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Tableau by Pikaplant

Hooray! Those of us still struggling to keep houseplants alive now have a savior: the Tableau by Pikaplant. The Tableau incorporates a water reservoir so that our plants can drink when needed- even we're away on a vacation (or just incredibly forgetful). The reservoir will hold enough water for up to three plants for a month, so they'll be happy and healthy for at least that long. No electricity needed, ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: €125.00
Available from: Kickstarter

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Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Did you have a nice Memorial Day Weekend? Now that summer is unofficially here, perhaps we should discuss hammocks. Yea or nay? I believe the correct answer is 'yea'- though if you voted 'nay' it's probably due to the fact that most hammocks aren't the most aesthetically pleasing things. However, Yellow Leaf Hammocks have several that look entirely decent, and you'll probably even grow to love the stripes (colorful or ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00+
Available from: Yellow Leaf Hammocks

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Prism Magnifier

You might not need the Prism Magnifier today, but you might make use of it the next time some tiny text with fine details needs a closer look. When you don't make use if its magnifying properties, it will sure look nice sitting atop that stack of other paperwork that you may or may not have beside your internet machine. 2% of the proceeds of Prism Magnifier sales is donated to ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00
Available from: Areaware

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Friday Links

Steve Messam creates crimson bridge from 20,000 sheets of paper Now that Mad Men is over, we can enjoy it all over again with Mad Men Integrated, in small snippets at a time. Yes. Recycling Debris into Concrete Lego-Blocks (via unconsumption) Just a reminder, all the best Terrible real estate agent photographs are in one place. UNIVERSUM INCOGNITA : A Primer on the Dark Universe. Warning: might be a tad too esoteric. ...Read more

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Push Coffee Maker by Muuto

Mette Duedahl’s Push Coffee Maker is made of a warm grey stoneware in a rounded shape, which seems a little friendlier to touch and hold than the normal glass carafes used in most households. You'll find the plunger is made of steel, so no worries as to the durability of daily use, and the lid is clear plastic, allowing you to check the progress of the brew. Duedahl’s ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $166.00
Available from: A+R Store

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Karui Trays

Pretty, jewel-tone leather contrasts nicely with the polished brass perimeters of the Karui Trays by Gam Fratesi for Skultuna. "Karui" means "light" and "soft" in Japanese (there, look at that, you learned something), which echoes the minimal feel of the circular shape and soft leather surfaces. Pair a couple up for a vanity or entry area, and try not to gravitate towards them every time you pass by. Designed by ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $134.00 - 336.00
Available from: Suite NY

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Drink Rocks by Runa Klock

Drink rocks aren't the most appealing idea, mostly because the two words don't sound like the best of friends. Who wants a rock in their drink? Not me...but, maybe we should be a little more open to the idea, especially because Runa Klock has made this set from soapstone and marble, and each rock has a very appealing geometric shape. Come to think of it, they're the sort of ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $38.00
Available from: Poketo

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Fine 500 Desk Lamp by FX Ballery

How about an ultra thin LED lamp to light your workspace? The Fine 500 Desk Lamp by FX Balléry has a delicate outline yet it packs a punch when it comes to light output. You get 1200 lumen, which equals out to around 75W, with only 15W of energy consumed. Let's all approvingly nod our heads at that bullet point, and then admire that it has four preset light levels and ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $530.00
Available from: Luminaire

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Roger Stool by Sika-Design

This handmade stool is made from suar wood, which, if you're not familiar, is a fast growing (and non-endangered) tropical hardwood. It has an interlocking grain that reduces the likelihood of cracking with temperature changes, and that's very good news for those of us that hope our furniture lasts longer than our pithy life spans. And did you see the price? Very, very affordable which is oh-so-nice to see. Use ...Read more

Purchase Information:

Price: $133.00
Available from: Luminaire

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