Wood Desk Set

There’s a slight sale on some of these wood desktop items. Maybe you’ll want to snap some of them up before they’re gone (if they’re discontinued, that is).

Wood Desk Tray, was $18.00, Now: $12.60
Wood Paperclip Holder, was $18.00, Now: $9.00
Wood Pencil Holder, was $18.00, Now: $9.00
Wood Photo Box, was $38.00, Now: $26.60
Wood Tape Dispenser, $24.00
Japanese Masking Tape (Set of 3), $12.00

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.00
Availability: Buy Wood Desk Set here

Street Style Memory Game

I’m breaking a tiny rule here. This game is not officially available yet, but it’s sort of worth posting anyways. Whether you’re an avid follower of the many many street style blogs or not, these hipster shots will have you improving your memory while studying which face goes with what body. I love memory games (self-admitted dork here), so I think this one is pretty funny.

Author: Barbara Iweins
Design: Lilian van Dongen Torman
Publication date: March 2010

[via the girl in the green dress]

Purchase Information:

Price: 12.00
Availability: Buy Street Style Memory Game here

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Anatomica Tableware

Svpply is fast becoming one of my favorite sites. Kris told me about it a while ago, and I swear every time I check it out there’s about a dozen things I add to my bookmarks. If you get a chance, take a look (Svpply). This time, one of those dozen was this anatomical plate.

Design: Lisa Turner, 2009
Manufacturer: The New English, England
Material: Bone China

Anatomica 10″ Plate, $74.00, Buy it here.
Anatomica TNE Teacup & Saucer, $95.00, Buy it here.

Purchase Information:

Price: $74.00
Availability: Buy Anatomica Tableware here

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Housemouse Doorstop

While perhaps a bit on the high side of what you’d spend on a doorstop, this little guy is pretty cute (considering).

this contemporary doorstop is a mighty mouse indeed. he can easily wedge under heavy doors to keep them propped open. this versatile housemouse can also clamp onto windows and sills. winner of several european product design awards including the prestigious red dot.

materials: antislip silicone rubber.
4.5″ l x 2″ w x 2″ h

[via Dwell]

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Availability: Buy Housemouse Doorstop here

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Pupek Tall Tumbler by Bollen Glass

I was intrigued by the design of this mouth-blown, Czech crystal glass thinking the bulbous bits were some modern use of animal heads – tapirs perhaps. As it turns out, the concept dates back to the 16th century when most people ate with their hands and the bulbous bits, known as Pupek (dots), kept the glass from slipping out of greasy hands. What’s old really is new.

6.9 inches tall
Special order

Purchase Information:

Price: $72.00
Availability: Buy Pupek Tall Tumbler by Bollen Glass here

Art History Print by Vuk Vidor

Think of this print as an expensive cheat sheet.

The prize for the best art history goes without doubt to Vuk Vidor, an artist from Belgrade working in Paris. His mural called ‘Art History’ is a list; on each line he links an artist to his/her cultural impact in three words. He is so efficient that he tackles over 30 in his piece. So for example he writes ‘Mondrian owns Geometry’, ‘Pollock owns Drippings’, ‘Warhol owns Pop’, ‘Botero owns Fat’ and ‘Munch owns Despair’.

Art history (part one – version C)
Medium silkscreen
Size 41.4 x 29.3 in. / 105.2 x 74.3 cm. Year 2004 – 2009 Edition 200
Misc. Signed

Purchase Information:

Price: $450.00
Availability: Buy Art History Print by Vuk Vidor here

Mini Forest of Woods

This incredibly charming and handcrafted set of trees is currently sold out at the moment, but I couldn’t resist sharing them with you.

The Mini Forest of Woods is a nine piece set of various types of scrap wood turned into a forest. Every set is unique as each piece is turned from a different piece of scrap wood. The Mini Forest of Woods is a limited edition of 5 sets. Tallest tree is 7″.

Given that these are limited to editions of 5, I would definitely get in touch with the designer if you are interested in purchasing a set.

Designer: Mark Giglio from design studio Pen Pencil Stencil.

