Warez Rose Wallpaper

Nice job, Erich Ginder. This floral wallpaper is created from ASCII symbols. From far away, you see a dot-like floral motif; close up, you see a bunch of characters. Handmade in the United States.

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Price: $140.00
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IdeaPaint Clear

Whiteboards need not be white. IdeaPaint is a clear paint-on coating that can be applied to any smooth surface for dry erase functionality. The basic kit at $225 covers 50 square feet and includes roller, stir stick, can opener, and wet paint sign. It looks especially good on woodgrain, and would work great in the office or kids’ room.

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Price: $225.00
Available from: IdeaPaint

Source: The Awesomer

The Shed by Richard Peters Associates

This 800-square-foot sustainable home in Sydney started out as a humble industrial shed. If you always see potential in old buildings, it’ll probably whet your appetite for your own remodel, so be careful.

inLove Custom Hardwood Flooring

If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring in a custom color, you’ll be more than happy to see the options from this particular collection. However, have a long hard think about the more adventurous colors, as it would be a very sad thing to have them installed and paid for only to find out that the color is really wrong for the space. For instance, this Blossom Red wouldn’t work everywhere; perhaps err on the side of caution with a more subtle or deeper shade of the color you prefer. Also, ‘custom’ usually means a bit more money out of pocket, so you might even want to get a design pro’s advice before making your selection.

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Price: $Price on request
Available from: PID Floors

Kitchen Remodel

If you’ve never completed a kitchen remodel, you and I had something in common 7 weeks ago. Fast forward to last week, to my mostly new kitchen (shown above) which sports white shiny cabinets, an almost white Silestone countertop and an off white porcelain backsplash. White, white, white. If you’re curious as to how the project progressed, you’ll find more pictures and commentary below.


The Backyard House

If you’ve not seen Megan Lea’s Backyard House, you’re in for a treat. Intended as an extra space for an office or as a guest room, the 154 square foot house was built in a small corner of her vegetable garden in less than six months using salvaged barn lumber and a salvaged copper roof. Natural plaster walls and a wood stove keep it cozy while a small loft provides extra space for seating. All photos below ©Rise over Run.

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View The Backyard House here

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Scenic Wallpaper: Forêt Noire

How about some expensive wallpaper to start off your Monday morning? The Forêt Noire Scenic Wallpaper might be a tad high in price, but keep in mind you get a lot: 372 x 300 cm is just about 12′ x 10′, so it would take care of one large wall or a smaller room quite easily. Plus, you’ll have all sorts of woodland creatures to keep you company.

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Price: €480.00
Available from: Store Without a Home

I See You Wallpaper

Give credence to your paranoia by putting up this googly-eyed wallpaper from Cavern Home. Now when you whisper “there are eyes everywhere!” whilst rocking back and forth on the floor, you can point to the wallpaper and everyone will understand.

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Price: $155.00

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Available from: Design Public

ModKnobs Modern Door Knobs

“Down with lame door knobs” is the motto Mary & Jeff of ModKnobs go by. They couldn’t find any suitable ones on the market when remodeling their home, so they decided to release their own line. Four styles are available — puck, matte, walnut, oak — in a handful of materials: vulcanized rubber, PaperStone (a pressed material made from recycled cardboard), and of course; walnut and oak. If you’re going for sleek and modern interior you really can’t go wrong with one of these door knobs.  Prices range from $95 to $125, depending on style and material.

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Price: $95.00
Available from: ModKnobs

Source: Materialicious

Thermostatic Freestanding Shower

I’m in the midst of remodeling a 100 year old craftsman home, which means I’m pouring through several hundred design retailers in search of craftsman appropriate fixtures. Which also means I find fixtures that I love but are definitely not craftsman appropriate. This makes me cry a little inside. Here’s a modern fixture that I would love to put in a home one day. It won’t be this current one…but hopefully I’ll be living in an anthracite box where this freestanding shower would fit perfectly.


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Price: $749.00
Available from: Signature Hardware

White Panelling wallpaper

Occasionally, panelling can add a nice architectural feel to a room. To be specific, I’m not talking of the dark vertical wood panelling that was popular in mid 60s-70s that you see everyone ripping out or painting over. I’m talking about white panelling done in a Georgian architectural style, as shown in the above photo. It adds a traditional element, and gives a nice contrast to modern furnishings and treatments.

Now, what’s special about the above photo is it’s wallpaper that appears to be panelling, which is just fantastic. While it’s not cheap (somewhere around £70 per roll), it most likely costs less than installing actual wood panelling, and it has the whole trompe l’oeil trickiness that us modern home owners love. Also, if you prefer a more ornate renaissance feel, Mineheart has a Stone Angels Wallpaper that mimics stone architectural details (shown below).


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Price: £70.00 - 99.00
Available from: Mineheart

fvonf: Karen & Christian Boros

You might have seen a few interior shots of the home of Karen & Christian Boros, but it’s another thing entirely to see a video of their space, and Christian talking about collecting art. Video below. Plus, just in case you want something to be excited about, check out Freunde von Freunden’s new book.


Listen up if you’re in the market for switching out cabinets in your home. LA-based Semihandmade offers custom IKEA doors in all sorts of materials. Buy the cabinets from IKEA (because you can, and it’s affordable) then choose your doors from Semihandmade. It’s as simple as that. Plus, check out the pricing, it’s actually pretty good.


Purchase Information:

Price: $1899 and up
Available from: Semihandmade

Marbelous Wood

I know I linked to this last Friday, but it’s too good not to get it’s own spot. Pernille Snedker Hansen of snedker°studio has used an old marbling technique to create this semi-psychedelic flooring. The growth rings play along with the hand applied colors, making an organic overlapping arch pattern. It’s an altogether different option than you’ll find at your local hardware store, isn’t it? Sure, it might not work in every home, but it would make one heck of a statement in the right space.

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Price: $Available upon request
Available from: Snedker Studio

Source: cabbagerose

Nest Thermostat

Chances are you’ve seen this very smart looking thermostat by now, and if I hadn’t been on vacation last week, this post would have been filled with an obscene amount of exclamation points. It’s a learning thermostat. Not just a programmable thermostat, as most of us currently have in our homes, but a learning one. In around a week, it’ll have created a personalized schedule based on your household’s habits and adjusted the temperature to save energy. Sounds good, doesn’t it? You can also program it away from home via the website/Wi-Fi. And, of course, it looks pretty freaking cool, which doesn’t hurt one bit. Watch the video below for more info, or visit the Nest website. Available for preorder/reserve, fyi.

Purchase Information:

Price: $249.00
Available from: Nest