Midsummer Pink and Silver metallic modern floral wallpaper

A floral metallic wallpaper is making quite a statement, but if you have the right space for it, it could be quite delightful.

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Price: $48.00
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Simple architecture and color palatte

The inspirational Swedish home of Ingegerd Raman consists of a black and white color scheme accented with the light wood floors and furnishings.

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Flush-to-the-wall doors

If you’re wanting to create a very curated look, you can have doors which are completely flush-to-the-wall with no visible hinges using concealed “soss” hinges. As one example, you could wallpaper an entire wall with the door included.

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The Pink Project

This is quite lovely–in both thought and execution.

In cooperation with Graft, the Berlin architects, Brad Pitt developed the idea of setting up a temporary township in the main area of the Lower Ninth Ward “a memorial partly to the random destruction of countless homes and partly to the right of the area’s residents to their former community.
The installation consists of 150 pink tents, which represent the houses which are still to be built “houses which will only be erected with the aid of financial donations. The forceful reminder of the pink city will not disappear until gradually the provisional pink structures are replaced by real buildings. The less pink appears, the more donations have flowed in “a poetic visual indicator, which reflects the effects of the public’s sense of responsibility.

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View The Pink Project here

In Bruge-old house remodel

The people over at OWI were nice enough to let me use these images which are usually reserved for architectural books. If you’re looking for remodel ideas, you could literally spend hours at the OWI site looking through fantastic homes.

In this Bruge home in particular, there are some very interesting modifications to an old home with modern ideas. This kitchen which is hidden behind a sliding glass door is pretty cool.

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Fcet house

There are a lot of interesting design elements in this house, but my absolute favorite is the shiny black “cube” room. I can’t tell exactly what the purpose of the room is for from the photos, but it would be a very interesting way to divide a space for a more private area, such as a bath or a small bedroom.

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View Fcet house here

Ikea Kitchen Remodels: Tips

This kitchen photo is taken directly off the Ikea Website from the 2009 catalog. It’s a nice looking kitchen, but it sort of screams “Ikea”–which you want to avoid if you don’t want to look like you live in a cookie cutter home. There are a few things you can do to take advantage of the economy of the Ikea cabinets without making it look like it came from the harbinger of meatballs.

-Take a look over at the NKBA guidelines for kitchen layouts. Not only will this help you stay up to code, but it provides standards for space use, work triangles and safety issues which you may not have considered. I cannot recommend this enough.

-Carefully plan your kitchen based on these guidelines and the space you have available. Use an architectural scale to draw out the floor plan and elevations and review the NKBA standards again to make sure everything is in compliance.

-Order just the wall and base cabinets from Ikea.

-Even though the frosted glass wall cabinets from Ikea look modern, they are a dead giveaway.

-Source drawer pulls elsewhere. These drawer pulls over at Remodelista are a good start.

-Use Silestone, Corian or another solid surface for countertops instead of the Ikea offerings.

-Order your sink and faucets from a local plumbing supply or use this site to locate an economical alternative.

-Use a real floor option, such as tile or real wood. Avoid the laminate floor options available at Ikea.

-Avoid using the Ikea branded appliances.

With that said, Ikea cabinets are the best thing you can buy for the money, and unless you’re on a Bulthaup budget, I’d recommend them hands down.

Hand Glazed Tile

Here’s something I never thought of: glazing your own tile. The owners of this home purchased inexpensive quarry tile along with some glaze and kiln time at a local pottery shop and made these lovely tiles for their bath. I think that would be a really satisfying DIY project.

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Flipping Out on Bravo

I just got sucked into the Bravo show Flipping Out. It’s pretty amazing what Jeff Lewis can do with a property with good bones.

If you’re entertaining the idea of remodeling your home and looking for ideas, this is a good one to watch.

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Beckman Guest House Remodel

I love the simple treatments on this Swedish guest house remodel by DAP.

More information here.

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Vola Faucet by Arne Jacobsen and woods wallpaper

I would love to use the woods wallpaper in a kitchen. It does seem to be a little ubiquitous right now, but i still think it would look great.

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Waterworks .25 line

I like the slim lines of this shower head from Waterworks.

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Price: $847
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Graham and Brown Wallpaper

Apparently this is old news, but Graham and Brown is now available at Target (online only) and it’s suitable for renters b/c it’s non-woven backing allows for quick and easy removal.

Double Wallpaper Roll
Features Printed Design
Strippable Paper Non-Woven Fabric Backing
Wipe with a Damp Cloth Surface
Covers 56.0 Sq. Feet
Paper Paste Sold Separately

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Price: $74.99
Availability: Buy Graham and Brown Wallpaper here

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Free Standing Shower

This is an interesting interpretation of a shower. This is a remodel of the Woodside House in Auckland by the Strahan Group Architects.

You could create the same effect with custom glass which you can get locally. You can also get the shower head very economically for only $50. You can use your existing shower piping or your plumber can get it for you.

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Price: $49
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Penny Tile

Penny tile is really quite versatile. It can be used on floors and walls in old homes and new construction alike. It can even be used in both residential and commercial without looking out of place.

I love the look in this home. And, at $5.75 a square foot it’s fairly economical too.

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Price: $5.75
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