Lexon dolman mini radio

Why aren’t there more electronics like this? It’s a radio with two simple buttons for volume, two toggle buttons for on/off and am/fm and a rotary dial for the stations. Perfect for NPR or kickin’ out the jams at work.

Did I mention a state of the art amplifier and that it’s AC rechargeable?

Purchase Information:

Price: $74.00
Availability: Buy Lexon dolman mini radio here

Tivoli Sirius radio

You early adopters out there will like the new Tivoli SIRIUS radio, the first satellite table radio designed exclusively for home use. Delivers digital quality sound in 65 commercial-free music channels*, and over 40 news, sports and entertainment channels.

The radio is housed in a cherry wood cabinet with taupe metallic faceplate.

*Subscription required. Activation fees applies

Purchase Information:

Price: $300
Availability: Buy Tivoli Sirius radio here

Rotary Phones

Do any of you have landlines anymore? If so, check out these old timey rotary phones that have been collected from Argentina and refurbished back to orginal working condition.

Purchase Information:

Price: $185.00
Availability: Buy Rotary Phones here

Cordless Telephone

I am so upset. When I saw this phone yesterday, I really fell head over heels. That might sound silly, but really, how often do you see a phone that knocks your socks off? I want it and can’t buy it!! It’s not fair. Maybe if we all email the company, they’ll succumb to the inevitable and provide an option to ship to the U.S.

More information:

View Cordless Telephone here

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Tykho Radio

Splash and shock-resistant radio coated in synthetic rubber. The antenna doubles as the tuner knob. Takes four AA batteries (not included).

Size: 3.5h x 5.5w x 1.75″d.

Purchase Information:

Price: $55
Availability: Buy Tykho Radio here