Lacquer Docking Station

Available in mushroom, espresso or white, this lacquered docking station conceals the cords of your devices in one handy place.

A space-saving way station for cell phones, digital cameras, blackberrys, mp3 players and their charging kits. Wood construction with a glossy lacquered finish. Hinged back holds a surge protector, cords and plugs; rear cutout feeds cords to an outlet. Large drawer stores notes, pens and more. White, mushroom or espresso.

15″w x 9.25″d x 4.75″h.

Purchase Information:

Price: $49.00
Availability: Buy Lacquer Docking Station here

Phonofone II – Limited Edition Black

Phonofone II is now available in black(!).

“Through passive amplification alone, these unique pieces instantly transform any personal music player + earbuds into a sculptural audio console. Without the use of external power or batteries, the Phonofone II inventively exploits the virtues of horn acoustics to boost the audio output of standard earphones to up to 55 decibels.”

Material: Ceramic
11″ x 9.5″ x 20″ (28 x 25 x 51 cm)

Purchase Information:

Price: $600.00
Availability: Buy Phonofone II – Limited Edition Black here

Bamboo Charging Stations

Guess what material this new version of the KangaRoom Charging Station is made from…yep, the ever-so-recently-popular bamboo. Also, if you’d prefer to keep your gadgets close to the computer, there’s a monitor and laptop stand as well.

3 Pod Charging Station, 13″L x 3.75″W x 5″H: $45.00, Buy it here.

Monitor Stand and Charging Station, 14″L x 11″W x 3″H: $45.00, Buy it here.

Laptop Stand, 20″L x 12″W x 3″H: $45.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Availability: Buy Bamboo Charging Stations here

Humidifier Version III

I have Version II of this Naoto Fukasawa humidifier and I love it.

“The goal of the Japanese design house Plusminuszero is to turn everyday objects into art… and, as anyone who lives in a dry climate knows, humidifiers aren’t exactly the most aesthetic object in your house. That’s all about to change with the Humidifier Version III. With its compact frame and beautifully smooth surfaces, it not only works perfectly to control the climate but actually looks great while doing its job.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $207.00
Availability: Buy Humidifier Version III here

Bluelounge Sanctuary Charging Station

Charging stations are abundant nowadays, but it’s rare that one comes so close to simplicity as this one.

“The simple and compact design conceals a universal charger compatible with over 1500 electronic devices from most major brands and a USB port allowing hundreds more electronic devices to be charged using just The Sanctuary. Users can from now on charge their cell phone, PDA, Blackberry, iPod, MP3 player, and bluetooth headset simultaneously in one location.”

Available in White or Black, $129.00

[via gizmodo via geeky-gadgets]

Purchase Information:

Price: $129.00
Availability: Buy Bluelounge Sanctuary Charging Station here

Phonofone II Ipod Speaker

We’ve probably all seen this before as a concept piece, but they’re now in production and taking pre-orders for shipment in April.

The Phonofone amplifies the sound that comes out of your earbuds and is made entirely from ceramic. Not only does it function entirely without electricity (other than the Ipod, ofcourse), but it’s quite a stunning sculptural piece as well.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $450.00
Availability: Buy Phonofone II Ipod Speaker here

Singgih Kartono Magno Wooden Radio

Sustainably grown wooden radio which is compatible with your ipod.

“Singgih Kartono chooses wood for his radios not just based on aesthetics but on his appreciation of wood’s simplicity and organic vitality. The Magno radio combines the most current mp3 player compatible electronics with sustainably grown woods.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $200
Availability: Buy Singgih Kartono Magno Wooden Radio here

Tivoli Audio iYiYi

In most cases, I’d rather have 1 item that performs two functions instead of 2 that each only perform one. But for some reason, listening to iTunes on my computer doesn’t really work for me while I’m using my computer. It slows down my computer a little and the speakers leave a little to be desired. I’ve been wanting a external way to listen to my iTunes library and I think this may just be it.

“The iYiYi system connects and charges all dockable iPods. Its precise digital tuner includes five FM and five AM station preset buttons, a ‘seek’ function, and built-in AM and FM antennas. The backlit display provides information on station tuning, the time, and the 20-minute sleep timer indicator. It all adds up to the ultimate home audio system for anyone looking for iPod and radio control in one unit. Available in black and white. Dimensions: 7.36″H x 11.88″ W x 8.66″ D. Weight: 6.33 lbs”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $399.00
Availability: Buy Tivoli Audio iYiYi here

Candleholder Flashlight by David Weeks

Look! It’s the repurposing of a the candleholder shape into a flashlight. This is pretty cool.

“This flashlight can be perfectly concealed on your bookcase or mantle top. It uses bright LED bulbs and is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).”

Designed by David Weeks.

Purchase Information:

No longer available.

Alessi Body Scale

Ever since Katie posted this sink over in our ‘Remodel’ section, I’ve been having fantasies about the perfect bathroom.

I think this would fit in nicely.

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $139.00
Availability: Buy Alessi Body Scale here


The SpaceStation is a USB hub station which allows for cord management for up to four devices when you have your laptop connected.

Available in black or white.

Purchase Information:

Price: $79.99
Availability: Buy SpaceStation here

500xl Computer Speakers

500 times larger than your earbuds, these desk top speakers mess around with your sense of scale. Clever.

“500XL includes a built-in amp and 3-way power – it runs on batteries or you can connect it to your computer’s USB port with the supplied cord.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $40.00
Availability: Buy 500xl Computer Speakers here

C2- Climate Control

Herman Miller has a new space aged heating and cooling solution which uses a patented, energy-efficient thermal technology to deliver both heating and cooling from a single, compact unit which consumes 90% less energy than a typical space heater.

“The C2 not only improves your comfort level, it filters the air around you by intercepting particles of dust, pollen and dander as small as five microns.

And, because the C2 is not a space heater, it doesn’t contain any exposed heating coils, chemicals or harmful emissions. No filling with water or recharging is necessary, and the filter is removable for cleaning. The unit will shut itself off after four hours, as an added energy saver. UL listed and plugs into a standard 110v AC. The C2 Climate Control is a fully licensed product of Herman Miller®, Inc.”

[posted by kris]

Purchase Information:

Price: $280.00
Availability: Buy C2- Climate Control here


This clever unit both hides a mess of wires and also conceals a power strip.

More information:

View PowerBlock here

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Aromatic Humidifier by Plus Minus Zero–now on sale

Naoto Fukusawa is one of the few people I would call a design genius. His Aromatic Humidifier by Plus Minus Zero is a prime example of his work and is now on sale.

“Comes with an aroma pot for you to add your favorite essential oil, so that the air in the room can not only be moisturized, but also scented with soothing aroma.”

Purchase Information:

Price: $198.00
Availability: Buy Aromatic Humidifier by Plus Minus Zero–now on sale here