Adaptable Table

Update: $499, down from $1,200.00. Some of the color options are sold out, but you’re saving $500 (at DWR, no less), so you can’t complain too much.

Well, the more persnickety among us will be thrilled to learn that this table has multiple color configurations. That’s right, you can mix materials as you wish. Do you want a white top with oak legs? An all grey table? All black? A white table with a green apron? No problem, TAF Architects has seen to those and several more options. 64 options, to be exact. Now, the issue is, just which color combination do you want? (Personally, I like the black top with oak legs.)


Purchase Information:

Price: $499.00 (sale price)

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Available from: DWR

Reclaimed Wood Bench

Shall we show a little Etsy love today? If you’re looking for bench, and a reclaimed wood one at that, you need to head on over to the Etsy shop of Dylan Design Company. This 7 ft. bench above is $300, and is made from reclaimed old growth pine (salvaged from old buildings in downtown Baltimore, MD) and solid steel. There’s a few 4′, 5′, and a 6′ bench as well.

Purchase Information:

Price: $305.00
Available from: Dylan Design Company's Etsy Shop

JACK Table Legs

Table legs sold separately are always a good bet as you’re able to change out the surface to whatever suits your fancy. Plywood, wood, stone, glass, you name it, you can alter your desk/work top to whatever you want. These JACK table legs were named after the game jacks (reference there for you young things that have no idea) and will look excellent with whichever table top you prefer. The JACK legs are available in three finishes: Black, White, and shot blasted aluminum finish. And, if you’d like the table top included, there’s the complete Jack Table as well (custom sizes available, see website for more info).

Purchase Information:

Price: $POR
Available from: Lerival

Cord Lounge Chair

You’ve seen the various string chairs (the Acapulco Chair, for instance), but check out this lounge chair from Ilan Dei Studio. Doesn’t it look ‘designer-y’, and by that I mean, pretty expensive? Compared to the woven Tropicalia Lounge Chair by Patricia Urquiola for $4,410, it sure seems like a good price at $799.

Purchase Information:

Price: $799.00
Available from: Ilan Dei Store

wfour design Sideboard

Sideboards. Maybe you’ve not found the perfect one yet, and are more than a little tired of searching for just the right legs/drawer/door configuration. If so, may I direct you towards wfour design*, a small company located in Eugene, Oregon that specializes in furniture that’s made to fit your needs. Want doors on the left and drawers on the right? A specific height? A blue base? An orange base? You say the word, and chances are, you’ll get just what you want for around the same price listed. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Email wfour design directly to discuss which piece you’d like to customize (more info on the custom page). Also, make note of the encouragement wfour gives for spraypainting the legs when you want a color change; it’s nice to know they understand those of us that like to switch things up.


Purchase Information:

Price: $2079.00 - 2549.00
Available from: wfour

Spin Stool by Swedese

Swedish furniture producers Swedese pays homage to the classic Alvar Aalto stacking stools in function and spirit, but with a new spin (get it?) on aesthetics. Many prototypes and experiments resulted in laminated veneer legs bending in two directions, giving the stationary stool a spiraling motion. Spin Stools are made to order with an 8-10 week lead time.

Purchase Information:

Price: £245.00
Available from: The Lollipop Shoppe

Monarchy Rocking Stool

If you think this is too expensive for a rocking stool, perhaps we should put it to a test and compare it to a Fit-Chair. Sure, the exercise-ball-as-chair does wonders for your posture, but it looks horrible. As in, so horrible it’s offensive to the eyes. Contrast the exercise-ball-as-chair with the Monarchy Rocking Stool by Feld. If I had to choose which one to have in my own home, I’d save up my pennies for a very long time and, you guessed it, get the Monarchy Stool. It swivels and rocks forwards and backwards and sideways, and looks fifty times better than the aforementioned alternative.

Purchase Information:

Price: $563.00
Available from: AHAlife

Woodrow Bed

Nice. The slight angles and simple treatment of both head and footboards make this bed a good choice for a modern bedroom- especially if you’re not a fan of upholstered frames. Made from a combination of solid walnut and walnut veneer, with wood slats. Available in four sizes (king, queen, full and twin).

More information:

View Woodrow Bed here

Pushpin Cork Stool

As the besocked gentleman demonstrates, this Pushpin Cork Stool functions well as a seating option or as a suitable surface for books and refreshments. As we all know, cork is sustainable (when harvested correctly), and well known for its impermeability, buoyancy, elasticity, and fire resistance. Taiwanese based company Cooima (means “can do” in Chinese) produces the Pushpin Cork Stool.


Purchase Information:

Price: $299.00
Available from: Gessato

Acapulco Chair

Hmm, what do we have here? If you have an extraordinary memory, you might just remember a tiny note I made regarding the price of an Acapulco-ish Egg Chair back in 2009. Often these chairs are priced around the $400 – $500 mark, which didn’t make much sense to me as I’ve seen them on porches of very humble abodes in Mexico and Costa Rica. Enter in MoMA Store, who now carries the Acapulco Chair for a mere $195. Hmm. The investigation continues below.

Purchase Information:

Price: $195.00
Available from: MoMA Store

Wool Pouf by Ferm Living

This octahedral* pouf would add a little geometry to a space while providing a very comfortable place to rest one’s weary feet. Never underestimate a good pouf or an ottoman, by the way, as they make a big difference in relaxation (as witnessed by multitudes who involuntarily emit a sigh of relief once placing their lower limbs on their own said pouf/ottoman). Back to the octahedron: this one is made by Ferm Living and is stable enough to sit on, if you should so choose.

Purchase Information:

Price: $660.00
Available from: YLiving

Geo Stool

There’s nothing like a big hunk of zinc to make you plunk down 800 bucks, especially when there’s hexagons pentagons involved. That’s probably an untrue statement, as you most likely wouldn’t plunk down 800 bucks for much of anything, let alone a zinc stool, but the hexagons pentagons do make one a bit dizzy with design lust, as they would fit well in many a modern interior.

-19″ x 19″

(Thanks Todd for spotting the hexagon error.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $795.00
Available from: Jayson Home

Shingles Pantry

You remember the Envelope Chest from Field Day, right? Well, this is another piece of theirs, and it’s equally fetching. Covered in “fancy-cut” Western Red Cedar shingles, the piece will add texture and depth to a room while providing four shelves of storage space. The Shingles Pantry is handmade using traditional joinery.


Purchase Information:

Price: $2400.00
Available from: Field Day

cantilever shelf

This staggered shelf by Seth Ellsworth gives you a snazzy book or shoe storage option for right around the $300 mark. There are nine replaceable shelves- not adjustable, mind you- made from solid wood and attached directly to the wall for a floating, clean-lined look. Available in oak, dark stained oak (+$50), or walnut (+$100). Custom configurations are available as well.


Purchase Information:

Price: $300.00
Available from: [lhooq] design

Standard Chair

Is this an affordable alternative to Prouv√©’s Standard Chair ($935) or what? Answer: Yes, indeed it is. To be clear, in theory, knock-offs or “reproductions” aren’t the best choice if you can afford the original designs, but if an original is way out of your price range, then it’s certainly forgivable. In this case, $325 is way easier on the wallet than $935, especially if you consider ordering multiples ($325 x 4 = $1,300; $935 x 4 = $3,740).

Purchase Information:

Price: $325.00
Available from: Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.