Still looking for a suitable commuter cup? Check out this recyclable KeepCup: it’s lightweight, has an interchangeable lid (if you get a couple of different sizes), and a silicone band to protect your hand. The 8 and 12 oz. sizes fit under espresso machines, so you can take it to your local coffee shop for a fill up. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe too. Also available in Gray + White and Black + Green.

Purchase Information:

Price: $12.00-16.00
Available from: Branch

Helit Foster Newspaper/Magazine Rack

While this newspaper/magazine rack costs quite a few pretty pennies, it does seem satisfyingly hefty and no-nonsense. And, should you need other items similar in style, there’s quite a few other Helit Foster desk accessories, just be prepared for similar prices. See the rest over at Fitzsu.

Designed by Norman Foster.
Dimension: 16. 5 in. W x 9.25 in. H x 6 in. D

Purchase Information:

Price: $240.00
Available from: Fitzsu Society

Space Invaders Playing Cards

If you’re old enough to remember 8-bit computer games from the 80s, then you’re allowed to give the whole ‘when I was your age’ speech at any time you want. Any time. Permission granted. However, if you were born after that decade, then you may only sit and listen to your elders with respect, and awe, if they deserve it. Space Invaders playing cards available from Art. Lebedev Studio.

-54 card deck
-Made in Russia
-Weight: 150 g
-Designers: Alexei Lyapunov and Lena Erlikh

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.00
Available from: Art. Lebedev Studio

Source: HolyCool

Scholten & Baijings’ Comforter Cover and Pillow Cases

Hello, hello. Does this mean we don’t have to settle for boring bedding? Yes, if you don’t mind the $228 price tag, which actually isn’t too bad considering what quality bedding cost nowadays. You might recognize Scholten & Baijings’ color and pattern work from their delightful tea towels, blankets and pillows, but now they’ve branched out into the bedding arena, thank goodness, with what I can only call an excellent shot at success.

Purchase Information:

Price: $228.00
Available from: A+R Store

Led Anglepoise Lamp

Designer Henry Wilson takes the classic and ubiquitous anglepoise lamp and updates it with both technology and handcrafted elements. First the lamp itself is rewired for a cooler and more efficient LED bulb, then, either a ceramic or glass shade replaces the original. This is an extremely limited edition of 20, and will sell for $940. However, for $670 you can also supply your own anglepoise lamp to be updated by Wilson. I’d rather not mix up any words or intent, so here is the designer’s statement on Led Anglepoise in his own words: (more…)

Purchase Information:

Price: AUD950.00
Available from: Henry Wilson


If you’re fond of traveling, this notebook will display your wanderlust anytime you jot down a note or draw a sketch. Each one is one-of-a-kind, as the cover is a unique map from somewhere around the world. There’s 48 pages of 100% recycled paper (with rounded corners to prevent dog-earing, of course).

design: Contexture Design
manufacture: Made in Canada
materials: 100% recycled paper; reclaimed map cover. Staple-bound.
dimensions: 5.25″ wide x 8″ tall; contains 48 pages

Purchase Information:

Price: $15.00
Available from: Branch

FlipIt USB Charger

The more gadgets we depend on, unfortunately, also means an endless amount of cables and adapters, with never enough power outlets to plug them all in. The FlipIt USB Charger is a device that solves the issue in a very unique way, by “leeching” off an existing plug and drawing enough current to power charge USB devices. Pretty sneaky! While useful at home, I see it particularly being handy while on the go, for you have the reassurance that when you’re traveling you always have a USB port to charge your devices, regardless if there’s an outlet available!

Purchase Information:

Price: $13.99
Availability: Buy FlipIt USB Charger here

Source: Craziest Gadgets

Kaikado Canisters

For any tea or coffee purist, you’ll know that a good canister is a must in order to keep your key ingredient fresh. These hand made canisters are from Kaikado, a family in Kyoto that has kept the technique alive since 1875. It takes more than 130 processes to complete one single canister. Available in Copper, Brass, or Tin. See below for more pictures and sizes.

Purchase Information:

Price: $140.00

Moon Clock

I realize I have a predilection for home accessories that would fit in a seven or eight year old kid’s room (see newly posted Ohoy wallpaper, and bltd tag: moon, just to name a couple of examples), and that’s probably why I can’t ignore this moon clock*. It’s glow-in-the-dark, of course, and was designed using 65 different actual photographs of the moon. It’s a shame those clips are there at the edges, but maybe one could ignore them, as they are rather small.

Purchase Information:

Price: $32.00
Available from: Uncommon Goods

Epicurean Modular Cutting Board

Nice. This commercial-quality two-piece cutting board brings modularity to the kitchen. One side of each panel is smooth, so when used together you have one large flat prep area. On the other side of one panel there’s a bread surface and a juice groove on the other, so you’re pretty much covered for any cutting surface. Used alone or together, you can configure the boards to suit your preparation needs. Available in Natural with a Slate core or Slate with a Natural core. (And, yes, it will fit in the dishwasher.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $73.00
Available from: MODULE R

inbook Charging Stations

In this day and age of never ending cords for our multiple gadgets and their myriad functions, it’s nice to see a charger camouflaged in an old book. Yes, for true (sentimental) bibliophiles, it hurts a tiny bit to know that a book has been put out to pasture, but it’s certainly a relief to know it’s not been chucked into some landfill, and it’s doing a different job altogether. The book acts as housing for a charger (it’s a solid unit), and means there’s no losing the cord behind your nightstand or desk.

Purchase Information:

Price: $48.00 and up
Available from: inbook's Etsy Shop

Source: holycool

Aroma Mortar and Pestle

Do you recognize a certain designer’s hand in the design of this mortar and pestle? Perhaps if you note the rounded forms… similar to the iconic Ball and Bubble Chair? Yep, it’s Eero Aarnio. Alessi has made the Aroma Mortar and Pestle in stoneware, with a notable thick body and a cylindrical pedestal. The Pestle features a round handle (= comfortable) and an oval pestle (which keeps it from rolling around on the counter) with a matte finish for more effective use.

Mortar with pestle in stoneware.
DIA 4″ H 4.25″

Purchase Information:

Price: $45.00
Available from: emmo home

Ruler Clip

Add this to your desktop tools wish list pronto (along with the Eraser Brush). It’s a ruler and bookmark all in one, which makes it perfect for planners or journals. Make note that this is marked with mm and 1:500 scale, as you’ll not find your usual inch markings.

Purchase Information:

Price: £7.00
Available from: Present and Correct

Rich Brilliant Willing Lamp at UO

Hrm. After the recent Urban Outfitters debacle (you know the one), it’s a bit hazy as to whether one should patronize the shop, yet it’s unavoidable to feature this lamp by none other than Rich Brilliant Willing. You know they did some store fixtures (via designboom), but actual exclusive lighting at a price point under $100? I had no idea.

Purchase Information:

Price: $89.00
Available from: Urban Outfitters

Cloud Pillows

If you’re handy enough with a sewing machine (or needle and thread) you could whip one of these up in no time, but for anyone else that would prefer immediate gratification, these cloud pillows by Donna Wilson are slightly on sale from Tate Online Shop. Also, if you’re into the whole cloud shaped pillow thing, check out the super cute Giant Ricestorm Cushion from noodoll (it has a tiny lightning bolt in its hand).

Lambswool cloud shaped cushion.

Purchase Information:

Price: £45.00
Available from: Tate Online Shop