x 8″H

Purchase Information:

Price: $135.00
Availability: Buy Magmax Bookends here

Buchhalter 3

Bookend plus table shelf plus reading desk, all in one. Wonderful.

Material: Aluminium, powder coated.
Measurements: 38x18x16cm
Available in Cyan, Red, or Dark Grey.

€ 36,00*, Buy it here.

[via swissmiss]

*Also, sorry for the double-whammy of overseas posts today…there’s just so much I’ve seen lately and if I don’t post it soon then I never will.

Purchase Information:

Price: &euro27,50
Availability: Buy Buchhalter 3 here

Source: swissmiss

Zuny Animal Bookends

Are these cute or what?

Simple but mirthful in style. Nice size and weight that can be used to hold up most heavy items to act as a bookend, CD/DVD stand, or even as a door stopper. And with its cute look, it can be placed anywhere you like – on the desk, beside the bed, in the livingroom, office..etc. Each piece is handmade.

Four styles available: Boar (Babu), White Lion (Tumo), Dinosaur (Bobo), Sheep (Nell)
Material: PU Leather, Polyester Fiber, Iron Sand
Size: W 4.9″ x L 10.2″ x H 6.9″

$48.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00
Availability: Buy Zuny Animal Bookends here

Book End

For those of you that prefer more literal interpretations…

Made from metal, these book ends take their job quite literally! Slip the metal plate under the books to keep them upright. Perfect as a gift or as a treat to yourself.

22 x 10 x 21 cm

$35.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Availability: Buy Book End here


Check out how the bases of these bookends (or bookstops) are concave to allow for desktop storage…

The beautiful 70’s inspired lines of these bookends, designed by Klaus Hackl for Eno, act as both bookstop and desk storage (paperclips, rubberbands etc.). Lacquered steel available in Orange or Black.

Dimensions: 4.25″ x 4.25″ x 6.5″h

$50.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Bookends by Manufactum

These simple little bookends are on sale. Perfect if you’re across the pond.

[posted by kris]


I’ve been going to the big yellow and blue Swedish retailer lately for work and I keep finding some pretty great items that are worth checking out. This is just a perfectly designed bookend at a great price.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $2.99
Availability: Buy BJÄRNUM Bookend here

Auböck Book Ends

These are quite possibly the best bookends I have ever seen or ever will see.

“Touchable, hefty and versatile, too. The molten, irregularly organic shape of these Bookends is purposeful to accommodate short or tall books, depending on how they’re oriented. The ergonomic curves of these brass pieces invite touching, which deepens the richness of the surface finish over time with the interaction of the natural oils on the hands. Each piece is cast and hand finished to exacting standards in the same foundries originally used to produce these in mid-20th century.” –dwr

Designer: Carl Auböck II
Manufacturer: Werkstatte Carl Auböck
H 5″ W 3.75″ D 3.25″

Purchase Information:

Price: $685.00
Availability: Buy Auböck Book Ends here

Parallel Bookend U Shape

These powder-coated bookends are great for shelves and also would be great for keeping some books or even some manila file folders at arms reach on a desktop. At 8″ high, the files would fit perfectly if you had enough.

Available in black, white and red.

Purchase Information:

Price: $78
Availability: Buy Parallel Bookend U Shape here

Parallel Bookends

I really think these might be the best bookends I’ve ever seen.

“To further enhance the functionality of his Parallel Shelving (2005), Stephen Burks added optional Bookends. Available either in a two-sided U shape or one-sided L shape, the bookends can also be used to hold CDs, DVDs or anything that can benefit from a little support. Made of powder-coated steel, they come in three colors…”

Red, Black, White

L Shape, $68
H 8″ W 19.5″ D 9.5″

U Shape, $78
H 8″ W 19.5″ D 9.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $68
Availability: Buy Parallel Bookends here

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