Purchase Information:

Price: $200.00
Availability: Buy Mini Forest of Woods here

Ameico BULB Pendant

Talk about bare bones, this glass pendant is pure and simple. If you’re the minimal type, something like this is a no-brainer for above a small dining table or work surface.

Winner of the Good Design Award, 2001 Chicago Athenaeum, BULB is almost entirely transparent, from its lampshade of clear blow glass, down to the bulb and wire casings. It has proven to be a solid and lasting design, year after year.

Designer: Sofie Refer
Features: 7.5 cord with ceiling canopy. Max 1x60w clear filament bulb or spot, E26.
The bulb is not included.
Made in Denmark.

Purchase Information:

Price: $175.00
Availability: Buy Ameico BULB Pendant here

embroidered poetry paper

If you have any ounce of craft talent whatsoever, this could be an excellent keepsake to create for your nearest and dearest. Whatever the sentiments, it’s sure to make a much longer impression than any piece of paper.

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.00
Available from: twine

Bell Alarm Clock by Sam Hecht

I certainly love modern takes on traditional designs. Designer Sam Hecht ditches the radio and dreaded electronic alarm buzzer in favor of the traditional ringing bell alarm, and wraps it in a sleek and modern design. No, don’t worry, you won’t be needing to wind up this clock, the internal clock mechanism is battery powered.

Available Colors: Red, Black, White
Dimensions: W94 x D64 x H97mm
One AA battery included.

Purchase Information:

Price: $65.00
Availability: Buy Bell Alarm Clock by Sam Hecht here

Woodtec Docking Station

If you’ve got entirely too much plastic and metal in your life, maybe this handmade cedar charger will help. The naturally scented cedar log disguises a working iPhone/iPod docking station and connects to your computer via USB.

handmade of cedar….looks, feels and smells amazing! compatible with all iphones and all ipod devices(except shuffle). The docking stations use a standard USB plug, so it can be used to charge and sync with a computer. If it is for an iPhone, it came with an adapter to plug into the wall for charging.

Price depends on size, each is made to order.

[via The Green Head]

Purchase Information:

Price: $73.00
Availability: Buy Woodtec Docking Station here

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Ring Calendar

Yet another interesting perpetual calendar… simply rotate the rings to reflect the correct day and month.

Designed by Sebastian Bergne for Spunique.
Laser cut from sheet mdf with white melamine surface.

Purchase Information:

Price: £42.00
Availability: Buy Ring Calendar here

Felt Pixel Rug, Round

Yes, the rectangle Felt Pixel Rug has been posted before, but seeing as I can’t help myself, the newer round version must be featured as well.

Wool felt, cotton
Professionally clean
5′ diameter

Purchase Information:

Price: $998.00
Availability: Buy Felt Pixel Rug, Round here

Off The Wall Mini Flowerpot

$22 isn’t too expensive for these weird yet cool wall hanging mini flowerpots, but you certainly just can’t have one when they come in various colors just begging to be grouped together.

Materials: Powder-coated steel

Size: 3.2″ t x 2.4″ d x 2.4″ w

Purchase Information:

Price: $22.00
Availability: Buy Off The Wall Mini Flowerpot here

Powermat Wireless Charger

I’ve fallen in love with the Powermat. Maybe it’s because I was born under the Aquarius zodiac and as a result I’m weak in the knees for new gadgets, but nevertheless this charger is a fun glimpse into the future. The Powermat is a small plate that uses magnetic induction to wirelessly charge your gadgets: iPhone, BlackBerry, etc. Simply add a receiver to your gadget… if it’s a BlackBerry, it means a new battery door. Using a Miniot case for your Apple gadget? Add the Powermat univeral dock. Imagine stopping by your favorite coffee/hot chocolate shop and laying your phone down on the counter; as you sip, the counter powers your phone. This technology can be implanted into any surface, so just imagine what it means for the future of decorating and industrial design on the whole!

Also available in a foldable travel version.

Purchase Information:

Price: $99.99
Availability: Buy Powermat Wireless Charger here