Muji Wall Mounted CD Player

This is kind of old school, but I felt like it was worth posting. Don’t buy this if you’re expecting a sturdy, advanced piece of technology. But do get this if you want a really simple, beautiful cd player.

“The speakers are built into the body of the CD player. To make a disc play you simply pull the cable. Volume and search controls are situated on the top of the Cd player.”

It is available in the US through Compact Impact or at any of the Muji sites online (Moma, Muji UK, etc.).

Purchase Information:

Price: $199
Availability: Buy Muji Wall Mounted CD Player here

Radiant FM Desk Radio Black

I’m always delighted with small, shiny, lucite-ish things, and the fact that this is a radio AND it gives off a glow, makes me think it’s a winner. Definitely qualifies as a nice safe gift that someone would appreciate…

“This unique radio emits a LED glow when turned on. Use the center button to turn the radio on or off and to find your FM station. Uses DC adaptor or 2 ‘AAA’ batteries.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $59.00
Availability: Buy Radiant FM Desk Radio Black here

Hulger Skype Phone

Is there anything better than not having to pay for long distance? And being able to get rid of your home phone? The Hulger hand set attaches to your cellphone and, with the optional adapter, can be plugged into your computer for hours and hours of free gabbing.

Purchase Information:

Price: $70
Availability: Buy Hulger Skype Phone here

Artemis Ceiling Fan

It’s quite hard to find an unobtrusive ceiling fan, so that’s why it’s so nice to see this particular one. Ceiling fans are key in saving money on energy bills, so if you’re not utilizing fans in your main living areas, you might want to look into the idea. Several different finishes are available.

Downrods available in several different lengths to accomodate ceiling heights.

(Thanks Mark for the link…)

Purchase Information:

Price: $369.95
Availability: Buy Artemis Ceiling Fan here

t-1 analog telephone

For anyone who even still uses a regular ol’ phone, this one is quite modern without being too pretentious in the bells and whistles category. Again, simplicity is such a nice attribute…

“Sleek and chic in silver and black, the Jacob Jensen T-1 telephone is as light and comfortable as it is attractive. Headset and dial pad reside on separate elements of the phone, which features redial, 2 direct memory keys, and 10 secondary memory keys. The base can be mounted on a wall or placed freestanding on a table. Options include adjustable ring tone volume and PABX (switchboard) connectivity. An ideal phone for home or office.”

h 3 ½” w 7 ¾” d 1 ¾”

Purchase Information:

Price: $78.00
Availability: Buy t-1 analog telephone here

Doorbell ‘Bottoms Up’ by Peter van der Jagt

This might be my favorite thing ever in the entire world, or at least close to it.

“What we know as a doorbell is a square box that strangely enough says nothing about what a doorbell really is: an appliance consisting of an electromagnet, a hammer and two sound sources. In this design by Peter van der Jagt, crystal glasses make a crystal clear sound, announcing guests with a musical toast.”

9.8″ x 3.5″ x 9.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $235.00
Availability: Buy Doorbell ‘Bottoms Up’ by Peter van der Jagt here

plug in fm radio by m. luck, m. barandard and c. fuchs

So small and cute, and really quite an effective design. Well done, Misters M. Luck, M. Barandard and C. Fuchs.

“winner of the discovery prize at NOW design in 2001 and at APCI in 2001. this fm radio functions with neither batteries nor wires! plug this radio into an electrical outlet to charge and 10 hours of charging will yield over 10 hours of operation.

this radio features a fold out round antenna and adjusting wheels for volume and tuning on the sides. this model is made by the process of plastic casing.”

4″w x 4″h x 1.4″l

Purchase Information:

Price: $25.00
Availability: Buy plug in fm radio by m. luck, m. barandard and c. fuchs here

Soundsticks II Speaker System

I’m such a sucker for pretty pictures of pretty things. This could be a salad spinner and I’d still say “ooo” and “ah” over it’s acrylic-y and silvery touches of stuff. It’s not a salad spinner, though, it’s a speaker system, so I think I’m justified (and not too much of a nerd) in talking of it’s beauty, as it will be a functional thing on display.

“This contemporary 40-watt, three-piece speaker system produces high-quality stereo sound for music, MP3s, movies, and games. Simple to install, it works with a variety of devices through the mini stereo jack connection. Includes two self-powered satellite speakers with adjustable bases and touch volume/mute control, and a powerful subwoofer with bass control. One-year warranty.”

