Belkin Timer

Here’s a neat little device which allows you to shut off power to whatever is plugged in after a set amount of time (1/2 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours).

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.99
Available from: Belkin

Fliqlo: Flip Clock Screensaver

Here’s a fun screensaver for Mac or PC.

Purchase Information:

Price: $0.00
Available from: 9031

Punkt DP01 Phone

If the name Jasper Morrison rings your bell, you’ll be ecstatic to know his shop is now online. And what lovely offers are on hand? Well, the Punkt phone, of course, designed my Mr. Morrison himself. If you still have a landline, I’d say it’s a great choice; there’s a fully integrated answer machine, phonebook, and ten ringtones to choose from. The handset is upside down, which allows you to read who’s calling and answer the phone without picking it up.


Purchase Information:

Price: £155.00
Available from: Jasper Morrison Shop

TDK Boomboxes

Bringing up the name TDK to music lovers who didn’t grow up with an iPod is  sure to warm their hearts in some way. I’m still a bit young myself, but I certainly have great memories of dubbing  songs off the radio and creating mixtapes with handwritten liner notes. TDK is a storage media company, but has recently branched into the home audio market with these fantastic boombox-inspired stereos.


Purchase Information:

Price: $$299.00
Availability: Buy TDK Boomboxes here

Phonofone III iPhone Speaker

The Phonofone III is the third iteration of a completely passive, non-electric ceramic amplifer designed specifically for the iPhone. (Check out our previously posted Koostik for a similar product done in wood). Using only clever acoustics, the iPhone’s volume is amplified up to four times. The Phonofone is handmade in Canada and only available in limited quantities. For such a unique and handmade product I would naturally assume it would adorn quite a lavish price tag, but it is actually quite reasonable. I’ve never seen any of these in person so if there any readers out there who can vouch for the sound quality please chime in with comments.


Purchase Information:

Price: $195.00
Availability: Buy Phonofone III iPhone Speaker here

Source: Craziest Gadgets


Hmm, this is pretty neat. Using natural acoustics (specially designed sound channels), this dock amplifies the iPhone’s built in speaker by 2 to 4 times. While not intended to replace electronic amplifiers, the size and style might suit your needs for low to medium volume music. All of the external buttons and controls of the phone are easily accessible while the phone is docked and there’s several different wood bodies to choose from.

To learn more, visit koostik.com.

More information:

View KOOSTIK here

The Buddha Machine

You might have heard of the Buddha Machine, but do you own one? The Buddha Machine is a small plastic box that plays ambient loops, sort of like an AM radio except with specific tracks. Music that comes from the Buddha Machine is intended to provide calm and inspiration for our fast-paced lives, and can be experienced through the built-in speaker or through headphones. Also, there’s a Buddha Machine iPhone app if you’d prefer it on your phone or iPod. See the youtube video below if you’re curious to see it in action before buying.

To learn more, visit FM3.

Purchase Information:

Price: $26.99
Available from: Insound

Belkin Conserve Insight

Continuing their line of energy-saving products as part of their Conserve line, Belkin recently released the Insight, a plug-in energy monitor that will track electricity consumption of any device plugged into it (wattage), carbon dioxide produced, as well as the actual monetary cost of energy usage. Definitely useful for the gadgets you leave on all day like your computer, but it will also aid in finding and keeping tabs on the not-so-obvious devices that draw power unbeknownst to you.

Purchase Information:

Price: $30.00
Availability: Buy Belkin Conserve Insight here

Source: Uncrate

Big Ass Element Fan

Why yes, that is one Big Ass Fan. There’s no doubt in my mind it packs a punch in air circulation, because it’s huuuge. 12 feet diameter huge. While most of the pictures of these fans are shown in large retail spaces, I thought this shot of Wayne Coyne’s (of the Flaming Lips) living room really gives you the correct sense of proportion. Now, whether you need something this big or not is completely up to you, but if you’re curious to hear Wayne and his wife’s thoughts on how their Big Ass Fan is perfect (plus some images of their interesting home), see below or on youtube.

Shown above: Element Fan, approx. 12′ diameter
Backed by a 100%, non-prorated 10 year warranty.
Price available upon request.


More information:

View Big Ass Element Fan here

Cablebox Mini

Bluelounge, a company that is completely obsessed with organizing your electronics and workspace, has recently released a smaller version of their popular Cablebox, appopriately named the Cablebox Mini. Plug in your gadgets to the provided 4-socket powerstrip and close the lid. The sight of power adapaters and messy cables will be replaced with a clean, minimalist box. And if you get any of the bright colors, it might actually become a focal point in your room.

Dimensions: 9.3 x 4.6 x 5.2in
Material: fire retardant plastic

Colors: White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink
Includes UL listed 4-socket surge protector

Purchase Information:

Price: $29.95
Available from: Blue Lounge

Zikmu Wireless Speaker System

Hmm. This slim profile speaker system is a result of Philippe Starck and Parrot, a Paris-based wireless device company. Able to stream music directly from any Blutooth enabled device (phone, computer, etc), the Zikmu transmits 360 degrees of immersive sound while allowing for portability not usually found within the home sound systems market. A docking station is built into one of the two columns, giving you an option to charge your device while listening to your music.

Remote control included.
H 29.25″ (Base W 12.5″ D 11.5″, Top W 5″ Top D 1.5″)
Weight 17 lbs. each

Video below of Philippe Starck and Henri Seydoux, CEO of Parrot, discussing the creation of the Zikmu speakers. (more…)

Purchase Information:

Price: $1,600.00
Available from: DWR

Eklipse Music System

I swear, make a music player with an iPod dock, paint it shiny black (and keep it minimal) and you have yourself a willing audience waiting to send you money. It always helps if it sounds good, of course. There’s a bunch of Sonoro Systems on sale through Gilt Groupe, so if you’re one of those willing, you might want to take a look.

Eklipse Music System, $499.00 $365.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $365.00
Available from: Gilt Groupe

Safe Radio

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, to the new eco-smart AM/FM radio from Elium Studio. Two minutes of hand winding gives you half an hour of listening and it can also be used as an MP3 amplifier. Maize bio-plastic and bamboo covering gives a nice matte finish.

Rechargeable on AC adaptor (not included).
Designed by Elium Studio, Pierre Garner, Elise Berthier, 2010
5.5″ x 3.7″ x 1.8″

Purchase Information:

Price: 55.00
Available from: Design Museum Shop

Umbra Loft Charging Valet Studio

Fancy a ‘fancier’ charging valet? Not sure if the more decorative style will suit you or not, but it’s definitely an alternative to the boxier/sleek versions we normally show.

5.4″ L x 6.2″ W x 13.4″ D

Purchase Information:

Price: $24.99
Available from: Target

Lacie Sound2 USB Speakers

I swear by my Lacie Firewire Speakers. They’re self powered, sound good, and look like little smoke stacks. I won’t think twice about buying another set if they ever break. But this new, updated version looks very tempting…

*has a built-in USB cable, so you won’t lose it, nor will you have a tangle of wires.
*dual power mode allows you to use the speakers with a USB cable or with the included power supply.
*30W power output
*Plug & play, driver-free for Mac and PC

Purchase Information:

Price: $100
Availability: Buy Lacie Sound2 USB Speakers here