Smart! Stack them in a tower or stick ‘em in a bookcase, these birch plywood lamps are minimal and very functional. Total edition size is 20, so if you don’t snap a few up soon, you might have to get your toolbox out for a DIY version.


Purchase Information:

Price: $185.00 and up
Available from: The Vitrine

Loo Brush by Iris Hantverk

Ah, let’s talk about the loo (toilet) brush. I recently moved, and the past week I’ve been running around getting all the home necessities for our house, and when I say all, I mean all (our stuff is in transit via sea freight, not to arrive for another two or three weeks, so it’s a start-from-scratch situation). Which brings me to the subject of bathroom accessories. There’s a sad selection on the local suppliers’ shelves. I want more natural materials, not shiny-80s-bachelor-pad crap and definitely not plasticky crud. If it’s on view and not in the cupboard, I want something pleasant to look at. Hell, even if it’s in the cupboard, I want something pleasant to look at.

So, check out this toilet brush. Made from birchwood and soft concrete, it’s a nice little thing to do a rather dirty job, which makes that job just a tiny bit better. While semi-expensive at £35, it’s certainly not crazy expensive like the Vipp Toilet Brush ($200). I certainly regret not buying a couple of these before leaving the UK. Also, I found two other completely decent ones (via Remodelista), but they’re also from the UK. Blargh. See below for links.

Purchase Information:

Price: £34.95
Available from: Theo

Love/Hate Door Sign

If you’ve ever needed to express your mood without saying a word, this door sign is for you. Whether you’re down in the dumps or high on life, a little warning to your friends and family might be appreciated. Amanda Keely made these signs as a play on the ‘do not disturb’ signs found in hotels.

Purchase Information:

Price: $50.00
Available from: The Vitrine

Wine and Bar range by Aurélien Barbry

If you have Aurélien Barbry’s cork wine stoppers from Normann Copenhagen, you might want to add these other accoutrements to your bar area. Similarly matched to the stoppers, the pieces are made from cork, which give a natural warmth to an otherwise bland sea of stainless steel options.


Purchase Information:

Price: $17.50 and up
Availability: Buy Wine and Bar range by Aurélien Barbry here

CLUSTER Coasters

If you have a need for coasters, at least make them decent to look at, for goodness sake. After all, we’re not barbarians, are we? You can leave them clustered together or break them apart for separate drinks. They, of course, can be rearranged like a puzzle for a trivet type of arrangement.


Purchase Information:

Price: $21.00
Available from: Simbiotek Design Lab

Build Your Block Pillows

These Build Your Block Pillows by Patrick Chirico were inspired by the various buildings found in Brooklyn. Pick the buildings and colors that you like most and you have your own little bit of New York City on your bed or sofa. The Mini Stuff is pretty cute too. (Should be noted that this would be great for kids and adults alike.)


Purchase Information:

Price: $28.00 and up
Availability: Buy Build Your Block Pillows here

Think Note Jotter Centennial

This notepad has the IBM values message imprinted inside, which is nice in an old-school familiar sort of way. Black with white THINK imprint on cover. Only drawback it seems is you might have to order them in bulk. (Does any retailer have them for sale individually?)


Purchase Information:

Price: $1.81
Availability: Buy Think Note Jotter Centennial here

Source: Svpply

Paper Cut Art by Crafterall

I recently saw these handmade cards at a local store and absolutely had to buy one. Made by Etsy artist Marnie Karger, selling under the store name Crafterall, natural landmarks such as Manhattan and the Great Lakes are recreated in intricate paper cut topographies. Many sizes, styles, and colors are available, so be sure to check out the store.

Purchase Information:

Price: $35.00
Available from: Crafterall

The OCD Chef Cutting Board

If you and yours obsess over getting your ingredients exactly right, this cutting board is right up your alley. Though it’s worth noting that even if you’re nowhere near being OCD, this cutting board could possibly push you to be more obsessive than normal. It looks like it’s not available right away, but you can sign up to receive an email notice once it’s available for purchase.


Blow Bowls

The Blow Bowl is an interesting mix of textures and materials, combining mouth-blown glass with synthetic red or blue rope handles (comes with both). Designed by Alexis Georgacopoulos for ENO, Paris.

Materials: Blown glass, rope
High Dimensions: 8.6″ diameter x 9.8″ high
Low Dimensions: 13.7″ diameter x 3.1″ high


Purchase Information:

Price: $208.00
Availability: Buy Blow Bowls here

Belkin Timer

Here’s a neat little device which allows you to shut off power to whatever is plugged in after a set amount of time (1/2 hour, 3 hours and 6 hours).

Purchase Information:

Price: $9.99
Available from: Belkin

InterAbstract Shower Curtain

To make a long story short, I had some horrible shower doors from the 1950’s which I removed after hating them for 2 years. I’m planning a rather large bath remodel which involves moving walls and basically redoing everything, so my goal was to make the current bath nicer with a budget of $100, knowing that I’ll be spending way more in a few months to build an entirely new bathroom.

After removing the shower doors, I needed a shower curtain that wasn’t too expensive and was also pleasant to look at. After looking through several hundred shower curtains (I’m obsessive, what can I say?), I finally found this little minimal beauty for under $20. I’m very happy with the purchase and more than likely I’ll keep it in the remodeled bath as well.

You will also need a plastic liner with this.

Purchase Information:

Price: $14.49
Available from:

Spica Light

The Spica Light comes ready to plug in or with a canopy set for hardwiring.

Spica is the brightest star in the constellation Virgo and is the namesake for this light. Made from 3/8″ steel rod, Spica is available in black, white, and mirror gold (not shown).

Purchase Information:

Price: $445-$800.00
Available from: Iacoli & McAllister

Tweet Bird feeder

Here’s my tweet: Bring more fauna into your life with this sheet metal bird feeder with white epoxy coating.

Purchase Information:

Price: $19.95
Available from: CB2

David Stark Rope Bowl

And, I think I just found the perfect place to put my wallet, keys and cell phone when I come home.

Purchase Information:

Price: $34.00
Available from: West Elm