VIPP Dishwashing Set

Dishwashing is one of those chores few look forward to doing. However, it could be just a little bit more enjoyable for the rest of us with this set by VIPP. Rubber moulded steel protects your more fragile dishes and the brush has an easily exchangeable head. A handy bracket is included to hide everything away inside a cabinet door (though I suppose you could put it on view if you wanted).

Purchase Information:

Price: $89.00
Available from: 2modern

Alarm Dock

At first glance, this looks like an old faux wood grain alarm clock, but look a little closer and you’ll see an iPhone. Since almost everyone uses their cell phones as alarm clocks nowadays, Jonas Damon made this dock to allow for an iPhone to appear as the display, which means a more substantial form on your bedside table. Phone, of course, is not included.

Available for pre-order.
Approximate ship date: 9/15/2011

Purchase Information:

Price: $39.50
Available from: Areaware

Silhouette Platter and Plates

We’ve featured Christopher Jagmin’s Even and Odd Dinner Plates, but these silhouette pieces are worth a look as well. The platter would look just at home on a wall as on your table, and the small plates would be a nice size for salads or sandwiches.

Purchase Information:

Price: $102.00
Available from: Christopher Jagmin

Wood Glass Canisters

Storage containers are probably one of the lesser exciting things to shop for, especially when you consider all the other accessories and gadgets it takes to make a house a home. These containers would fit well within the kitchen, office or bathroom, corralling all manner of small things in a tidy silhouette of wood and glass. An optional rubber lip can be slipped on to create airtight storage.

Small ($20) or Large ($23).
(Ack! Small is out of stock, fyi.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00
Available from: Merchant No. 4

Lloop Basic

Usually cords are unappealing and annoying necessities, but in the case of the Lloop Basic by
Vij5, the cord is a functional decoration. Two wooden pieces allow you to extend or shorten loops of the electrical cable to get the height (and look) you want.

Aluminium lampshade, two wooden pieces, transparent plastic pull relief and 6 meters of textile electricity cable

Purchase Information:

Price: $495.00
Available from: The Future Perfect

Perforated Bookmark Paper

Each of these eight bookspines can act as a bookmark; the set is perforated so you can pull them apart as needed. Talk about a great add-on gift for the readers in your world. Also, you must check out these money clips, and when I say must, I mean it: Bacon, Cheddar, and Bones.

—Perforated light paper stock
—1″ x 6.5″

Purchase Information:

Price: $6.00
Available from: Jack Spade

Source: Svpply

Orbits urban chandelier by StilNovoDesign

Heavy metal lighting: hmm, what do we think? Made from recycled wine barrel hoops, this chandelier has a handmade feel with just enough edge to keep it from looking too hokey. I agree with the designers in that it would look just at home in a rustic room as a modern setting; it could possibly be one of those pieces that make a room look perfectly ‘unperfect’ (i.e. lived in/eclectic).


Purchase Information:

Price: $870.00
Available from: StilNovoDesign

Saturated Rhombus Rug

A bright patterned rug is one way to spice up a boring room, and this red diamond rug hits the right spots with a low price point. Approximately 4′ x 6′, Cotton. Also, if you like yellow (and zigzags), check out the Golden Peaks Rug ($598).

Purchase Information:

Price: $298.00
Available from: Anthropologie

Mammoth Collection

Here’s some more affordable art to cut your collector’s teeth on… just a sampling, of course, as there’s lots more to see at THE MAMMOTH COLLECTION.


Purchase Information:

Price: $20.00 and up

Polar Ice Tray

What is this thingamajig, you say? Well, I know someone very picky about their ice cubes, and that someone would be quite happy to hear that this thingamajig is an ice tray that makes crystal clear ice. An insulated base allows air and impurities to compress at the bottom of the tray, leaving a block of clear ice at the top. Break apart for drinks or freeze flowers for decoration (does anyone do that?).

Purchase Information:

Price: $66.00
Available from: A+R Store

Green Science Weather Station

I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this kit, but kids (and adults) would do well to try it out. With a weathervane, a wind gauge (anemometer), a rain gauge (pluviometer) and a thermometer, you (or your kids) will be able to observe and learn about your local climate while trying your hand at forecasting the weather. There’s also space for a small terrarium in a bottle to see how the greenhouse effect works.

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.99
Available from:

Spaces for Ideas Expandable Sketchbook

If you have to put pen to paper to sketch out your ideas, then take a look at this expandable sketchbook. While the book measures a smaller A6 size (14.8cm high and 12.5cm wide with spine), each of its 5 pages expands into a larger A3 size. Not a bad size for something that fits easily into your bag. Also, for Design Sojourn’s 1st Birthday, they are offering free shipping for any amount of sketchbooks you purchase. (Birthday sale is over.)

Purchase Information:

Price: $13.00
Available from: Design Sojourn

Wooden Envelope Template

It’s only fitting that the handmade card you just made gets delivered in its own handmade envelope. This handy and rather cool looking wooden template creates a 4.5 x 6.4” envelope from any material of your choice. Template measures 7.8 x 11” and is printed with graphical instructions.

Purchase Information:

Price: $16.95
Available from: Spoon Sisters


Smart! Stack them in a tower or stick ‘em in a bookcase, these birch plywood lamps are minimal and very functional. Total edition size is 20, so if you don’t snap a few up soon, you might have to get your toolbox out for a DIY version.


Purchase Information:

Price: $185.00 and up
Available from: The Vitrine

Loo Brush by Iris Hantverk

Ah, let’s talk about the loo (toilet) brush. I recently moved, and the past week I’ve been running around getting all the home necessities for our house, and when I say all, I mean all (our stuff is in transit via sea freight, not to arrive for another two or three weeks, so it’s a start-from-scratch situation). Which brings me to the subject of bathroom accessories. There’s a sad selection on the local suppliers’ shelves. I want more natural materials, not shiny-80s-bachelor-pad crap and definitely not plasticky crud. If it’s on view and not in the cupboard, I want something pleasant to look at. Hell, even if it’s in the cupboard, I want something pleasant to look at.

So, check out this toilet brush. Made from birchwood and soft concrete, it’s a nice little thing to do a rather dirty job, which makes that job just a tiny bit better. While semi-expensive at £35, it’s certainly not crazy expensive like the Vipp Toilet Brush ($200). I certainly regret not buying a couple of these before leaving the UK. Also, I found two other completely decent ones (via Remodelista), but they’re also from the UK. Blargh. See below for links.

Purchase Information:

Price: £34.95
Available from: Theo