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Natural Vases and Oval Jericho Mirror

Natural Vases and Oval Jericho Mirror

The Jericho Mirror is a little creepy, and maybe that’s what makes it weird and interesting. The vases are simply lovely. (They’re from the same retailer, so that’s why they’re pictured together, plus my bookmarks folder is busting at the seams.)

Natural Vases, $75.00, Buy it here.

Our Natural Vases utilize the unique shape and grain of monkey pod wood to produce a stunning effect. Their crooked silhouette is an excellent means of displaying a flower or simple arrangement. Hand-carved and finished with natural wax to enhance to grain.
20″ H (approx.) Bases range from 5″ to 8″ width

Oval Jericho Mirror, $250.00, Buy it here.

Available from Terra Furnishings, 75.00.

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