Size: Subwoofer, 10.25h x 9″diam. Speakers, 10h x 3.5″diam.

Item on a slight backorder, so you’ll have to wait your turn.

Purchase Information:

Price: $170.00
Availability: Buy Soundsticks II Speaker System here

PAL radio, iPod compatible

I’m not much of a gadget-y type person, but I’m drawn to this little radio and it’s easy-to-use interface. The iPod compatibility is a major plus (as well as the weather resistant rubberized cabinet).

“Portable Audio Laboratory Rechargeable nickel metal hydride battery pack; charges in 3.5 hours, AC adaptor included. 5:1 tuning ratio, enabling easy and accurate station tuning, automatic Frequency Control keeps frequency locked to center of station; telescoping FM antenna; built-in AM antenna; auxiliary input jack for CD player, MP3 player and other devices, and headphone jack supplied on back panel.”

6.5″ tall

Purchase Information:

Price: $150.00
Availability: Buy PAL radio, iPod compatible here

Poe Radio

The Poe Radio (Philippe Starck, 1997) is going out of production. So if you’re wanting one of these in ivory you better snap it up pronto.

Functions: has automatic search facility

10.12″ high 5.50″ dia 6.5″ dia top

Purchase Information:

Price: $160.00
Availability: Buy Poe Radio here

Ambient Dashboard

I’m in love! I’ve seen this before but for whatever reason it didn’t strike a chord with me then.
The ambient dashboard has three panels which you can customize to display information that you’d like to view at a glance. The best part about it is that you can tune into the basic channels and not pay any monthly fees, or you can opt for premium service for $6.95 a month or $19.95 a quarter. It works like a radio, using over the air signals. No computer or wifi connections necessary.

Basic channels:
S&P 500
Nasdaq Composite
Local Temperature Forecast
Northeast Forecast
Mid-Atlantic Forecast
Southeast Forecast
Midwest Forecast
West Forecast
Northwest Forecast
Local Forecast Conditions
Area Traffic Congestion

My Stock
My Stock #2
My Stock #3
My Portfolio
My Forecast
AIM Buddy Status
My Forecast
My Commute #1
My Commute #2
My Commute #3
Mileage Points
Bill Reminder
New Job Listings
Mobile Minutes Used
E-mail Waiting
Calendar Countdown
Buddy Status

Purchase Information:

Price: $99.00
Availability: Buy Ambient Dashboard here

Source: Via

Moosk Radio by Philippe Starck

“The Moosk radio, designed by Gerome Oliviet with artistic direction from Philippe Starck, has fascinating sculptural qualities that push the envelope of audio equipment. This functioning FM radio has adjustable volume and tuning dials concealed at the base, and includes a curved attachment for optional wall hanging. Constructed of durable thermoplastic polymer and available in blue-grey or white, Mooosk is a remarkable piece that reflects Philippe Starck’s love of curved forms.”
Dimensions: 8.25″w x 3″h x 5.75″d

Purchase Information:

Price: $65.00
Availability: Buy Moosk Radio by Philippe Starck here

Bluetooth enabled phone

Back in June, we posted Hulger’s cell phone handset. Recently, Hulger updated the styles to their cell phone handsets and now have a bluetooth version, which just started shipping yesterday. The site also sells a “y cable” to make the handset convert to a VOIP.

Purchase Information:

Price: $80.00
Availability: Buy Bluetooth enabled phone here

Source: Via

Magnavox 42″ Widescreen Plasma HDTV

I’m glad the price of plasma screen tv’s is finally dropping. I actually saw a no-name-brand 42″ flatscreen on a Walmart flyer for $999. This means that probably in about six to tweleve months the no-namers will drop to about $800 and the big namers will probably be around $1500.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1999.00
Availability: Buy Magnavox 42″ Widescreen Plasma HDTV here

Radio Rabit

Who needs a big fancy radio when you can just have a little rabbit? I get tired of listening to iTunes at work and sometimes I long for a little new hip hop or NPR…

I wish the radio plugged in instead of requiring batteries, but for $12 I won’t complain too much. Besides, the eyes are the buttons to change the station! And, when the antenna is not in use, it collapses into the bunny head concealed as his left ear. His mouth is the speaker.

Radio requires two AA batteries, batteries not included.
2 1/2” × 5”

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00
Availability: Buy Radio Rabit here