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Easiest To Read Digital Scale

If you’re serious about losing some pounds, this scale might help with its fancy ‘bioelectrical analysis’…plus, if you’ve got to have a scale, you might as well have a futuristic (or old-school eighties) looking one, right?

With a digital readout over four inches tall, this body-analyzing scale measures several critical health metrics and displays them in numbers large enough to read without glasses. In addition to precise weight measurement in 0.2-lb. increments, the scale uses bioelectrical impedance analysis–a harmless electrical impulse–to calculate body fat percentage, body water, muscle mass, body mass index, and basal metabolic rate, providing important data that helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle…The scale’s memory stores data for up to 12 individuals. Rust-resistant stainless-steel platform has black mirror accents. 400-lb. capacity. Requires four AAA batteries.

1″ H x 11 3/4″ W x 11 3/4″ L

$99.95, Buy it here.

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Purchase Information:

Price: $99.95
Availability: Buy Easiest To Read Digital Scale here

Ora-Ito’s The Hub

This little device looks slightly insane, but perhaps that’s appropriate considering the amount of other devices and peripherals we have to attach to our computers/ipods/bodies/lives.

Famed designer Ora-Ito designed this hub to work with Mac or PC. Its globe shape, glossy white polycarbonate finish, and flexible cables give it a distinctive, out-of-this-world look. This new model simplifies the formula, ditching the firewire ports, fan and light to provide you with seven USB ports. Each port is linked to a colorful LED that illuminates through the casing when plugged in. The Hub is also great for charging your iPod, camera, cell phone and other devices that charge from a USB port. Bundled with 8 flexible cables, an external power supply, a USB extension cable, and a flower petals kit, the LaCie USB 2.0 Hub comes fully equipped for making all of your connections.

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Purchase Information:

Price: $65.00
Availability: Buy Ora-Ito’s The Hub here

Light Switch by Tobias Wong

I was actually looking for something like this recently because I read before I go to bed and then I’m too tired to turn off the light–you know the story–and when I finally get up to turn the light out, it wakes me up a little then I can’t go to bed.

I think we’ve all seen this before, but I had sort of forgotten about it because maybe it was only a concept piece before? I can’t recall. But in any case, it’s available now.

“Another “instant” classic from Tobias Wong. Melding wit with functionality, this wireless light switch can control any light fixture (or any electrical device) within 100 feet. Attach the remote component to the fixture of your choice and simply “flip the switch”.”

Open edition in Chrome and a Limited Edition of 500 in 14k Gold.

Or, as one of our faithful readers wrote in, you can get one of these as an alternative.

Purchase Information:

Price: $150
Availability: Buy Light Switch by Tobias Wong here

Alessi Body Scale

Ever since Katie posted this sink over in our ‘Remodel’ section, I’ve been having fantasies about the perfect bathroom.

I think this would fit in nicely.

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Purchase Information:

Price: $139.00
Availability: Buy Alessi Body Scale here

Kone by Karim Rashid

Famed product designer Karim Rashid has lent his touch to the Dirt Devil Cordless vacuum. Comes in 5 colors.

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.99
Availability: Buy Kone by Karim Rashid here

Handheld Vacuum

This was originally posted in September of last year, but it has just gone on sale so I thought it was worthy of a repost.

“Stefano Giovannoni, an architect and industrial designer, paired up with Alessi to bring captivating form to an everyday function. The Alessi Handheld Vacuum recharges in its base with an integrated crevice tool and wet nozzle. Crafted out of stainless steel, the sleek form can be stored where it’s most convenient, rather than hidden in a cabinet, out of reach and out of view. The base can be wall mounted. Giovannoni’s work is in the permanent collections at MoMA and the Centre Georges Pompidou. UL listed.”

H 5.5″ W 4.5″ D 15″

Purchase Information:

Price: $130
Availability: Buy Handheld Vacuum here

Cordless Doorbell Jacob Jensen

Danish designer Jacob Jensen’s cordless doorbell features five different polyphonic tunes. It features a LED that indicates both ring and low battery level. Protected from the interference of other cordless products.

Purchase Information:

Price: $145.00
Availability: Buy Cordless Doorbell Jacob Jensen here

Doorbell ‘Bottoms Up’ by Peter van der Jagt

This might be my favorite thing ever in the entire world, or at least close to it.

“What we know as a doorbell is a square box that strangely enough says nothing about what a doorbell really is: an appliance consisting of an electromagnet, a hammer and two sound sources. In this design by Peter van der Jagt, crystal glasses make a crystal clear sound, announcing guests with a musical toast.”

9.8″ x 3.5″ x 9.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $235.00
Availability: Buy Doorbell ‘Bottoms Up’ by Peter van der Jagt here

Ambient Dashboard

I’m in love! I’ve seen this before but for whatever reason it didn’t strike a chord with me then.
The ambient dashboard has three panels which you can customize to display information that you’d like to view at a glance. The best part about it is that you can tune into the basic channels and not pay any monthly fees, or you can opt for premium service for $6.95 a month or $19.95 a quarter. It works like a radio, using over the air signals. No computer or wifi connections necessary.

Basic channels:
S&P 500
Nasdaq Composite
Local Temperature Forecast
Northeast Forecast
Mid-Atlantic Forecast
Southeast Forecast
Midwest Forecast
West Forecast
Northwest Forecast
Local Forecast Conditions
Area Traffic Congestion

My Stock
My Stock #2
My Stock #3
My Portfolio
My Forecast
AIM Buddy Status
My Forecast
My Commute #1
My Commute #2
My Commute #3
Mileage Points
Bill Reminder
New Job Listings
Mobile Minutes Used
E-mail Waiting
Calendar Countdown
Buddy Status

Purchase Information:

Price: $99.00
Availability: Buy Ambient Dashboard here

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Magnavox 42″ Widescreen Plasma HDTV

I’m glad the price of plasma screen tv’s is finally dropping. I actually saw a no-name-brand 42″ flatscreen on a Walmart flyer for $999. This means that probably in about six to tweleve months the no-namers will drop to about $800 and the big namers will probably be around $1500.

Purchase Information:

Price: $1999.00
Availability: Buy Magnavox 42″ Widescreen Plasma HDTV here