Dordoni Worktop Table Small

Simple and elegant, the Dordoni Worktop Table would make your workspace more efficient and make you more productive.
(on sale…was $1998)

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,499.95
Availability: Buy Dordoni Worktop Table Small here

Bambar Stool

Such a nice shape, and it’s made out of environmentally friendly bamboo, so you’ll feel good about it whenever you sit down.

“The Bambar Stool is the perfect countertop complement. A crossbeam provides a conveient footrest at the base. Constructed in the U.S. of Bamboo and treated with non-toxic, water-based finishes.”

14″ deep x 16″ wide x 29″ tall

Purchase Information:

Price: $351.00
Availability: Buy Bambar Stool here

Taburet M Stacking Stool

These stools are understatedly elegant AND affordable. I can picture them in an office, used as dining chairs, or even just in a living room as extra seating. Currently on sale, the Taburet M Stacking Stool is available in Birch, Cherry and Black.

“The Taburet M Stacking Stool is almost pure abstraction, making minimum impact on space and redefining “seat” in the simplest sense. Yet, the stool is quite substantial, offering a low, comfortable seat suited to a retail setting, showroom, gallery or reception area. The Taburet M Stacking Stool was designed by Danish craftsman/designer Jorgen Moller, who, along with Bruno Mathsson, became one of the early leading exponents of modern Danish design. Like Mathsson, Moller sought new solutions rather than drawing from tradition,and created light, minimal structures.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $290.00
Availability: Buy Taburet M Stacking Stool here

Artur Desk/Worktable

The new Ikea Catalog was in my mailbox yesterday, (viewable here online), and I have to admit to seeing some good designs. I like this desk. It’s a little more farmhouse modern than spaceship modern, but that can be good.

Purchase Information:

Price: $150
Availability: Buy Artur Desk/Worktable here

Low Platform

I really like the proportions and styling of this piece. I’m not too crazy about the oak veneer though. But if I had to choose a color I guess it’d be the chocolate. But I’d almost rather pull a DIY and do a nice walnut veneer over it. It’d cost a little more but I’d enjoy it so much more.

Purchase Information:

Price: $699
Availability: Buy Low Platform here

Juno Sofa

This sofa is custom made with your own fabric. You provide 8 or 9 yards of your favorite material (depending on if you choose the 2 or 3 seater) and 8 to 16 weeks later, you get your sofa.

“Frame of chromium-plated steel. Upholstered hardwood frame, upholstery of polyurethane with padding. Cover of fabric (removable).

Juno looks good from every angle. lt thus deserves to be placed in a dominant position: free-standing in the room and accessible from all sides. You can even sit on the wide backrest.

The sofa thus becomes a spontaneous, communicative meeting place.The single loose cushion creates an interesting asymmetry – and it is always there as an armrest where it is needed.”

Two Seat Sofa: COM 8 yds. W 59 D 36 H 26 SH 15 $5,995
Three Seat Sofa: COM 9 yds. W 86.7 D 36 H 26 SH 15 (+$1500.00)

Free shipping in the US.

Purchase Information:

Price: $5,995
Availability: Buy Juno Sofa here

Cinema Sofa

Purchase Information:

Price: $699.00
Availability: Buy Cinema Sofa here

‘folded’ coffee table

Check it out, an origami-ish coffee table. No, it doesn’t fold up, but the surface appears to have been folded/unfolded with it’s ‘sloping planes’. It would look pretty killer in person; I’m willing to bet money on it.

“inspired by the art of origami, the ‘folded’ table is yet another in a recent line of impressive designs by arik levy. available in two heights, this rectangular coffee table is supported by a chromed steel base, and has an .5″ thick plastic top made using ‘carousel moulding’ – a process which allows a full consistancy of materials and a polished, scratch resistant surface. the three-dimensional table top is something to be admired, with it’s asymmetrical sloping planes – like, naturally, a sheet of folded origami paper – which creates a diamond-like effect when light is shined upon it. and yet, the inclinations are very slight, so you won’t have to worry about things sliding off.”

by Arik Levy
top available in two colors : standard black or burgundy red.
dimensions : 29.75″w x 51.1″l : high version – 18.5″h : low version – 11″h

(This item’s link and price was updated 02/24/10.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $870.00
Availability: Buy ‘folded’ coffee table here

baleri ‘mac gee’ by phillipe starck

The ‘Mac Gee’ shelving system, one of Phillipe Starck’s first commercial designs, has a central steel upright support that holds five shelves of increasing depth from top to bottom.

dimensions : 39″w x 92.9h : from wall to front – 19.68″depth : shelves – smallest – 6.3″depth : largest – 16.4″

Purchase Information:

Price: $2721.00
Availability: Buy baleri ‘mac gee’ by phillipe starck here

Get Bent Chair

Ohh this is a great chair.

Made of aluminum with a powder coating, stackable and available in 186 colors, mat or glossy.

Designer: Alexandre Berthiaume

Purchase Information:

Price: $2,400.00
Availability: Buy Get Bent Chair here

Air Bench

I like the bench, though I might be more likely to describe it as a bench with holes drilled into it rather than ‘circles of air’, but, hey, it sure sounds nicer…

“Architect Thomas Sandell breathes life into his wood with this impressive table design. Circles of air are sculpted into this endpiece, the perfect complement to its living, vibrant finish.”

available in white, grey & red

17 ¾”h x 37 ¾”w x 12 ½”d

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Eek Dresser

This piece has me a little floored. It’s so simple and yet really well done. It has a baroque pattern which is wallpapered onto a steel base.

Purchase Information:

Price: $3,270.00
Availability: Buy Eek Dresser here

Duplex Sofa

This is my favorite sofa shape and here it is for less than a grand.

Lightweight kiln-dried solid hardwood frame
• Mortise-and-tenon joinery
• Dense foam core cushions wrapped in soft poly batting
• Flexolator ® spring system
• 6″ solid brushed aluminum stiletto legs
• Plush microfiber
• Made in USA

Purchase Information:

Price: $999
Availability: Buy Duplex Sofa here

piedras seating by javier mariscal

What great children’s furniture.

“piedras seating designed by javier mariscal for the magis me too collection right out of the stone age come these imaginative chairs, tables and benches designed like boulders.

made of durable polyethylene, these are built to stand up to years of rugged play, both indoors and out.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $235.00
Availability: Buy piedras seating by javier mariscal here

t table by patricia urquiola

Such a nice accent table for the price…

“designed by patricia urquiola for kartell, the t table was a giant hit in milan. manufactured in durable PMMA. the surface of the table is reminiscent of embroidery, resulting in a product that is functional and extremely decorative. 20″ diameter top. available in 3 heights: 11″, 14″, and 17″ and 6 colors, the t table can be used alone or in groupings.
colors are approximate. due to the nature of this material returns will not be accepted on this item on assembled or opened packages.”

Availability mid august, though you can pre-order now…

Purchase Information:

Price: $227.00
Availability: Buy t table by patricia urquiola here