MISHA Handmade Wallpapers

I’m not one for the overly decorative, but as I see more and more spaces transformed by wallpaper, I’ve been drawn to the mix of patterned walls with the simplest of furnishings. I do have to say these wallpapers by Misha are truly exquisite, and even if it’s not your type of thing (or within your budget) it’s certainly worth taking a look at the level of detail involved.

“MISHA handmade wallpapers selects, produces and distributes silk hand-painted wallpapers, that act as decorative frescoes for any exclusive contemporary space.”

prices range from 75 € to 600 €/m2

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Parabola House

In Dezeen’s latest newsletter they featured the Parabola House designed by Atelier Tekuto (funny enough, I had just been at their site yesterday, but hadn’t seen this particular gem). How the light filters through the space given the restrictions of privacy is surprising, and holy, that staircase is lovely.

More pictures at Dezeen.

Inglas Deko Wilder Wein

Looking through architonic, I happened across this glass. It looks amazing- wish there was an up close picture to show the 3d effect…

“An award was made to Inglas Deko Wilder Wein for its special decorative properties. This , laminated safety glass with integrated decorative material consists of two thermally pre-stressed sheets of glass, with processed tendrils of Virginia creeper in the bonding area. In order to create the effect of space (3D effect) the tendrils of creeper are positioned at different levels of the bonding area. Typical applications for Inglas Deko Wilder Wein are shower partitions, partition walls, table tops and furniture sections.”

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Clipping Corner House

I’ll be the first to admit I’m slightly addicted to browsing through pictures of recent Japanese architecture. I’m continually amazed at the simplicity.


Holy. This is supposed to be available from DWR sometime this spring, which for some reason surprises me. I guess I’m impressed that something so seemingly useful will be available so soon (usually when I find stuff like this it’s not available until the next year, if ever). The waterHOG Water Storage tank can be easily installed pretty much anywhere, not to mention un-installed, which means you can take it with you if you move. The Groundhog Thermal Mass (shown on right) is intended for in-wall or in-floor thermal mass.

“The rainwater from your roof represents a valuable commodity: with the waterHOG rainwater tank you can catch and store your rainwater for reuse in your garden and even in your house. Rainwater can be used for drinking, toilet flushing, laundry water and of course for irrigating your garden. Don’t let your rainwater go to waste – the waterHOG is functional, efficient and visually discreet rainwater storage!”

1800mm x 500mm x 220mm for a capacity of 183L


The Brain ‘laboratory’

I saw a small picture of the main room shot from inside a while back when doing a post on the book ‘Tom Kundig: Houses‘, so I’m thrilled to come across the structure shown in full glory. I’d sure love a box like this to think in…

“The Brain is a 14,280 cubic-foot cinematic laboratory where the client, a filmmaker, can work out ideas. Physically, that neighborhood birthplace of invention, the garage, provides the conceptual model. The form is essentially a cast-in-place concrete box, intended to be a strong yet neutral background that provides complete flexibility to adapt the space at will. Inserted into the box along the north wall is a steel mezzanine. All interior structures are made using raw, hot-rolled steel sheets.”

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Moab 80 AIS All Inclusive Sink

Bathroom fixtures continue to amaze as more designers thoughtfully minimize even the most standard elements.

“The new Moab sink takes its source from the technology patented in 2004, anticipating
the future coming trends, of the hidden water sheet supplying, in a vision of
decontextualization of the object. AIS gives the chance to place the sink even out the
bathroom eliminating the tap as main feature of the bathroom area.”

100x54xh18 cm

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Library Staircase

This is the smartest staircase ever. (The picture on the left is looking up, the one on the right is looking down- just in case it’s confusing)

“Limited by space, we melded the idea of a staircase with our client’s desire for a
library to form a ‘library staircase’ in which English oak stair treads
and shelves are both completely lined with books.”- Tim Sloan, Levitate Architects

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Izola’s shower curtains

Check out Izola’s Shower Curtains- they’ve got some different versions of NYC’s subway system and a few other patterns as well. My absolute favorite is the Faile Series one on the right.

(PEVA is polyethylene vinyl acetate, a biodegradable plastic shower curtain.)

PEVA NYC Subway Map Shower Curtain Vers. 3 (left), 100% PEVA, $32.00
PEVA World Map Shower Curtain (middle), 100% PEVA, $25.00
Artist Series: Faile Shower Curtain (right), 100% Vinyl, $100.00

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Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00-$100.00
Availability: Buy Izola’s shower curtains here

Set of 6 Bird Stencils

Why not put a few birds randomly about the home?  Or you could do some wallpaper-like patterns all over a room…might be interesting.

“This stencil is for the birds! This set of 6 mini stencils is just the
thing for decorating your walls, shirt, furniture – just about anything
– with pretty plumed pals. Each stencil is approximately 4″ square, and
each contains a unique design. Imported. Wipe clean.”

8.5″w, 11″h

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Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Availability: Buy Set of 6 Bird Stencils here

Outdoor/Indoor Cherry Twig Stickers

These stickers remind me of the Tattoo House that I posted a while back. It seems like this would be a smart way to get a little bit of that look without spending a whole lot.

“Stickers can be adhered to any glass or plexi surface, outdoors or in.
Easy to follow instructions are included.Once adhered, glass can be
washed normally. Minimum outdoor resistance, 3years. Frosted stickers allow 70% of light to pass through while maintaing maximum opacity, even at close range.
Use several sheets to create patterns and greater privacy.”

Standard size sheets are 20 x 40cm(11x17inches) and include all the elements indicated. Custom sizes are available by request.

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Purchase Information:

Price: $22
Availability: Buy Outdoor/Indoor Cherry Twig Stickers here

Private Library

This studio/library designed by Andrew Berman Architect is a perfect small space that utilizes structure to provide both privacy and light without sacrificing views of the surrounding trees.

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Ferm LIVING Fir Tree Wallpaper

Are you sick of wallpaper yet? I’m not.

“ferm LIVING wallpapers have been specially treated to resist fading and to be reasonably washable. Each roll is 21 inches wide by 32.8 feet long. When determining the correct number of rolls you’ll need, be sure to measure to allow for the repeat.”

32.8″L x 21″W, Repeat pattern: 21 inches

Purchase Information:

Price: $95.00
Availability: Buy Ferm LIVING Fir Tree Wallpaper here

Kohler WaterTile Ambient Rain

Decadence, anyone? In the light of all the take-a-short-shower-and-save-water messages, it seems wrong to post this, but I’m going to anyways because I’ve wondered how much these were and now I know I can’t afford ‘luxurious water delivery’.

“With their 54-nozzle sprayheads, WaterTile Ambient Rain overhead showering panels provide luxurious water delivery. Additionally, integrated chromatherapy offers mood-enhancing colored light sequences to offer a truly customized shower experience.”

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Purchase Information:

Price: $1,995.00
Availability: Buy Kohler WaterTile Ambient Rain here

Stone Forest 36″ Floating Vanity

You’d be dropping a grand into the sink portion of your bath remodel, but isn’t there something about bathrooms and kitchens selling a house? Hopefully it would pay for itself in the long run…

“…floating wall hung vanity available in Black Granite (shown),Travertino Romano, Carrara Marble…Includes mounting wall bracket. Faucet and p-trap not included. 4-6 week lead time required. Free Shipping.”

36″W x 19.75″D x 3″H

Purchase Information:

Price: $1550.00
Availability: Buy Stone Forest 36″ Floating Vanity here